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"Love Birds" is the sixteenth episode of the fourth season, and the one-hundred-sixty-fifth episode of The Loud House.


After Walt's failed attempt at romance, Charles, Cliff, and Geo try to find their pal a love connection.


Walt's in love.

While hanging out in the front yard, Charles, Cliff and Geo discover Walt leaning over a fence, lovingly staring at a plastic flamingo (mistaking it for a real flamingo). Seeing how Walt is in love, the three pets quickly give their feathered friend a quick makeover by combing the feathers on his head, giving a flower and putting on a bow tie. Fully pampered, Walt attempts to flirt with the flamingo, only for it to fall over and Mr. Grouse telling him to stop playing with his lawn ornament. Realizing he fell in love with a piece of plastic and not a real flamingo, an extremely embarrassed Walt quickly shuts himself in his birdhouse.

Sometime later, the pets and some of the siblings are prepared to watch The Dream Boat, and the pets decide to work together to find a new lady bird for Walt to love after being inspired by the show. As they look, they find potential dates for Walt, only to reconsider when they think of a flaw. The birds they consider include...

  • A hummingbird, but realize that Walt cannot keep up with her due to her ability to fly fast.
  • A mourning dove, but think that the bird's singing will make Walt just as sad as her.
  • An owl, but assume Walt will be grossed out by her ability to rotate her entire head 360 degrees.
  • An eagle, but it swoops down to attack the three pets.

Arriving to Tall Timbers Park, Charles, Cliff and Geo discover a female duck chatting with a couple frogs, and they decide that she's perfect for Walt. Walking up to the duck, the three pets introduce themselves, and ask the duck if she can help cheer up their friend Walt, and she agrees.

Arriving back at the Loud House, Charles, Cliff and Geo realize what a mess Walt is ever since his "date". Acting fast, the three pets quickly brush up Walt into looking as good as new, and shove him into the doghouse, revealing a romantic dinner for two. From this dinner, Walt and the duck form a loving relationship. Unfortunately, not long after they hook, the duck says that she has to leave, saying that her family and all the other ducks have to migrate south to Florida due to being in fall tomorrow. Realizing he's back to being alone again, Walt retreats to his birdhouse. Suddenly, Charles gets an idea on how to solve this dilemma.

The next day, the family discovers that some of their belongings are missing. It turns out that the pets used them to create a Florida beach mock-up in the doghouse just for Walt and the duck. Thinking that this will work, Walt quickly catches up the duck and asks if she can stay, and the duck's parents insist. Arriving back to the doghouse, Walt and the duck engage in a few activities in their Florida mock-up. However, when nighttime comes, Walt discovers that his girlfriend misses her family. Feeling sympathy for his date, Walt agrees to let her migrate south, leaving him alone once again. Seeing how down Walt is again, the pets decide to come up with a new plan.

The next day, Charles, Cliff and Geo tell Walt that he too should migrate south so he can be with his date. With encouragement from his friends, as well as getting a photo of all of them, Walt bids his friends farewell, leaving the three remaining pets down. Meanwhile, in Florida, Walt and the duck end up having a good time together, but when nighttime comes, the duck discovers that Walt misses his friends, leaving her feeling bad for him.

Walt now knows that he can see his lover once again.

A week after Walt's departure, the pets discover that Walt has come back to Michigan, saying that he misses his friends. At that moment, Lana says that Walt got a postcard from Florida, and it has a feather attached, with Lana stating that the duck intends to come back in spring. This news makes Walt happy, since he now knows that he can see his girlfriend once again.


Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "Saison 4 : Partie 1" DVD.


Miguel Puga confirming that this was the final episode he and Diem Doan worked on before moving onto The Casagrandes.

  • According to Miguel Puga on an Instagram story, this was the last episode he worked on as a storyboard supervisor, and the last episode boarded by Diem Doan, before their departures from the show to work on The Casagrandes.
  • With only 29 lines, this episode has the smallest amount of dialogue in the whole series.
  • This episode reveals that Lana is capable of reading whatever canaries and ducks say.
  • Lana reveals that she tends to use Lincoln's polo shirts to change Vanzilla's oil.
  • Lisa is revealed to own several crocodile eggs, which she keeps a secret from her parents.
  • Walt's birdhouse is different compared to "What Wood Lincoln Do?".
  • This episode takes place during fall, since birds tend to migrate south around this time, and Lincoln tells Leni that she doesn't need her beach umbrella since it's the fall.
    • Furthermore, the calendars reveal that this episode is set in the month of November.
  • All of the human characters (with the exception of the ones seen on The Dream Boat) are either unseen or have their faces covered, just like Lynn Sr. and Rita did in Season 1 (and certain episodes in Season 2).
  • Cartoon biology:
    • Walt grows a beard during his funk, even though in reality birds cannot grow hair.
    • Despite the name, mourning doves do not actually mourn.


  • Love Birds - The title of this episode is a common expression used to describe an openly affectionate couple.
    • "Lovebird" is also the common name given to parrots in the genus agapornis.


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