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This article features the Loud family's pets. Lana's pets have their own page.

Name First Appearance Animal Owner
Charles "The Loud House" American Pit Bull Terrier All
Cliff "The Loud House" Domestic Short-Haired Cat All
Geo "The Loud House" Roborovski Hamster All
Walt "The Loud House" Yellow Canary All
Izzy "Sound of Silence" Lizard Lana
Seymour (likely deceased or possibly non-existent) "Sound of Silence" Frog Lana
El Diablo "Overnight Success" Snake Lana
Hops "Toads and Tiaras" Frog Lana
Gary "Funny Business" Rabbit Luan
Bitey "Baby Steps" Rat Lana
Fangs "Back in Black" Bat Lucy
Unnamed "Back in Black" Bats Lucy
Goldie (deceased) "Spell It Out" Goldfish All (formerly)
Unnamed "Future Tense" Snapping Turtle All
Unnamed "Mall of Duty" Ducklings Lana (formerly)
Lucy, Lola, Lisa
Elijah (deceased) "Insta-gran" Spider Lucy
Amaria (deceased) "Insta-gran" Spider Lucy
Little Jojo (deceased) "Insta-gran" Spider Lucy
Brad "Rita Her Rights" Flea Lana
Rebecca "Center of Chaos!" (Unofficial)
TBA (Official)
Lizard Lana
Duncan "Coupe Dreams" Opossum Lana


What did she do?

  • So far, Seymour (possibly), Goldie, one of Lana’s snakes, and Lucy's spiders are the only pets who are deceased.

It reveals that Lana has a pet Iguana.

It also reveals that Lana has a pet pig, alligator, monkey, and fox.

  • Only Luan, Lucy, and Lana have personal pets.
    • Out of all the aforementioned sisters, Lana has the biggest number of personal pets among the siblings.
    • Lana has a lot of pets as seen in "The Green House" and "The Price of Admission".
    • Lana also has an alligator, fox, monkey, pig, turtle, iguana, ant colony, and other unidentified reptiles.
  • Charles, Cliff, Geo, and Walt are the most commonly seen pets of the Loud family, and they are supporting characters on the show. Hops, Izzy, El Diablo, Bitey, Duncan, Gary, and Fangs are the other recurring pets.
  • Out of all the pets, the only ones that are illegal to own in Michigan (the state where the Loud family lives) are Lucy's bats (as well as Lana's vampire bat) and Duncan the opossum. Some of Lana's unnamed pets such as her monkey, fox, and alligator are illegal to own in some states.
  • One of the Lincoln Vlogs reveals that all of the pets were found by Lana, who cried until the family was allowed to keep them.
  • Five of the pets have phobias: The What's Your Loud House Spirit Animal? quiz reveals that Charles is afraid of vacuum cleaners, Cliff is afraid of "big noisy shoes", Geo is afraid of cucumbers, and Walt is afraid of windows. In addition, Bitey is acrophobic (afraid of heights) just like his owner Lana, as shown in "Baby Steps".


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