Lucy's Poems is a book created and owned by Lucy.


It is as the title suggests, where Lucy writes and keeps her poems. It is unknown how much of it is filled up.

List of poems

Season 1

Get the Message

"Inside the wall, I choose to be alone.
If I ever get stuck, please listen for my moan."

Driving Miss Hazy

"Bobby, I thought you were a stalker.
When you left brownies in my locker.

Project Loud House

"Failure. It is not an option, yet it's something you choose.
The man with the plan is destined to lose."

"Failure. You know there is no one else to blame.
For the choices you make are always the same."

"Failure. It's all your fault, this streak of bad luck.
No escape from this cycle in which you are stuck."

Lincoln: " Lucy: dark as night, hair like tar.
Take your spooky self to the car."

Space Invader

Lincoln: "Space: deep, black, endless, like my heart.
Space, mine invaded. Torn apart."

Cover Girls

Lola (as Lucy): "Pop-Pop.
White hair.
New hip.
Traction shoes.
Never slip.

House Music

(adapted into a song) "Plastic bag blowing in the gutter.
Lost and alone like toast without butter."

Dance, Dance Resolution

Haiku: "Empty, lonely, dark.
The universe is weeping.
I have no tissues."

Study Muffin

"Hugh. Wavy hair, mysterious eyes.
Pretty cool, for a living guy.

Season 2

Fed Up

"Dinner. The same seven meals; how do you cope?
The only plan is to give up hope.

(Later revised)
"Dinner. Goulash again? That's a nope.
A bite of pizza; it tastes like hope.

Season 3

Head Poet's Anxiety

"Melancholi night before a hopeless dawn. The sun is rising soon, but all my joy is gone."
"Mean little blonde, you throw stones and sticks. But what would you know? You're only six."
"The end is near, give up all hope."
"Warm eyes and anchor tattoo, blends his food, no need to chew, orange suspenders, he's got style, he'll lift your soul with just a smile."
"Dreams burnt to ash, hope tangled like laces, till love swept in, with puns and funny faces. Where my path will lead, I can't be sure, but if ever I'm lost, I'll look up to her."

The Loudest Thanksgiving

"Appetizers have been vanquished, the meal has come to pass, dessert is on the horizon, yet this space remains so vast. Where once sat a warm body, now there is only cold wood, all that remains is a lock of blonde hair, a reminder of what was once good."


The Loud House (pilot)

"My love is like water. Bursting forth. Like a dam breaking. All control lost. Water rushing, churning, turning landscape to mud. Time runs out. Water. I feel the impending doom. My love."


Mother's Day Gift Guide

"Melancholy night before a hopeless dawn. The sun is rising soon and you're the greatest mom."

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