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This article is about Luan's first episode of Listen Out Loud. For her second episode, see Luan and Benny's Comedy Class.
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"Luan Loud" is the fifth episode of Listen Out Loud.


Luan teaches the basics of pranking using her siblings as target examples. Lessons include preparation, execution, escalation, and escape!


Luan is hosting the Listen Out Loud podcast. For her podcast, Luan decides to teach the viewers some of her techniques when it comes to pranking. What follows afterwards is Luan pranking her siblings, which become more elaborate along the way.

  • For Luan's first prank, she lures Lincoln, who is busy playing a video game, into her room for an interview about Ace Savvy, only to dump a falling bucket full of fish heads onto him.
  • For Luan's second prank, she tells everyone that she's going to take a 40-minute shower and that if anyone needs to go, they need to do it now. Lola responds to this, and quickly enters to tinkle. Suddenly, Luan reveals that she put plastic wrap over the toilet seat, causing Lola to soil her gown. Luan, anticipating Lola's wrath, also reveals that brought a nail gun to nail the door shut, trapping Lola in the bathroom.
  • For Luan's third prank, she enters the kitchen and tells her father to come to the kitchen, saying that she saw his souffle fall to the floor. As Lynn Sr. runs to the fridge, he opens it and gets sent flying across the kitchen by a spring-loaded boxing glove. Although finding the prank funny, Lynn Sr. tells Luan she's grounded, but Luan simply declares the prank to be worth being grounded.
  • For Luan's fourth prank, she proceeds to do a "double down". Grabbing a couple items from the kitchen, Luan approaches Lori, who is doing trigonometry homework, and recommends that she have some of her bean chips to ease her mind. Unbeknownst to Lori, Luan had spiked the chips with hot chili powder, and as Lori eats the chips, her mouth begins to burn. Luan then hands her a glass of water, which she quickly chugs, but Lori realizes that she has just been given a glass of pickle juice instead. As Luan laughs at her misfortune, Lori tells Luan to go away.
  • For Luan's fifth prank, she decides to do a "triple down". Entering Lynn's room, Luan asks what she's up to, and Lynn says that her feet have become incredibly itchy and blames it on athlete's foot. Luan secretly reveals that she put itching powder in Lynn's socks earlier. Luan proceeds to help Lynn by handing her a tube of anti-itch cream, which actually turns out to be industrial-strength glue. With her hands now stuck to her feet, Luan tells Lynn to try and wash it off, and as Lynn hops out of her room, she suddenly falls victim to a tripwire placed outside her door, causing her to fall down the stairs (with Luan chiming in that if this were a "quadruple down", she would have put mousetraps on the stairs).
  • For Luan's sixth and final prank, Luan states that not everyone is going to be easy to prank. She explains that Lisa, the smartest one in the house, is capable of seeing through her pranks and can easily anticipate them, so she demonstrates how to stay one step ahead. Entering Lisa's room, Lisa explains that she's hard at work on some dangerous chemicals. Seeing her so worked up, Luan suggests that Lisa sit back and relax on a chair she brought with her. However, Lisa knows that Luan put a whoopee cushion on that chair and opts to sit in her own chair instead. Luan secretly reveals that she knew Lisa would sit in her own chair, which is why she strapped a jetpack to it. As Lisa sits down, the jetpack suddenly activates, causing her to fly around her room, ending with her crashing into Lily's diaper pail. Because of this, Lisa sternly tells Luan to get out of her room.

With her presentation complete, Luan tells the listeners that she's now open to taking phone calls from them. Soon enough, Luan gets a call from an unknown person, who asks how one can prank a prankster. Luan answers by saying that they need a good distraction and uses their phone call as a good example. Suddenly, the rest of Luan's family suddenly barge into her room and pelt her with pies. Lincoln, who is revealed to be the caller, tells the viewers that during their call, the family prepared themselves with pies, ready to attack. As the family rubs their prank into Luan's face, Luan compliments her family for getting back at her. Suddenly, Lisa reveals that she made her pie with Lily's used diapers, and Luan, grossed out, proceeds to end the podcast so she can wash herself. However, the door to the bathroom won't budge, as she realizes too late that she had nailed the door shut earlier.



  • This is the last Listen Out Loud episode where Collin Dean voices Lincoln.
  • Luan pranks her father with a boxing glove in the fridge. A similar prank appears in "April Fools Rules".



  • In the YouTube thumbnail, the holes on the "O" and "D" in "Loud" are missing.


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