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The Loud house (1216 Franklin Avenue, Royal Woods, Michigan) is the home and residence of the Loud family. This is the main setting of the series, as most of the episodes take place here.


The exterior of the house is painted white, with a black colored roof, a porch on the front side, a chimney running up the left side of the house, and a garage on the right side. The walls of the basement are made of red bricks.

In "It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud, House," it is revealed where they live.

According to the episode "Homespun," the house suffers from faulty water pressure, creaky floorboards, rotting wood, a clunky furnace, crummy TV signals, doorknobs that frequently break off from their doors, a malfunctioning mailbox, and a broken doorbell.

First floor

Living room

S1E17A Linc needs help.png

The living room is usually where the Loud family congregates. In it is a television set, that includes a DVD player, video game console, and a couch and chairs to watch it on.

The carpet of the living room is green, the walls are beige, and the couch and chairs are dark blue. The living room also has a fireplace and a brown coffee table.

According to Lincoln in "The Sweet Spot", the couch has a "sweet spot" (i.e. best place to sit), similar to Vanzilla.

Dining Room

S2E25B Lincoln and Lynn Sr. playing chess.png

The dining room is where the Loud family congregates for eating meals. Initially, only those over Lincoln's age ate there, but now, the entire family eats in the dining room.

The dining room has the same green carpeting as the living room, but its walls are baby blue. It has a long table covered by a white table cloth, and twelve black chairs.


Screenshot 6.png

The kitchen is where the family's meals are made. In it is a stove, oven, sink, dishwasher, refrigerator and a small table where the youngest members of the Loud family used to eat, as well as Lily's highchair.

The kitchen has yellow walls and a black and white checkered floor. The back door and basement stairs are in the kitchen.

Rita and Lynn Sr.'s room

S4E07A Still dreaming.png

This room is where Rita and Lynn Sr. sleep. Unlike the other bedrooms, theirs is located on the first floor. It has a closet where they keep their clothes, including Lynn Sr.'s tie collection. In "Pipe Dreams," the closet was transformed into a newly designed bathroom but had to be converted back to normal after being damaged. Their bedroom has beige walls and lilac carpet.

Second floor

Lincoln's room

Lincoln's Room.jpg

Lincoln's bedroom is actually a large closet, decked out with the appropriate amenities. There is a bed, dresser, and mirror. He uses the closet's clothes rack to hang his shirts and model spaceships. Lincoln also has many comic books and movie action figures inside his room, such as a figure that looks like King Ghidorah from the Godzilla movies, a robot toy that looks exactly like Robby from the 1956 film Forbidden Planet, and another one that looks exactly like Mazinger Z from the manga of the same name. In addition, he has a bookshelf and several posters.

His bedroom has beige walls, green carpeting, a small window, and a bed with a brown frame and blue blanket.

Even though Lincoln has complained about having the smallest bedroom, he is at least thankful that he does not have to share a room with anyone (although in "Space Invader" Lincoln did have to share his room with Lynn and Lucy, and in "House Flip" Lincoln had to let Flip temporarily sleep in his room).

Lori and Leni's room

S1E09B Lori and Leni's room is now.png

This room is where Lori and Leni sleep. In the room is a dresser, a chair, and a sewing machine. There are some posters pasted on the walls, and on the ceiling there are holiday lights. The Loud kids' sibling meetings are generally held in this room, as seen in "In Tents Debate," "One of the Boys," and "A Tattler's Tale", however they occasionally hold meetings elsewhere, such as in "Any Given Sundae". Their room has baby blue walls and dark blue carpeting. Lori's bed has a blue blanket, while Leni's bed has a pink blanket. As of Season 5, Lori now sleeps in her dorm at college, but she would likely sleep in this room if she came back on weekends.

Luna and Luan's room

S1E09A Pan across Luna Luan room.png

This room is where Luna and Luan sleep. Unlike their other sisters, Luna and Luan sleep in a double-decker bunk bed, with Luna in the top bunk and Luan in the bottom bunk. The room contains a drum set and some amps for Luna, a record player, and a bean-bag chair. It has a boxing glove on the wall, and the letters on the bottom say, "DO NOT PUSH." Luan has a shelf of her props such as a whoopee cushion, a fake spider, and fake dog poop. She also keeps videos of her family's embarrassing moments in her and Luna's closet but does not upload them without the person's permission. There is also a small stage where Luan performs stand-up comedy.

Lynn and Lucy's room

S1E09B Lucy and Lynn's room becomes.png

This room is where Lynn and Lucy sleep. Lynn has pennants hanging on her side of the room, while Lucy's side has a mirror, and a writing desk. Lynn's bed has a red blanket, while Lucy's has a black blanket and also has a high frame. Lynn and Lucy's curtains also don't match: one curtain is red while the other is black. The room has light grey walls and dark gray carpeting.

Lana and Lola's room

S1E06A Lana and Lola room BG.png

The twins' bedroom contains Lana and Lola's beds. Lola has a fancy pink bed with a draped canopy, to go with her princess obsession, while Lana's bed is more plain-looking, with brown wood, and a dark green blanket and bedsheets. Also in the room is a play kitchen, a tea set and various stuffed animals (belonging to Lola), and a terrarium next to Lana's bed (belonging to her various frogs and reptiles). Their room has pink walls, a light puce carpet, and a window with lilac curtains.

