I rather enjoy the darkness.

Lucy L. Loud is a main character in The Loud House.


At eight years old, Lucy is the fifth youngest child of the Loud family and the oldest of Lincoln's five younger sisters. Her most annoying habit is popping up and scaring people, a running gag in the series. Lucy attends school at Royal Woods Elementary.


Lucy reading

Lucy reciting a poem.

Lucy is a gloomy, cynical, deadpan, and mysterious goth girl who is almost always seen with a stoic frown. She is interested in occultism, poetry, and the works of Gothic authors, like Edgar Allen Poe and H.P. Lovecraft. She has an uncanny ability to seemingly teleport to different places, which often spooks her siblings, especially Lincoln. Some of her siblings refer her as a "spooky" girl. She frequently uses words to describe her actions, such as saying the word "Sigh" instead of actually sighing. The reason for her gloomy and miserable persona is because she feels left out that nobody listens to her and everyone thinks she's weird (despite their obvious quirks).

Though typically rather gloomy, she is shown to be happy on several occasions. She squeals and giggles in "Heavy Meddle", along with her sisters, upon learning of Lincoln's romantic situation. Also in some other episodes she can be seen smiling from time to time (as opposed to her usual smirking), like in "It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud, House", where she is joyfully celebrating the money finding with her other siblings, and in "In Tents Debate", where she is happy that she gets the option to go to "Aloha Beach". She is also shown to be rather compassionate, as she shows sympathy for Lincoln's dilemmas, and always shows her appreciation for his kindness.

In "Sleuth or Consequences", it is revealed that she was responsible for clogging the toilet with her book Princess Pony, stating that even she needs "a break from the darkness" once in a while. Despite her depressed and cold attitude, she looks to enjoy being with her siblings, and sometimes departs from darkness to have fun with them.

In "A Grave Mistake, Lucy was revealed to be determined and never gives up as she wanted to become the president of Morticians Club. After her actions causing the audiences disgusted at Ricky the Rooster's worst funeral, she becomes more acceptable and letting Haiku takes her place, along with her.

Nick Description

"Lucy Loud loves all things spooky and dark. She can usually be found reciting her moody poetry or sharing her morbid point of view. If you haven't seen Lucy in a while, don't worry... she has a knack of mysteriously appearing when you least expect it!"

—Nickelodeon, 2016


Lucy has very pale skin and long black hair concealing her eyes. She's very thin, and a bit smaller than Lincoln. Lucy dresses in black and white, wears long striped arm sleeves and stockings, a black dress worn over a striped shirt, and black shoes.

Her nightwear is a white t-shirt and black-and-white striped pajama pants. Her swimwear consists of a striped swimming dress with black leggings.

Alternate Versions

Lars Loud

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Lars Loud
In the alternate dimension where the sisters are boys, Lucy's counterpart is a male goth named Lars. Like Lucy, he shares the same room with Lynn but also shares with Lincoln (as Lincoln's original bedroom is still a closet), and instead of a bed, he sleeps in a coffin. Unlike Lucy, however, Lars is disrespectful towards Lincoln, obnoxious and aggressive, as shown when the latter accidentally scratches his coffin bed after getting a rude awakening.

Eight of Spades

S2E11B Cards The Eight of Spades Cropped

Lucy interpreting Eight of Spades.

In the minicomic Deuces Wild!, Lucy dons the superheroine alter ego of the Eight of Spades, who is also one of Ace Savvy's sidekicks. She uses a shovel with a spade-shaped head. In the comic, she is summoned by Savvy (played by Lincoln) alongside the rest of Savvy's deck (played by the rest of her sisters) to help him and One-Eyed Jack (played by Clyde) to defeat the gas monster. After they defeat it, they prepared to fight against a garbage monster.

The Eight of Spades made another appearance in the comic Lincoln wrote in "Pulp Friction". In this appearance, she dug a hole in which two thugs were thrown into by The Night Club's music.

Coincidentally, her alter-ego name also represents her age.


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S3E02A promo - rabbit lucy
Bella is one of the rabbit sisters and a rabbit version of Lucy. She appears in "White Hare", and is the only rabbit who is not white.


