The following is a transcript for the episode "Lucha Fever with the Casagrandes".


[Ronnie Anne and Sid are watching a video on the laptop.]
Video Narrator: "Don't miss the wrestler who takes the ring by storm. La Tormenta!"
Ronnie Anne: "I've been following La Tormenta for years. She's the coolest!"
Sergio: [Squawking and showing a belt.] "Nine-time world champion!"
Sid: "It says her signature move is The Tornado Twist. What's that?"
Ronnie Anne: "Glad you asked." [Elbows the light switch off.] "Sergio." [Sergio turns on a flashlight.] "La Tormenta stands on the rope, here it comes, the move everyone's been waiting for; the tornado twist!"
[She spins around and does an elbow drop the Sid's beanbag chair, Sid goes flying, and Sergio throws a pillow for her to land on.]
Sid: [Sits up, unharmed] "That was awesome!"
Ronnie Anne: "Wait 'til you see La Tormenta do it, and tomorrow's your last chance, it's her final world championship before she retires."
Sid: "I am so in."

[In the dining area, Carlos and Rosa are rehearsing his acceptance speech for an upcoming award ceremony.]
Carlos: [Pretending a beet is the award he is receiving.] "It is an honor to accept this award."
Rosa: "Don't forget to speak up so the people in the cheap seats can hear you. And stand up straight."
Ronnie Anne: [Walks up to them.] "What are you guys up to?"
Rosa: "We're rehearsing Carlos' acceptance speech for his award ceremony."
Ronnie Anne: [Picks up a glass of water.] "Oh yeah, when is that again?"
Carlos: [Shining the beet] "Tomorrow."
Ronnie Anne: [Spits her water out.] "Of course, tomorrow, great." [Wearing a fake smile.]
Carlos: "I'm so happy that the whole family will be there to support me."
Rosa: "That's what we Casagrandes do."
[Ronnie Anne smiles nervously and gives them a thumbs-up.]

[Ronnie Anne goes back into her room, with Sid on video chat.]
Ronnie Anne: "...and his award ceremony is the same exact time as the Lucha Libre championship. I want to support Tío Carlos, but the only way to watch the match is on pay TV, I can't miss La Tormenta's last fight."
Sid: "Ooh, I know, tell your family you have a fear of award ceremonies, or, you can't go out because you're under house arrest, course then we'd have to find one of those bracelets for your ankle."
Ronnie Anne: "Or I can pretend to be sick, so I can stay home."
Sid: "Wait, won't that be hard? Your mom's a nurse, remember?"
Ronnie Anne: "True," [Looks around] "but even a nurse can be fooled. you just have to step up your game."

[The day of the ceremony, Ronnie Anne takes some of Carlota's makeup.]
Ronnie Anne: "First, you gotta make yourself look sick." [Ronnie Anne uses the makeup to do so. Next, she paints '100' on the thermometer and nods approvingly.] "You also have to make your temperature high enough that your mom let's you stay home, but not so high that she totally freaks out and takes you to the ER." [She gives it to Sergio, who winks at her. Ronnie Anne is now walking towards the living room.] "Then, tell your mom you're sick while she's distracted, that way she won't realize you're faking."
[Everyone is getting ready for the ceremony.]
Hector: "Has anyone seen my red tie?"
[Lalo is wearing it as a bandana, Carlota, Carl, and CJ are running left and right, Carlota having two dresses, and Carl chasing CJ.]
Frida: [Freaking out] "Has anyone seen Carlitos?!"
[Frida doesn't even realize that Carlitos is strapped to her back. Bobby pops up from behind the kitchen shutters and grabs the cake. Just then, Maria enters the apartment.]
Maria: [Frantic] "Last minute double shift, I need coffee."
[Maria runs over to the brewer, and Ronnie Anne sees her chance.]
Ronnie Anne: [Walks up to her mother, groggy.] "Mom, I feel sick."
Maria: [Gasps] "Oh no, sweetie! Here, let me take your temperature." [Shakes a thermometer, gives it to Ronnie Anne, and goes back to the brewer. Ronnie Anne sees that her mom's not looking and throws the thermometer away, while Sergio passes her the fake one. Maria returns and checks.] "One hundred, hmm, not an emergency, but that's pretty warm. You should stay home today, get lots of rest and drink plenty of fluids, okay?.
[Ronnie Anne nods]
Rosa: [Picks up her granddaughter.] "I will stay here and take care of you, mija."
Ronnie Anne: "No! Uh, I-I mean, I'll be fine, really."
Maria: "I agree, it's a low grade fever, you don't need to stay home, mama." [To Ronnie Anne] "Call me if you feel worse." [To Frida] "Frida, please tell Carlos how sorry I am for missing his big day, of all the times to be called into work."
[Maria leaves, and Rosa looks at Ronnie Anne, unsure.]
Ronnie Anne: [Reassuringly] "Don't worry, Abuela, I've taken care of myself plenty of times before."
[Everyone else tramples out.]
Hector: "Come on, Rosa, we don't wanna get stuck with the cheap seats." [Pulls her out]
Rosa: [Fidgeting] "But-"
[Ronnie Anne closes the door and lets out a sigh of relief.]
Carlota: [Calls back] "Feel better, Ronnie Anne!"

