The following is a transcript for the episode "Love Birds".


[On a typical sunny day at the Loud House, Charles is chasing after a butterfly on the front yard, when suddenly, he bumps into Cliff and Geo, who were just resting on the grass. After a brief scuffle, the three pets discover some hearts flying around, and realize it's coming from Walt, who appears to be gazing over the fence, lovingly staring at something. Walt is revealed to be staring at a plastic flamingo. Walt imagines that he has a future where he and the flamingo have given birth to six children (three canaries and three flamingos). Walt's fantasy ends, and he gives a sign of love. Charles, Cliff, and Geo, seeing that Walt is in love, quickly grab him, and escort him into the doghouse, where they plop him down on a barber's chair, and put on a cloak. Cliff reveals his claws, gives Walt a quick haircut, and licks his paw to moisten his feathers. Charles, covered in some mud spots, gives Walt a flower he pulled straight from the ground. Geo arrives, holding a top hat and a Hawaiian t-shirt, but quickly tosses them out. After a brief pause, he pulls out a red bow tie, puts it on Walt and makes a kiss of satisfaction. The three pets quickly step out, and see Walt, revealing to be full pampered, step out as well. As the three pets react in awe, Charles notices that something feels missing, so he quickly pulls off two of Cliff's whiskers, much to the feline's dismay, and quickly puts on a curly mustache on Walt's beak. Believing he's fully prepared, the three pets gesture to their feathered friend that he make his move, and Walt, despite some hesitance, flies up to the flamingo, and attempts to give her the flower. However, when Walt touches the flamingo, it falls over, causing Walt to shriek in panic. Walt pokes his beak at the flamingo to get a response, when suddenly, he gets a warning from the Louds' cranky neighbor, who tells him...]
Mr. Grouse: [off-screen] "Stop flirting with my lawn ornament, Loud!"
[Hearing these words, Walt looks toward his "love interest" and the head of the flamingo cracks as a small fragment breaks off. Realizing he fell in love with a piece of plastic, Walt's entire body goes red with embarrassment, causing him to quickly fly to his birdhouse with a scream of humiliation, and quickly shuts himself in and closes his curtains. Realizing that Walt's "date" was disastrous, Charles, Cliff and Geo look at each other with concern.]

[Some time passes. In the living room, Charles, Cliff and Geo are watching TV alongside Lincoln and Leni. At their angle, the kids' faces are completely cut off.]
Lincoln: "Hey, where's Walt? The Dream Boat is on and he never misses an episode."
Leni: "He's such a hopeless romantic."
[Lana enters with a sigh of disappointment.]
Lana: "I guess Walt's not coming today. I went out to get him, but he put a 'Do Not Disturb' sign on his birdhouse."
[The three pets look at each other]
Lincoln: "Wait, are you saying Walt knows how to write?"
Lana: "Of course not, ding-dong. I know how to read canary."
TV Announcer: "Today on The Dream Boat, we catch up with last season's winners: first mates Percy and Penny."
Penny: "I didn't think I'd ever go on a date."
Percy: "I thought I'd be alone my whole life."
Penny: "But now we're happy and in love!"
Percy: "We just needed help finding each other. Thanks, Dream Boat."
TV Announcer: "You're welcome!"
[Inspired by the TV show, the three pets quickly attempt to leave the house, but they all get stuck through the doggy door. After some struggling, the three pets go through one by one.]