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  • Her name can be taken to mean "light", which is ironic because she likes darkness. It can also mean "of light complexion", which she does have.[3]
    • Her name is also similar to a character from the novel Dracula. This is coincidental with her character since she likes vampire-related stuff.
  • Lucy is right-handed, as shown in "Roughin' It".
  • It's implied in the backgrounds of a couple episodes that Lucy plays with ragdolls.
  • Lucy and Lynn are roommates with the biggest age gap, five years apart.
    • This is because they are the only roommates who aren't consecutive children, respectively the seventh and the fifth, with Lincoln being the sixth.
  • According to Rita and Lynn Sr. in the episode, "The Crying Dame", the reason why Lucy's hair conceals her eyes is because they were uncomfortable with her staring at them mindlessly, and let her grow her hair out, under the assumption that she won't stare at them anymore. According to Lucy, she can still see perfectly fine through her hair, which petrifies her parents.
    • Before that, her parents said that she is the only Loud who didn't cry at all when she was a baby.
  • In the pilot and "Left in the Dark", her hair was shaped differently than it is in the series. She was also given black gloves in development, but they were removed in the final production.
  • Lucy's name comes from Chris Savino's wife's plans for names in case they had more daughters, but it was never used as they later had three sons.
  • A running gag of the series is that Lucy always appears suddenly, scaring her siblings or other people.
  • Lucy believes that broccoli has feelings.
  • Lincoln, Luna, Lynn, and once by Lola, sometimes refer to her as "spooky".
S1E01B Lincoln and Lucy in the vents

Lincoln getting startled by Lucy.

  • She scares Lincoln more often than her sisters.
  • As shown in "Left in the Dark" and "Changing the Baby", she can scare her sisters out of their wits just by saying "boo" to them. So far, she's done this to Leni, Lynn, and Lisa.
  • She sits in the vents to think for writing her poems.
  • As shown in "It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud, House", the back corner in the attic used to be her "secret dark place", but now it's the basement.
  • Her ideal superpower is to be immortal.
  • In "Making the Case", Lucy is one of five sisters with no trophy in the case. The other four being Lori, Leni, Luan, and Lana.
  • She is strong enough to carry Lincoln, as shown in "Get the Message".
  • She can read in noise as her sisters' antics don't bother her when she's reading her poems.
  • She runs a funeral service called "Lucy's Lament", which is revealed in "Along Came a Sister".
  • Her winter outfit and her "Eight of Spades" costume both resemble Raven from Teen Titans.
  • Along with Leni and Lana, their names mean something related to light.
  • She has a pet bat named Fangs, which makes her the third Loud sibling after Lana and Luan to have her own pet.
    • In "Spell It Out", it's revealed that they go on nightly walks together.
  • Lucy's favorite food is blood pudding.
  • When Lucy grows up, she wants to be an "undertaker by day, vampire by night".
  • According to episode 20 of the Nick Animation podcast, Lucy's favorite movie is Edward Scissorhands.[4]
  • In "The Whole Picture", Lucy is shown in her goth attire which means that she has been goth for most of her life, and she is not just going through a phase.
  • Whenever she jump-scares her siblings, either a crow caws, or an organ pipe plays.
  • In "Out of the Picture", it is revealed that she is in the school's Morticians Club.
  • It is revealed in "Room with a Feud" that Lucy's least favorite century is the 21st.
  • Lucy is the only sister who didn't have a SMOOCH outfit in the promo of "Yes Man", because she refuses to sing.
  • According to Lincoln in "A Grave Mistake" Lucy digs graves since she was two years old.
  • Dub facts:
      • Lynn and Lucy also share the same voice actress in the Spanish dub of the series, like their younger sisters, Lana and Lola.
      • She also voiced their male counterparts from the episode "One of the Boys".
    • Her Polish name is Hermina, with the nickname "Hercia".
    • Lucy's Russian dubber, Larisa Brokhman, also voices Lana, Lisa, and Clyde.
    • She is known as Lusia in the Finnish dub.
    • Lucy's Finnish dubber, Karolina Blom, also voices Clyde.
    • Lucy's Filipino dubber, Ayla De Joya, also voices Ronnie Anne.
  • In "L is for Love", it's revealed Lucy has a crush on a boy named Silas, who like Lucy herself, is gothic, gloomy, and dark, but sometimes smiles for the best times.
  • According to some information from The Loud House in Instagram and Facebook:
    • In her past life, she was a wombat, explaining why she wears gothic attire.
    • Lucy hates people asking her questions.
    • Lucy wishes to first go to Transylvania, and second to the Netherworld.
    • She doesn't know why people call her spooky.
    • She dresses in black because it matches her heart and soul.
    • Edwin is her number one love, and Rocky and Silas are tied for second.
    • Her best friend is Haiku, and it's also her favorite type of poem.
    • She got the coffin that she wanted, the "The Freilich 2000".
    • She is the only one of Lincoln's sisters who will hunt ghosts with him.
  • In "Spell It Out", it is revealed that Lucy's favorite seat on the couch is the left armrest.
  • In "Yes Man", it is revealed that Lucy dislikes singing.
  • In "Fandom Pains", it is revealed that she has voodoo dolls of Lori and Leni.
  • In "Head Poet's Anxiety", she becomes the youngest person to perform at the Royal Woods Theater, surpassing Luan.
  • Lucy's Greek dubber, Sofia Kapsabeli, also voices Clyde.



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