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The Loud family doubles are stunt doubles who first appeared in "Fool Me Twice". In that episode, they are hired to impersonate the Loud family (excluding Luan) and take the beating from Luan's pranks instead of themselves, but instead they did the things the real Louds hated.

Lincoln's double also makes a cameo appearance in "Super Switcheroo-niverse", where he is an apartment resident who complains as Muscle Fish disrupts his life.


  • Lincoln's double is the only double who isn't voiced by the same actor.
    • In the Latin American dub, he's voiced by Alberto Bernal, who voices Mr. Grouse.
    • In the Polish dub, he's voiced by Zbigniew Konopka, who was Hector Casagrande's first voice actor.
  • Lily's double is the only double who didn't do anything to embarrass Lily.
  • Lynn and Lily's doubles are the only doubles who did not speak.
  • Most of the doubles each look exactly like every Loud family member they're supposed to resemble, but the key difference with most of them is the shape of their nose, Rita's double has a mole on her left cheek, and Lisa and Lola's have freckles on their cheeks.
  • It is unknown why the doubles worked with Luan.


Fool Me Twice

Super Switcheroo-niverse

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