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"Luan and Benny's Comedy Class" is the eighteenth episode of Listen Out Loud.


Luan attempts to keep Mr. Coconuts in line while teaching a comedy class with Benny.


Luan introduces her second podcast as Mr. Coconuts takes the mic for a second to introduce himself as the special guest of the Mr. Coconuts Show. Luan wrestles the mic back as she introduces herself and reveals that Benny is also hosting the podcast. Benny arrives and is shocked by a joy buzzer; Mr. C interacts with Mrs. Appleblossom, Benny's dummy, saving face. Luan has a lot of pranks set up that Benny has to avoid (a spring-loaded glove hits Mrs. A).

The duo enter the hall as they see many different classes going on, be it for basketball, woodworking... or seniors' goat yoga. Arriving at their class, their students are Flip, Boris, Mrs. Bernardo... and the Louds' own Leni, who will all be taught the Three "P"'s of Comedy - Pratfalls, Props and Puns, all while being critiqued (rather scathingly) by Mr. C.

  • Pratfalls - Luan slips on a banana peel, which Leni misinterprets as Luan actually getting hurt. Luan defines the pratfall, which is pretending to be injured. Mrs. Bernardo shows her "best" pratfall: her falling dramatically. Mrs. B is offended by Mr. C's scathing critique and leaves.
  • Props - Luan uses her favorite prop, her squirt flower, right on Benny's face; as she gets to her whoopie cushion, Flip demonstrates it himself on everyone else in the room, making Benny feel sick. Soon, they're off making balloon props, making stuff like hats... and human innards (the latter courtesy of Boris, who makes it as a present for his mother's birthday). Boris leaves, his feelings shattered by Mr. C's scathing critique.
  • Puns - Luan starts this section off by giving a pun and asks Flip to come up to the stage and give one, though he's fallen asleep. So it's down to her sister Leni to make a pun, though said pun isn't really that punny (it's just her saying that she eats cookies and watches The Dream Boat sometimes at night). Mr. C comes up to the stable with yet another scathing review, which hurts Leni's feelings.

And that is Benny's breaking point, for he leaves the workshop, too.

Luan chatises Mr. C for ruining everything and rushes to apologize to Benny as he is about to leave, saying she - using Mr. C as a launching point - was nervous. Benny accepts, then she apologizes to everyone Mr. C insulted, and soon after the workshop is back in action!... With an unexpected Fourth "P" of Comedy: Pie! This class is pretty much everyone getting back at Mr. C with roasts and pies for insulting them, which ends off the podcast and the workshop.



  • It is revealed that Luan sometimes uses Mr. Coconuts to insult people as a nervous tic, Mrs. Bernardo and Boris both take offence easily, and that Benny has a neighbour who leads a group of werewolf enthusiasts.


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