[Later, Ronnie Anne and Sid are watching the championship.]
Lucha Libre Commentator: "Today! One luchador will be crowned, champion of the world."
[Ronnie Anne and Sid watch with excitement, and wearing luchador masks.]
Sid: "Love these capes you made."
Sergio: [Squawks, wearing a mask that's bigger than he is.] "Perfect fit."
Lucha Libre Commentator: "Our first match pits; Princesa Valentina..."
[A wrestler wearing a pink princess costume and sitting on a throne is lowered onto the ring, Ronnie Anne and Sid boo at her.]
Ronnie Anne: "Go home!"
Lucha Libre Commentator: "Against La Tormenta!"
[La Tormenta appears in a puff of smoke in front of a storm background.]
Ronnie Anne: [in unison] "Whoo-hoo!"
Sid: [in unison] "Oh yeah!"
Lucha Libre Commentator: "The winner will move on to the next round, and be one step closer, to becoming, world champion!"
[The girls cheer again, when Ronnie Anne gets a call.]
Ronnie Anne: [Seeing who it is] "My dad? Why's he calling?" [Happily answers] "Hey, Dad."
Arturo: "Hey, chula, your Abuela called me and said you were sick."
Ronnie Anne: [Realizes, and fake coughs.] "Oh, yeah, totally sick."
Arturo: "Well, let me take a look at you, let's switch to video chat."
Ronnie Anne: "Uh, er, hold on one sec."
[She puts the phone down, picks up a vase and takes her mask off, she takes a breath and dumps the water on half her face, and puts red makeup on the other half. She turns video chat on.]
Arturo: [Gasps] "Oh my."
Ronnie Anne: "Yep, not a pretty sight. Well, Mom said I should be able to sleep it off so," [Yawns] "I should probably get on that, thanks for calling, Dad, I love you, bye."
Arturo: "But-"
[Ronnie Anne hangs up on him, cleans her face, and puts the mask back on.]
Sid: [High fives Ronnie Anne] "Nice job."
[They return to the match. Valentina is just sitting down, applying rouge. La Tormenta is standing upside down on her hair like a pommel horse, flips down and body slams the princess in a cloud of makeup.]
Ronnie Anne: [In unison] "Woo-hoo! Yes!"
Sid: [In unison] "That's right! Crush her!"
[There's a knock at the door.]
Ronnie Anne and Sid: "Huh?"
[They take off their masks and capes and go check, Ronnie Anne looks out the peephole.]
Par: "Hey, Ronnie Anne, your Abuela asked me to check on you."
Ronnie Anne: [Quietly gasps; whispering] "It's Par, the produce guy."
Sid: [Who Ronnie Anne is standing on.] "What do we do?"
[Ronnie Anne turns around and gets an idea. She opens the fridge and grabs some leftover soup. She returns to the door with it, and another pot, she pours the soup into the other pot and makes retching noises, Sid giggles.] "Um, I don't know if you should come in be- because..." [Pours and retches, Sid giggles even more.]
Par: [Hearing this] "Mmm, but that sounds really serious."
Ronnie Anne: [Whispering] "Sergio, help." [Sergio flies to the windoe, squawks, and makes car alarm sounds.] "Uh, Par, I think your truck alarm is going off!"
Par: "Aah! Not again!" [Runs downstairs]
Ronnie Anne: [Grabs Sid] "Come on, back to the match."
[On the TV...]
Lucha Libre Commentator: "La Tormenta has won her first match, and now must face, the very dangerous, La Galina Malvada!"
[La Tormenta looks up and gasps as her opponent hatches from a giant egg, wearing a chicken costume, and clucking like crazy. Ronnie Anne and Sid watch with anticipation, when there's another knock at the door, to which the girls look at with annoyance.]
Mrs. Kernicky: [Outside the door] "Ronnie Anne? It's Mrs. Kernicky."
Ronnie Anne: "Seriously? Did Abuela call the entire neighborhood to check on me? Sid, you better hide."
[Sid goes to do that while Ronnie Anne goes to get the door.]

