This page shows all of Luan Loud's different attires she has worn throughout the series, excluding her normal outfit.

Image Episode(s) Description
Luan's pajamas
Various episodes
(before "A Tattler's Tale")
She wears a yellow nightgown to bed, and pink slippers with gag flowers.
Luan Sleep
Various episodes
(since "A Tattler's Tale")
Her other pair of sleepwear consists of yellow and plaid long-sleeved pajamas, and white bunny slippers. This is her current sleepwear.
Luan's one piece swimsuit
Various episodes She wears a yellow one piece swimsuit with one of her gag flowers attached to it.
S1E07A Luan takes out her gag glasses
Various episodes She wears a pair of gag glasses modeled after the late Groucho Marx. They may also double as reading glasses as shown in "Along Came a Sister".
Luan's Winter Outfit
Various episodes In the winter, Luan wears a yellow coat, light yellow pants, brown boots, pink gloves, and pink earmuffs.
Luan's Clown Costume
Various episodes When she performs as a clown, she wears a yellow vest, a green and white long-sleeved shirt with black stripes, purple pants with patches, brown shoes, a green bowler hat with a purple band, an orange wig, a pink bow tie, white gloves, and a red clown nose.
Luan as a mime
"Ties That Bind", "Funny Business", and "L is for Love" Luan dresses up like a mime from time to time. This outfit consists of a black beret, a horizontal striped shirt with matching socks, black pants, black shoes, a yellow scarf (pink scarf in "Funny Business"), eyeliner, white gloves (Luan only wears the gloves in "Funny Business") and a cane. The first time she wears the outfit is in "Ties That Bind" when the kids think their parents are going to kick them out of the house. Luan puts away Mr. Coconuts and puts on her mime act to keep quiet. The second time is in "Funny Business", when she hears that Lincoln is performing at a birthday party for Maggie, an emo teen. When Lincoln's clown act bombs, Luan helps him out by performing a dual mime act with him, earning the emos' praise. She then wears it in "L is for Love" with Benny.

Season One

S1E02A Patch Luan
"Heavy Meddle" In a flashback to when Lincoln's sisters treat him to a high degree over a minor papercut, Luan dresses up in a doctor's outfit with a clown nose, reminiscent of Robin Williams in his role as Patch Adams.
S1E02B Yeah, not in this case
"Making the Case" She wears a red beret when she films videos for her video channel "Luan Out Loud" (LOL).
Transparent Luan
"No Guts, No Glori" She camouflages herself with the wall in the hallway to blend right in and sneak into Lincoln's room.
S1E04B In grownup table
"A Tale of Two Tables" In Lincoln's fantasy about being at the grown up table, Luan, like everyone, dresses in fancy attire. Her outfit consisted of a white shirt with short sleeves and a yellow blouse. It's not much different from her usual outfit.
S1E04B Lori Luna Luan Lynn groggy
She wears a yellow bathrobe and bunny slippers to start off her day.
S1E05B Team Tippy giving Lincoln a massage
"In Tents Debate" Like Luna, Lynn, Lana, and Lisa, she wears an udder hat to represent their choice of Dairyland for their family vacation and encourage Lincoln to pick it.
S1E05B Hi from Tippy
She also dresses up as the park mascot Tippy, a character Lincoln loves. She gives Lincoln his folded laundry and an udder hat to coax him.
S1E07A Luan close up
"Picture Perfect" Like the rest of her siblings and the pets, she wears a red sweater for Lincoln's "perfect" picture.
S1E24A medieval theme party
S2E12B Luan and Benny rehearsing for a school play
"Funny Business" and "L is for Love" Like in "A Tattler's Tale", she dresses up like a jester when performing at a medieval themed birthday party. She later wears it in "L is for Love", while rehearsing for a school play.
Young Luan riding a Unicycle
"Hand-Me-Downer" In a flashback when Luna gave her a hand-me-down bike now turned into a unicycle, Luan wore a sleeveless shirt that matched her skirt, white socks, and brown slip ons. She also did not have her gag flowers anywhere. When riding her unicycle, she wore a pink helmet with polka dots.
S1E11B Luan with pie
"The Green House" She wears a blue apron and red oven mitts when baking pies she uses to hit herself or throw at other people.
S1E11B Sisters in potato sacks
Like the rest of her sisters, she ends up wearing a potato sack and bandages when the house is without power.
S1E15A Leni and Leni (Luan)
"Cover Girls" When the kids all have to cover for each other by dressing up as different siblings, first, she dresses up like Leni, confusing her and getting the two of them into a mirror routine.
S1E15A Luan as Lucy gets left out
She then dresses up like Lucy. When their parents found out about their little charade, their punishment was to go about their tasks while still dressed as the siblings they covered. She had to go back to the birthday party at which she was performing as a clown, in her Lucy costume. However, this frightened the kids she was performing for as bats flew out of her costume.
S1E21B Girls fishing
"Raw Deal" Luan was wearing khaki trousers and black boots during fishing.
Luan the Jester
"A Tattler's Tale" When Lola tells her what to do, she dresses up as a jester.
S1E24A pirate theme party
"Funny Business" She dresses up like a pirate for a party's theme while still wearing the wig and nose from her usual clown outfit.
S1E24A circus theme party
She has a different clown outfit than her usual one with a white buttoned shirt, a pink bow tie, and a rainbow afro wig.
S1E26A Why won't you ask Ms. DiMartino to retake the test
"Study Muffin" Luan wears a purple sweater with little hearts everywhere, and has Hugh's face in the center just like the other sisters.
Luan's Western Outfit
"Homespun" She wears a pink cowboy shirt, a leather cow-print cowboy vest, a yellow bandana, blue pants, yellow leather chaps with fringes, white cowboy boots, and a tall white cowboy hat with a pink band, when reenacting the pioneer days.