[While searching in the backyard, they spot a hummingbird fly by, which quickly flies over to Lola, who is having a tea party, and perches on the teacup she's holding.]
Lola: "Would you like some tea, Miss Hummingbird? It's caffeine free, which might help you slow down."
[The hummingbird takes a sip, coughs from the heat and sighs. The three pets have a vision of what Walt's relationship would be like if they paired him up with the hummingbird. In this fantasy, Walt attempts to fly alongside the hummingbird, but her rapid flying speed is too fast for Walt to keep up, eventually making him collapse to the ground from exhaustion. The fantasy ends, and the pets promptly shake their heads in disagreement. The pets round the corner and spot Lucy holding a funeral service and a mourning dove, perching on the tombstone, singing a sad song.]
Lucy: "Thank you for your song, mourning dove. You're really attuned to deep emotions."
[The mourning dove give a cry in response. The three pets have a vision of what Walt's relationship would be like if they paired him up with the mourning dove. In this fantasy, Walt attempts to converse with the mourning dove, but she starts to sing her sad song, causing Walt to well up with tears and start bawling. The fantasy ends, and the pets shake their heads in disagreement again. Up in a tree, Lisa is playing chess with an owl. The owl makes her move and hoots to declare...]
Lisa: "Checkmate? How did I not see this?" [impressed] "Well played, madam."
[Seeing this from the ground, the three pets have a vision of what Walt's relationship would be like if they paired him up with the owl. In this fantasy, Walt attempts to converse with the owl, when suddenly, the owl rotates her entire head 360 degrees twice. Horrified by this sight, Walt quickly runs off to throw up. The fantasy ends, and the three pets, just as grossed out Walt is, shake their heads in disagreement again. Geo, however, is so grossed out from the fantasy, that he throws up on the inside of his ball, which he promptly cleans off with a squeegee. The three pets then sigh in disappointment, knowing the task is much harder than they thought it would be.]

[While searching up in a tree, Cliff spots an eagle flying by, and the eagle promptly swoops down to attack them, causing the pets to quickly take cover and cower in fear over having nearly being attacked.]

[The three pets then arrive at Tall Timbers Park. In the pond, a female duck and two frogs are engaged in a conversation. The pets look at each other and smile, then have a vision of what Walt's relationship would be like if they paired him up with the duck. The fantasy starts with Walt conversing with the duck, with the duck replying back, and then the two blush as the duck looks away smiling. The fantasy then fades to the wedding in a meadow. Charles, Cliff, and Geo toss bird seeds around while the wedded couple share a kiss. The fantasy ends, and the three smile again, knowing this is the one. They quickly head down to the pond and Cliff calls out to the duck. The duck and frogs notice their presence and the duck swims over to them. The three introduce themselves, so does the duck, then Charles takes out a photo of the four of them, who are wearing red bow ties, and he points to Walt, asking if she'd be interested on going on a date with him. The duck is indeed interested and agrees to this, even adding a nod of her head. The three cheer, having finally succeeded the task.]

[The three pets return to the backyard, calling out to their feathered friend. The birdhouse door opens and Walt steps out a mess, as in tired eyes, a five o'clock shadow, and wearing a filthy robe, holding a rolled-up newspaper. Walt sighs depressedly and the three are in shock. Walt flies down to them giving chirps in response. Cliff steps up to him and reveals his claws, having Walt wince in fear, but it was just to tear off the robe, then Cliff puts the bow tie on him. Charles licks his paw and dampens Walt's hair, Cliff wraps a cloak around Walt and Geo quickly gives him a shave. Satisfied that Walt is fully pampered once again, the three push their friend inside the doghouse and seated at a table. Walt is confused at first but when he sees the duck, he is speechless. The duck gives a quack in response as in "hi".]
Lynn Sr.: [Off-screen] "Hey! Who took the lasagna out of the oven?!"
[The three pets gesture to have fun with their date and run off, leaving the two of them alone. The two blush and Walt gestures to his date that she can eat the lasagna, which she quickly gobbles up in a matter of seconds, getting a few chunks onto Walt. Seeing the food stuck on Walt, the two share a laugh before the duck takes her napkin to wipe off Walt's face. Within seconds, the two are completely lost in each other's eyes, signifying that they're in love, evident by the hearts popping out of them. Outside, Charles, Cliff and Geo peek through a hole and see, to their joy, that the date is successful.]