[Mrs. Kernicky is doing some aerobics, in front of the TV, to help Ronnie Anne with the sickness she doesn't actually have.]
Mrs. Kernicky: [In a long stance, with her arms straight out.] "This pose helps open the airwaves." [Inhales]
Ronnie Anne: [While she and Sergio try to copy Mrs. Kernicky, and seeing the TV.] "Yes, totally."
[La Tormenta has the evil chicken above her head and slams her onto the mat, Ronnie Anne leans over to see around Mrs. Kernicky and falls over. There's a knock at the door, Mrs Kernicky answers, and in comes someone wearing a hazmat suit with a photo of Yoon Kwan taped to the front.]
Sid: [In a falsetto voice] "Hello, I'm from the, uh, center for extremely dangerous colds and spreadable diseases, I need you to leave this contaminated area immediately." [Escorts Mrs. Kernicky out.] "It's for your own safety, ma'am." [Closes the door, and approaches Ronnie Anne.] "Don't worry." [Takes of the suit, revealing herself.] "It's me."
Ronnie Anne: "Yeah, I know, how'd you pull that off?"
Sid: "Oh, the suit just zips up the front."
Ronnie Anne: "No, I mean, never mind, ha, you're amazing."
[Sid is touched. Back on the TV...]
Lucha Libre Commentator: "La Tormenta has defeated La Galina Malvada! And now moves on to face; La Tigresa!"
[La Tormenta riles up, and a wrestler in a tiger costume pounces at her.]
Ronnie Anne: [in unison] "Whoo!"
Sid: [in unsion] "Oh, yes!"
Sergio: [Flies in the window and squawks, startling them.] "Abuela alert! Abuela alert!"
Ronnie Anne: "What is she doing here? Quick, leave through my room."
[Sid makes a run for it. Ronnie Anne, in a panic, grabs a bag of hot crisps, rubs the powder on her face, and wraps herself up in a blanket. Sergio drops an ice bag and a box of tissues on her.]
Rosa: [Bursts in, screaming] "Par told me you were vomitando all over the place so I came home as soon as I could." [Turns off the TV] "I know how worked up you get watching sports, and I don't want you to have any extra estress while you're sick."
Ronnie Anne: "No, no, no, I won't get stressed. And you know what? I'm actually starting to feel better." [Tosses the ice bag away.] "So I'm just gonna put the TV back on."
[Puts it back on, but Rosa puts it right back off.]
Rosa: "Nonsense, Mrs. Kernicky told me a man from the health department was here, so I know this is serious." [Ronnie Anne looks down.] "Don't worry, my special remedies will make you feel better in no time."
Ronnie Anne: [Scared] "Spe- special remedies?"

[Sometime later, Rosa takes some vapor rub from the medicine cabinet and rubs a heavy amount on Ronnie Anne's arm.]
Ronnie Anne: "Ew, this smells like minty fish. Is it really necessary?"
Rosa: "Si, vaparu is good for all kinds of sickness, [Rubs more on Ronnie Anne's face.] and it keeps me looking youthful." [Sees that the tub is empty.] "Oops, this one's empty, good thing I've got more."
[Rosa leaves to get more. Ronnie Anne gets a call.]
Sid: [Who can smell the vapor rub from where she is.] "Hey, what's going on down there? Is your Abuela cooking minty fish?"
Ronnie Anne: "No she's torturing me with her home remedies, and the worst part is, I can't watch the match."
Sid: "Don't worry, I'll find a way to keep you updated."

