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Loud and Proud is the sixth installment of graphic novels featuring The Loud House comics, published by Papercutz on May 7, 2019.

Official Description

The Louds hit the road in Vanzilla as Lincoln and his 10 sisters--Lori, Leni, Luna, Luan, Lynn, Lucy, Lola, Lana, Lisa, and Lily all have places to be. Leni has a shift, Lily has a playdate, Lucy has a Morticians Club engagement, Lola has a beauty pageant, Luna has an outdoor concert with Sam, and Lisa wants to sneak into the library to check out a book - something she is prohibited from due to her astronomical late fees! With Lori behind the wheel, it is sure to be a wild ride! But can Lincoln get dropped off in time to hang out with his friends? And, what is Lynn planning? Is she just along for the ride? Find out in all-new stories from the hit series’ writers and animators.



Buckle Up

  • Writer: Sammie Crowley
  • Artist, Colorist: Angela Zhang
  • Letterer: Wilson Ramos Jr.

It's Saturday today, and the siblings request Lori to drop them off at their intended destinations.

Mall Flop

As Leni works her shift at Reininger's, Fiona and Miguel attempt to tell her something, but she's too occupied with doing her job to pay attention.

Bands on the Run

  • Writer: Kevin Sullivan
  • Artist, Colorist: Erin Hyde
  • Letterer: Wilson Ramos Jr.

Luna and Sam attempt to catch up on every band there is while attending a music festival, albeit hitting a few obstacles on the way.

The Pageant Trap

  • Writer: Kevin Sullivan
  • Artist, Colorist: Angela Zhang
  • Letterer: Wilson Ramos Jr.

Lola must stay alert when her longtime rival Lindsay Sweetwater booby traps the pageant hall, and her fellow contestants fall victim to every trap there is.

Hurry Up and Wait

  • Writer: Sammie Crowley
  • Artist: Colton Davis
  • Colorist: Emily Merl
  • Letterer: Wilson Ramos Jr.

Lincoln's friends can't seem to make up their mind on where they want to go, and Lynn, for some reason, is staying in the vehicle just a little longer.

Stage Fright

  • Writer: Hannah Watanabe-Rocco
  • Artist: Melissa Kleynowski
  • Colorist: Karolyn Moses
  • Letterer: Wilson Ramos Jr.

Lucy and the Morticians Club are dropped off at the wrong destination, but they try to make the best of it regardless.

Down in the Dumps

Lana attempts to find the right pack of rats at the city dump so she can celebrate Bitey's family reunion.

Van Go

  • Writer: Sammie Crowley
  • Artist: Colton Davis
  • Colorist: Emily Merl
  • Letterer: Wilson Ramos Jr.

Lincoln still hasn't been dropped off yet, and Lori is starting to get suspicious about Lynn staying on the ride.

The Good Old Days

  • Writer: Sammie Crowley
  • Artist, Letterer: Ida Hem
  • Colorist: Hallie Lal

Lily is dropped off at the retirement home to spend time with Pop-Pop and Gran-Gran, but the other seniors want to play with her as well.

Hatta Boy

  • Writer: Scott Tuft
  • Artist, Colorist: Brian Smith
  • Letterer: Wilson Ramos Jr.

When a seagull steals Mr. Coconuts' hat, Luan takes him to the hat store to find a replacement.

I'm Gonna Fine You

Lisa must find a way to check out a magazine at the library without being caught by the librarian, who holds a grudge against Lisa for not having paid a massive fine.

An Unexpected Journey

  • Writer: Sammie Crowley
  • Artist: Colton Davis
  • Colorist: Emily Merl
  • Letterer: Wilson Ramos Jr.

Lincoln finally arrives to his intended destination and eventually learns why his friends couldn't make up their mind on where they want to hang out.

Brag Race

  • Writer: Andrew Brooks
  • Artist, Colorist: Gizelle Orbino
  • Letterer: Wilson Ramos Jr.

Lynn challenges Lori to a race back home.


  • This is the second graphic novel where each of the stories are interconnected, the first is "After Dark".
    • This is also the first graphic novel that continues a previous novel.
  • The "Meet the Loud Family and Friends!" section expanded and was revised to include profiles for Mr. Coconuts, Stella, Chunk, the Pageant Queens (Roxanne, Chinah, Claudette, Jackie), Lindsay Sweetwater, Leni's coworkers (Fiona and Miguel), the Morticians Club (Haiku, Morpheus, Persephone, Dante, Bertrand, and Boris), Myrtle, Pop-pop's friends (Bernie, Scoots, and Seymour, and Librarian Wetta.
    • Fiona, Miguel, Chunk, Roxanne, Chinah, Claudette, Jackie, Lindsay, Dana Dufresne (pre-transition), Morpheus, Persephone, Dante, Bertrand, Sadie, Penelope, Cristina, Winston, Beau, Bitey, Myrtle, Bernie, Scoots, Seymour, Mr. Coconuts, Librarian Wetta, and Stella make their debut in the graphic novel series.
      • Librarian Wetta's first name is revealed to be Molly, and is named after the sister of staff writer Whitney Wetta.
    • From this volume onward, Clyde's profile no longer mentions his crush on Lori.
  • The following things are revealed:
    • Clyde's dads always know when he needs a nap.
    • Miguel apparently thinks it's inappropriate to wear socks with flip-flops, since he cites saying that it is appropriate as "bad fashion advice".
    • Lindsay likes to booby trap the auditorium.
    • Hops apparently knows how to make potato salad, but adds flies to it.
    • Lily is popular with the senior citizens.
    • Pop-Pop's favourite part of babysitting Lily is reading her bedtime stories.
    • Librarian Wetta knows that Clyde is Lincoln's best friend, and has a "code of ethics" that forbids her from making her bans permanent.
  • Reasons Lori's siblings wanted a ride
    • Lincoln - His friends asked him to hang out.
    • Leni - She wanted to go to work, not realising it was her day off.
    • Luna - She wanted to go to a concert with Sam.
    • Luan - She wanted to replace Mr. Coconuts's hat after a seagull stole it.
    • Lynn - She wanted to race Lori home.
    • Lucy - She had a poetry reading with the Morticians' Club.
    • Lana - She was taking Bitey to his family reunion.
    • Lola - She had a pageant.
    • Lisa - She wanted to go to the library.
    • Lily - She had a play date with Pop-Pop.


  • In "An Unexpected Journey", Lynn's sleeves, neck wear and the number 1 are all white instead of red.
  • In "The Good Old Days", Seymour's name is misspelled as "Seymore".


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