Lucy Loud’s Family Fortunes 🥠 The Loud House Nick

Lucy Loud’s Family Fortunes 🥠 The Loud House Nick

Lucy Loud's Family Fortunes is a promotional video created by Nickelodeon's YouTube channel. It was released on October 8, 2019.


On a rainy day, Lucy decides to pass the time by showing the viewers her fortune telling cards (Lucy's Chamber of Fortunes), and offers to show them her siblings' fortunes. Before she starts, she reminds them that the cards don't lie.

What follows is Lucy revealing three cards for a certain character, giving a prediction the character might encounter, followed by a clip with said predicament.


  1. A boat
  2. A fish hook
  3. Danger (a skull)
  • Prediction: Lincoln should avoid the water.
  • Predicament: Lincoln and Clyde reeling in a big fish that rocks their boat from "Deal Me Out".


  1. A heart
  2. A guitar pick
  3. A love letter
  • Prediction: Music isn't the only love in Luna's life.
  • Predicament: Luna using her favorite guitar pick as a token of affection for Sam and slipping a love letter into Sam's locker from "L is for Love".


  1. A golf ball
  2. A bandage
  3. The Loud family
  • Prediction: One of the siblings will not have a good time with Lori.
  • Predicament: Lori swinging a golf ball into a golf cart, which hits a fire hydrant, causing water to spray onto Lincoln from "Driving Ambition".


  1. An octopus wearing scuba gear
  2. A shovel
  3. A calendar marked April 1st
  • Prediction: Luan has dastardly plans for the next April Fool's Day.
  • Predicament: Luan swearing revenge by saying that next year's April Fool's Day will be even worse from "Fool's Paradise".

Lola and Lana

  1. Various headwear
  2. Salt and pepper shakers
  3. Candy
  • Prediction: The twins have a clever plot that leads to something sweet.
  • Predicament: Lana and Lola using their various costumes to get multiple pieces of candy at the same house from "Tricked!".


  1. A senior citizen (Scoots)
  2. Another senior citizen
  3. A creepy mannequin head
  • Prediction: Finely aged chaos.
  • Predicament: Leni being bombarded with requests from the senior citizens during the Senior Shop-aganza from "Leader of the Rack".


  1. A mysterious cloud
  2. A nose
  3. A diaper
  • Prediction: A smelly situation involving Lily's diaper.
  • Predicament: The Loud kids getting kicked out of the Hazeltucky public pool due to Lily defecating in the water from "Linc or Swim".


  1. Vanzilla
  2. An equation
  3. A music note


  1. A meatball sub
  2. Hot sauce
  3. Another meatball sub
  • Prediction: Lynn's gonna have two meatball subs with extra hot sauce.
  • Predicament: Lynn celebrating her team winning and immediately needing to use the restroom from "Sleuth or Consequences".

The viewer(s)

  1. A phone
  2. A thumbs up
  3. Black
  • Prediction: You will return to Lucy's Chamber of Fortunes in the future.

With the last fortune told, Lucy declares her session over.


  • The closed captions spell Lily's name as "Lili".

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