Season Two

S2E01 Luan's telling a Christmas joke
"11 Louds a Leapin'" For Christmas, she wears a red headband with an attached pair of cardboard reindeer antlers.
S2E01 Luan in her Christmas outfit
Luan wears her winter outfit from "Snow Bored" again, but with the red headband with the cardboard antlers this time.
S2E03B Luna and Luan need Lincoln's room
"Brawl in the Family" She wears a microphone and a traffic uniform over her normal outfit, just like Luna and Lucy.
S2E07B Young Linc, Luan, and Lucy on kiddie ride
"The Whole Picture" An even younger version of Luan wore a yellow checkered dress, similar to what she wore in "Hand-Me-Downer".
S2E08A Lincoln and his sisters at the game
"No Such Luck" At Lynn's baseball game, Luan wears a red soda drinking hat with her name on the front.
IMG 2526
"Party Down" She wears two green and blue striped party hats, one on each side of her head.
Hungry Luan
"Fed Up" She wears a napkin around her neck.
S2E11A The Joker
"Pulp Friction"
"Kings of the Con"
She cosplays as "The Joker" during Lincoln and Clyde's superhero fantasy. Her outfit is based on the playing card of the same name.
S2E16A Lola snatches the key
"Fool's Paradise" She disguises herself as the manager of her motel trap.
S2E16A Luan places the magazine
She and Lynn Sr. wore brown robber hoods.
S2E16A Luan commends her family
Luan in the Prank-Me-Not Poncho.
Luan as Lynn Sr.
"Job Insecurity" She dresses as Lynn Sr. when auditioning to replace him in the interview.
Screen Shot 2017-09-18 at 7.36.44 PM 2
"Future Tense" Luan wears a yellow traffic vest.
Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 11.05.51 PM
Luan has her hair styled in a bun, and is wearing white office shoes with no socks, a plain yellow skirt, a black blazer, a white button down shirt, and a rose colored bow tie, and carries a brown briefcase.
S2E20A Luan Promo
"Yes Man" Luan wears a SMOOCH outfit.
Pumpkin Luan
"Tricked!" Luan wears a pumpkin with a carved happy face.
Mad Scientist Luan
Luan wears a mad scientist outfit for Halloween.

Season Three

S3E01 La la la
"Tripped!" During the family's song, Luan wears sunglasses.
S3E02B Siblings with sweaters
"Insta-gran" Luan wears a pink sweater that says "Life is sweeter with a Gran-Gran".
Luan's Boot Cast
"A Fridge Too Far" Luan wears a large cast on her left leg.
S3E04A You pretend you laughed at something
"Selfie Improvement" Luan wears a pink beret for Lori's selfie.
Luan's Magic Trick with Lily
"Rita Her Rights" Luan wears a top hat while playing magician with Lily.
Luan's Graduation Outfit
"Head Poet's Anxiety" Luan wears a graduation cap and gown when graduating from the Clown Academy.
Luan's Yellow Dress
Luan wears a yellow dress with a pink squirt flower on it. She also has her hair styled in a bun and white pearl earrings.
S03E16A Armored sisters
"Sitting Bull" Luan wears protective gear in order to protect herself.
S03E20A Boo!
"Jeers for Fears" She and Lincoln's other sisters (except Lori) wear a hooded cloak.
S3E21 Louds bow
"The Loudest Thanksgiving" Luan wears a security guard uniform.
Luan's Red hat
"Stage Plight" During wardrobe, Luan wore a red hat with a white feather.
Luan's Yellow Scarf
In rehearsal, she wore a yellow scarf.
Luan's Juliet dress
Luan wore a Juliet costume during the play.

Season Four

S4E07A Second photo of Luan and Lynn Sr.
"Present Tense" In a picture of Lynn Sr. and Luan at Dairyland, they both wear cow costumes.
Luan's Gag Glasses
"A Pimple Plan" Luan wears pink glasses with fake eyes on springs.
Luan's Mini Top Hat
Luan wears a top hat while looking at her mirror.
Luan's Gray training suit
She wears a pink headband, gray training suit and black vest.
Luan's Pink training suit
She wears a pink training suit.
Cotton Candy Mustache
Luan makes a cotton candy mustache and beard to cover her pimple.
Unicorn Luan 1
She wears a unicorn mask.

Other media

"Deuces Wild!" She cosplays as "The Joker" during Lincoln and Clyde's superhero fantasy. Her outfit is based on the playing card of the same name.

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