[Later, Rosa is tucking Ronnie Anne into bed.]
Rosa: "Oh yes, you will feel much better once you sweat out your sickness." [There's a humidifier next to the bed, Rosa turns it on and Ronnie Anne gets a blast of steam in her face.] "Just rest, I'll be back soon." [Leaves]
Ronnie Anne: "Okay," [coughs] "thanks, Abuela."
[Just then, Sid lowers her phone outside the window, playing the match, Ronnie Anne chuckles and watches.]
Rosa: [Outside the room] "Time for your next remedy, mija."
Ronnie Anne: [Loudly, and mostly towards Sid.] "Sounds great, Abuela!"
[Sid pulls up her phone and Ronnie Anne gets back in bed.]
Rosa: [Walks in, with a plate piled high with red hot chili peppers.] "These chiles will fight your sickness from the inside."
Sid: [Upstairs, drops her phone into traffic.] "Ohh! Fiddlesticks!"
Rosa: "What was that?"
Ronnie Anne: "Uh, nothing, probably Par dropped a coconut or something."
Rosa: [Grabs some peppers] "I want you to eat all of these chiles, mija."
[She stuffs an armload into Ronnie Anne's mouth. Ronnie Anne gets all sweaty, her face turns red, and her eyes tear up.]
Ronnie Anne: [Spits the peppers out in excruciating pain.] "Spicy!"
Rosa: [Gets a call, and is excited.] "Ah, it's Carlos calling from the award ceremony! Keep eating, I'll be right back." [Answers] "Hola miré, have you gone on yet?"
[Ronnie Anne licks her pillow, and pants loudly, when she gets a text from Sid.]
[Ronnie Anne picks up her phone.]
Sid: "La Tormenta is about to the tornado twist."
Ronnie Anne: "Ah, the tornado twist!"
[She runs to the TV, tiptoeing past Rosa's room, and sees La Tormenta standing on the top row, the crowd chanting her name. She spins, and slams her current opponent; a rather scrawny woman, with a rather muscular puppet, Tormenta takes them both down.]
Lucha Libre Commentator: "La Tormenta wins the match, and moves on to the final round, of the Lucha World Championship!"
Sergio: [squawks] "Go, La Tormenta!"
Ronnie Anne: "Whoo! I may smell like minty fish for a week, but it was worth it for this."
[Suddenly, she hears something from Rosa's room.]
Rosa: "I'm sorry, mijo, it's okay, take a deep breath." [Ronnie Anne goes over.] "I know you're nervous but, I just can't make it back."
Carlos: "But you've never missed any of my big days, ever since my fourth grade science project on dinosaur DNA."
[There's a photo of that day on the wall.]
Rosa: "Si, I remember how proud of you I was that day. I wish I could be there, but, Ronnie Anne needs me more, I'm sorry, Mijo."
[Rosa hangs up, and a really guilty Ronnie Anne sighs, and comes in, turning the lights on.]
Ronnie Anne: "Abuela."
Rosa: [Worried] "What is it, mijita? Are you worse?!" [Jumps down next to Ronnie Anne.]
Ronnie Anne: "No, actually, I was never even sick. I lied because I wanted to stay home and watch the Lucha Libre world championship."
Rosa: [Shocked] "Ronnie Anne!"
Ronnie Anne: "I am so sorry, I overheard your conversation with Tío Carlos, I feel terrible."
Rosa: "I can't believe you lied. Your Tío needed my support and I really wanted to be there for him."
Ronnie Anne: "Maybe you still can."
Rosa: "He's about to go on, it's too late."
Ronnie Anne: [Smiles determinedly] "Not if I can help it."
[Ronnie Anne rides her skateboard out of the apartment to the award ceremony with her Abuela on her back.]
Rosa: "Más pronto, mija!"
[Ronnie Anne skateboards all the way to subway train. Once the train heads off, they just sit there patiently. The train stops and the two skateboard out and make it to the university, sprinting up the entrance. Carlos is finishing his speech.]
Carlos: "There's one more person I'd especially like to thank. She, uh, couldn't be here today but-"
[Rosa pushes the doors open, still being on Ronnie Anne's back.]
Rosa: "Aqui estoy, hijo!"
Carlos: [Notices] "Mamá!" [Ronnie Anne skateboards down to the stage.] "Everyone, my amazing mother!"
[Ronnie Anne tries to stop but falls over, having Rosa jump onto the stage. She sees that she's on stage and starts blushing, but everyone still cheers, Ronnie Anne is satisfied.]
Hector: "Viva Rosa!"

[Later, backstage, Frida is taking photos of the family.]
Ronnie Anne: [Still remorseful] "Abuela, I hope you can forgive me."
Rosa: "Of course mija, we all make mistakes, and I know you have a good heart." [They hug] "I'm sorry you had to miss the wrestling match."
Ronnie Anne: "That's okay, this is more important."
Frida: [Still taking pictures] "Okay, one more with the flash."
Carlos: "Honey, is it okay if this is the last photo?" [Takes out his phone] "I really wanted to catch the end of La Tormenta's championship match."
Ronnie Anne: [Gasps] "You like La Tormenta too?"
Carlos: "Of course, I've always admired strong women."
Carl: [Grabs the phone] "Less talking, more body slamming! We don't wanna miss this!"
[On Carlos' phone...]
Lucha Libre Commentator: "La Tormenta has taken down; La Loca! Uno! Dos!"
[Suddenly the connection gets cut, the family groans angrily.]

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