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Linc In Charge: Loud Laundry is an online game based on The Loud House. It was released to on April 28, 2017.

It's Lincoln's turn to do the laundry, but his sisters go through a lot of clothes! Help Lincoln work against the clock separating whites from colors. There's a special container that activates Turbo Wash Mode, so add it to your basket so you can wash the laundry quickly! But remember, each sister has an specific item that they want fresh and clean immediately, so you'll have to be quick! If their demands are met, well, you'll know about it! Don't let the items build up, or it's game over!

How To Play

  • Sort the dirty items by dragging them into a bin marked either "whites" or "colors". Don't mix them as this will subtract from your score. Washing the sisters' valued items adds to your score.
  • When a bin is full, drag the bin to the washer to wash.


  • Quotes from the Loud sisters and the episodes they're taken from:
    • Lincoln: "Can't something go my way for once?!" -- "Project Loud House", "Sounds fun, right?" -- "The Sweet Spot", "This is bad!" -- "The Sweet Spot", "Phew!", "Dang it!", "Seriously?!" -- "Cheater by the Dozen"
    • Lori: "Uh-oh"
    • Leni: "Lincoln!"
    • Luna: "Good luck!" -- "A Tale of Two Tables"
    • Luan: "I would talk trash but I refuse!" -- "Sound of Silence"
    • Lynn: "Oh-ho, good timing!" -- "The Sweet Spot"
    • Lucy: "Nothing would make me happier." -- "Space Invader"
    • Lana: "Beeggghh!" -- "A Tale of Two Tables"
    • Lola: "Get him!" -- "Get the Message"
    • Lisa: "Let's play!" -- "A Tale of Two Tables"
    • Lynn Sr.: "Lincoln Loud, that is enough!" -- "A Tale of Two Tables"
    • Rita: "I thought you were ready, but clearly you are not!" -- "A Tale of Two Tables"
  • The sisters' objects they want cleaned right away:
    • Lori - Her Bobby sweater.
    • Leni - Her driving gloves.
    • Luan - Her beret.
    • Lucy - Her gas mask.
    • Lana - Her scarf.
    • Lola - Her toy unicorn.



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