[Charles, Cliff and Geo are getting themselves ready for an upcoming wedding for the would-be couple, when suddenly, they hear the duck quack sadly as she and Walt exit the doghouse. The three pets quickly run up to them, and Charles asks what's happening. The duck then gives a thought bubble to explain what's happening. In this thought bubble, she gives a wave farewell, before showing a bird's-eye-view of the United States, where she and all of the other ducks are migrating south to Florida. The thought bubble pops, the three pets are shocked, and the duck pulls out a calendar with the first two and a half weeks crossed out to point out that the day she has to leave is tomorrow, which she draws a sad face on. Walt and the duck share a hug farewell, the duck leaves, and Walt gives a sad sigh before shutting himself in his birdhouse again. The three pets are down in spirits, when suddenly, Charles gets an idea and quickly gets into a huddle with Cliff and Geo.]

[Sometime later, Lana enters her sandbox, only to discover it's completely empty.]
Lana: "Hey! What happened to all my sand?"
[In Rita and Lynn Sr.'s room, Lynn Sr. is moving his hand around his bedside table, trying to feel for something.]
Lynn Sr.: "Has anyone seen my wave machine? I need the white noise to nap."
[In Lincoln's room, Lincoln is pointing to three empty hangers on his clothes rack.]
Lincoln: "Three of my orange polo shirts are missing."
[Lana enters with a filthy orange rag in hand.]
Lana: "I borrowed one to change Vanzilla's oil, but I don't know happened to the other two."
[In Lisa and Lily's room, Lisa is looking over a terrarium housing a few eggs.]
Lisa: "I seem to be missing the space heater needed to warm my crocodile eggs."
Lynn Sr.: [baffled] "Your what now?!"
[Lisa, in a state of panic, quickly covers up the eggs with a tarp.]
Lisa: "Never mind!"
[In the kitchen, some food can be seen falling to the ground. It turns out to be Lola, who is scouring the fridge trying to find something. Realizing it's not there, she lets out a growl of dismay.]
Lola: [mad] "Who drank all the lemonade?!"
[In Mr. Grouse's yard, Mr. Grouse is standing in front of his destroyed garden.]
Mr. Grouse: [angry] "Louds! Which one of you hooligans cut all the leaves off my philodendrons?!"
[He gestures to his philodendrons, which have indeed been completely stripped of their leaves. Back at the Loud House, Leni, holding a beach bag on her arm, is searching through the pile of items in the garage.]
Leni: "Has anyone seen the beach umbrella?"
Lincoln: [off-screen] "Leni, it's fall."
Leni: "It is? Oh, then never mind."

[Later on, Charles calls out to Walt, who's still in his birdhouse, and Walt opens the door. The three gesture to come inside the doghouse before going inside themselves. Walt gives some chirps before flying down in front of the doghouse and he is shocked at what he sees before him: a makeshift Florida beach, in which the three built from all the Louds' mentioned stuff, Mr. Grouse's philodendrons, and a Florida postcard. Walt is touched by this and looks at his friends, jumping up and down excitedly before giving them all a hug. At Tall Timbers pond, the flock of ducks are leaving for Florida. The female duck closes her suitcase and is about to join them when suddenly, Walt comes by and stops her just in time. Walt then explains to her what his friends had planned for them and then asks if she would want to spend her time there with him. The duck smiles and nods her head, then turns to her family signifying the plans, thus ending it with a hug. With that, the duck grabs her suitcase and the couple fly away as the duck's family waves goodbye.]

[The couple are now in the backyard and they walk up to the doghouse. Walt gestures to her to take a look inside and the second she does, she is in awe at the beach. The two look at each other knowing this is going to be so much fun. Sometime later, the couple are lounging on the polo shirts, Cliff offers Walt some lemonade, to which he accepts and gives one to his girl, they clink their glasses and take a sip while Charles is fanning them and Geo plays a ukulele. Then they engage in a game of chess, Walt moves his queen then gestures it's her move, the duck slides her king in front of his queen, declaring checkmate. Walt gives her a deadpan look but the duck just laughs. Finally, they are sleeping next to each other. Walt opens his eyes and takes a look at his girl's sleeping face, he smiles before going to back to sleep.]