Lisa and Lily's room

S1E09B Lisa and Lily's room is changed into.png

This bedroom contains Lisa's bed, and Lily's crib. It also has a desk where Lisa concocts various potions and formulas and a small pink rug. The carpet is dark green (as is Lisa's blanket) and the walls are light green. In the first four seasons, Lily also had a changing table in this room. It is located directly above the kitchen.[1]



The bathroom is located at the end of the kids' hallway, opposite Lincoln's room at the other end. In it is the shower, toilet and sink. It looks to be the only bathroom in the entire house. It has blue-gray walls and a black-and-white checkered floor.


Screenshot 1.png

There is a hallway between all the rooms on the second floor with Lincoln's room at one end and the bathroom at the other. It has a wooden floor with a long red rug, and its walls are yellow and beige. The door to the attic and the stairway to the first floor are also accessible via the hallway and it contains a houseplant.

Third floor

The third floor is an attic that is located above the second floor. It is accessible by climbing a fold-up ladder through a door above the kids' hallway. Up there are located some old objects such as games, boxes, an old-fashioned television set and Lynn Sr.'s old camera. The kids' parents also keep stored there Lincoln's homemade coffee mugs in a box. Lucy had a secret dark place in there. There is also a cardboard box full of hand-me-downed clothes. The farthest back corner of the attic has no windows, which Lincoln finds a bit creepy due to the lack of light.[2]


The basement is accessible via a door in the kitchen. Inside of it is the family's washer and dryer, the radiator, Cliff's scratching post and the fusebox. It can be dark down there unless one goes down and turns on the light, which is the reason why the children are a bit afraid of going down there at night. Before El Diablo, Lana had another snake, who unfortunately died in the far back corner of the basement.[2]


Front garden

The front garden has a tree and a lot of the Loud children's toys, such as balls, bicycles and skateboards. There is also a sandbox, a baby swing for Lily, and two other swings for the older Louds.


The backyard is a large patio where the Loud family realizes many activities. Like the front garden, it also has a tree.


The garage is on the right side of the house. Lynn kept her bike inside of it.[3] Luna sometimes uses the garage to play music.[4] In "Garage Banned," Lori temporarily takes up residence in the garage, until she misses being in the house with her family.


Temporary inhabitants


  • The house is inspired by creator Chris Savino's childhood home. The address of the house (1216) is the same as the address where he grew up. Also, the boomerang and the frisbee on the roof of the Loud house are based on the many toys and objects Savino's family threw on their house roof.
  • The house is close to both a barbershop and church.
  • Because of the children's many antics and messes, the house has been partially, or completely destroyed multiple times.[12][13]

Do you see the barbershop and church in this picture?

  • Lincoln's room, Lori and Leni's room, and the living room are the most occupied rooms in the house.
  • Lynn Sr. says that the front porch has a "claustrophobic crawl space where the walls feel like they're closing in on you the deeper you get" under it, where the Halloween decorations are kept.[2]
  • The house's air vents can accommodate people. In fact, Lucy often goes in there to think and Lincoln occasionally goes in there to be stealthy.
  • The house has several known rules:
    • Only Lori and Leni are allowed in their bedroom without permission (this was enforced while Lori was living at home; it's unknown if this applies now).[14]
    • Clogging the toilet is not allowed.[15]
    • There is a curfew.[16][17]
    • In the hallway, running is not permitted, jokes must not be deemed bad, and babies must be diapered at all times (these rules were enforced temporarily by the twins when they were practicing being hall monitors).[14]
    • When Lori is left in charge, music, phone calls, experiments, video games, and naked running are prohibited and everyone is expected to do as she says, including pets. These rules were eventually changed when Lincoln temporarily took Lori's place as babysitter.[12]
    • Sleepovers are prohibited. This rule was enforced after Leni, Luna, and Lynn had sleepovers which ended badly, but the ban was lifted after Lincoln convinced his parents to let him have one.[5]
    • Cutting in line for the bathroom is not allowed.[18]
    • At the grown-up table, dessert and chicken nuggets aren't served, and singing and joking are not allowed. Seeing as the Louds now eat at the same table, it's unknown which, if any, of these rules are still enforced.[19]
    • All of Lincoln's younger sisters are expected to be in bed by 8:00 p.m.; and, while the parents are away, seances, experimenting on others, and digging are not permitted.[20] An exception to the 8:00 bedtime is Sunday nights, when Lincoln's younger sisters are allowed to watch TV at 8 PM.[21]
  • Lucy claims that the house was built by a man named Gregory Garfunkel, who died in the basement after setting sticky paper all over the house to catch a mouse. It is unknown if this is true or if she made it up.[22]
  • In The Loud House Movie, the house received some fairly minor changes to its design which didn't appear in the series:
    • The house appears to be much narrower, but this could just be from camera angles.
    • The dormer roof pitch is lowered down instead of like the series where it peaks all the way to the main roof's ridge.
    • The boomerang usually seen on the porch roof is on the dormer roof.
    • A red kite is stuck on the garage roof, with its rope looping over the basketball net.
    • A carpet runner similar to the upstairs hallway's appears on the staircase.
  • The house was sold by Kevin Sullivan.[23]
  • According to Lucy, a ghost once lived in the garage, but moved out when Lori farted in there.[24]


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