[Later that night, Walt wakes up from his slumber, stretching his body before taking a sip of his lemonade, thus letting out a burp. Walt then finds to his discover, his girl isn't next to him, he looks around before finding her a bit afar from him looking sad, sitting down staring at a photograph of her family. A tear lands on the photo and the duck sadly quacks, having Walt coming to a conclusion at what's happening and realizes what he has to do. The duck later exits the doghouse with her suitcase and Walt perches himself on the roof. Charles, Cliff, and Geo hear all the commotion and quickly run up to them, Charles asks what's going on and the duck explains to them that she has to leave because she misses her family so much. The three look sad and nod their heads, Walt and the duck share a farewell hug and the duck flies away. Depressed, Walt flies to his birdhouse and sits on the perch. The three pets are down in spirits once again before Charles gets another idea and goes into a huddle with Cliff and Geo.]

[The next day, the three pets call out to their friend, who is still sitting on the perch. Walt flies down to them and Cliff looks at Charles, who nods, before giving Walt a suitcase. Walt is confused and asks them what it's for, Charles gives some barks in response before having a thought bubble. In this one, Walt is flying in the skies carrying the suitcase until he catches up with the duck. She notices and they engage in a hug. The thought bubble pops. Walt gestures if this is what they want him to do, the three pets nod with affirmation and Cliff gives the bird a photo of them wearing red bow ties. Walt, moved at his friends' act of generosity, sheds a few tears which land on the photo, and gets into a group hug with them. Walt grabs his suitcase, flies upward and turns around to wave farewell to his friends. After the three pets wave goodbye in return, their spirits quickly drop, knowing that they won't be seeing their friend for quite sometime. As the three pets sulk in the doghouse, Charles takes a marker and crosses off the 27th, revealing that it has been a whole week since Walt left.]

[Meanwhile, in Florida, Walt and the duck are sitting beneath two palm trees, engaging in several activities like drinking lemonade, playing chess and leaning on each other while they sleep. When nighttime comes, the duck wakes up from her nap and discovers that Walt is not by her side. Looking in the distance, she sees Walt sadly siting at the shore, looking at the photo of his friends, which he sheds a few tears on. Seeing how much Walt really misses his friends, the duck bows her head in sadness, knowing that this is a dilemma where they both can't win.]

[Back in Michigan, Charles, Cliff and Geo are still low in spirits. As the three prepare to leave, Geo spots something in the distance and quickly runs into Cliff, who tells him what he saw. After looking up, Cliff, just as shocked as Geo, quickly pulls in Charles and points towards the sky, where they see Walt coming home. The three pets cheer for their friend coming back, and Walt promptly tweets to say hi to his friends. Walt quickly hugs the three, and Charles asks why he came back. Walt pulls out the photo as a way to say that he misses them, and the three smile in response, knowing that he truly cares for them. At that moment, Lana enters the backyard with the mail with Lincoln following behind.]
Lana: "Hey, Walt. You got a postcard from Florida." [Walt takes the postcard and flips it over, revealing heart and duck feet drawings and a single white feather. Walt is surprised at what he sees.] "Ooh, it's from a duck. She says she can't wait to see you again in the spring."
[Hearing this news, Cliff rubs Walt's head as a sign of congratulation and Charles gives him a high five.]
Lincoln: "Wait, are you saying this duck knows how to write?"
Lana: "Of course not, ding-dong. I can read duck."
[Holding the feather in wing, Walt cuddles it as hearts pop out, knowing that he can see his girlfriend once again as a heart-shaped iris closes in on him.]

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