This page describes all of Lucy Loud's relationships with her family and friends.


Her siblings


S2E24 Lucy thanking Lincoln and Clyde

Lucy, her siblings, Rita, and Clyde.

Since being introduced in "Left in the Dark", Lucy has always been overlooked, or not even noticed, by her siblings in situations where all of them are relevant. This is presumably what first made her a goth, but not definite.

She constantly scares them by appearing next to them unnoticed, and tells them her gloomy poems that she writes. Although she is the deepest of the Loud kids, she loves and respects her siblings very much, and vice/versa, and she will help them in whatever trouble they have. As a stereotypical goth, she is simply not good at expressing her emotions.

Even though Lucy does not smile a lot along with her siblings and family, due to her gothic and gloomy personality, she will always smile for the best times.

All her siblings support her romantic life. The sisters gave her a makeover, which they planned for years. Lincoln also supported her, but in a different way.

Lucy detests when her siblings do not notice her. In "Spell It Out", she tried to curse them with spells from a spell book. When she confessed about it, they apologized for walking all over her as well, and it turned out that all the spells were bogus.

In "Tricked!", all her siblings helped her to make the corn maze for Halloween.

In "Head Poet's Anxiety", all her siblings, chiefly Luan, helped her become more confident with reciting her poems to other people.

In Welcome to the Loud House, all of her siblings except for Luan, Lynn, and Lily read some of her poetry and are very disturbed by it. When Lucy actually recites one of her poems, all her siblings, even those mentioned above, run away.

In Lucy Loud's Family Fortunes, she predicts the fortunes of all her siblings.


S1E10B I see your break from the darkness is over

Lucy expressing her thanks to Lincoln for protecting her.

They do not share the same interests, but they get along well with each other. However, he hates it when she scares him. Lucy sometimes asks Lincoln for help to create rhymes for her poems. In "Project Loud House", Lucy concedes to Lincoln as the better poet which puts her to shame. Despite her "spooky" personality, Lincoln seems to appreciate her, and he tolerates her creepy hobby, and she is glad for his tolerance. So, they share a close bond, having the closest relationship of the youngest siblings. In many episodes, she comes to Lincoln to ask him for proper rhyming words.

In "Left in the Dark", Lincoln overlooks Lucy when distracting his sisters, then lets her watch The Vampires of Melancholia on Lynn Sr.'s old TV.

In "Heavy Meddle", she, along with all her other sisters, got excited when she thought Lincoln's bully was picking on him out of affection. When Lincoln went to kiss the bully, the other girls cringed at their brother's pain, but Lucy grinned at it. She went silent when he came back into the house with an angry look and a black eye; while she never apologized, she must've felt guilty over what happened.

In "Sound of Silence", she is eager to tell him about a dream she recently had, and later tried asking him to come to her séance not knowing he was tuning her and the rest of their sisters out.

In "Space Invader", during the food fight Lincoln accidentally threw a meatball at Lucy when he was targeting Lynn. Lucy did not mind it, because he did not do it on purpose, but Lynn's laughing bothered her more, and so then she threw meatball at Lynn, and sarcastically laughed. Because the sisters' room was too dirty to sleep there, they both asked Lincoln to let them sleep in his room, and he agreed to the offer.

In "Changing the Baby," he invited her to play in ghost hunting, but she refused upon the grounds that these ghosts are her friends.

In "Sleuth or Consequences", she clogged the toilet which leads to Lincoln being wrongfully accused. She tried to help him clear his name so he could go to the comic book convention, but also tried to frame her other sisters. When Lincoln discovered she is guilty, he was angry at her for lying to him and wasting his time. She begged him not to tell anyone in order to save herself from humiliation for the rest of her life, and he took the blame himself. She was grateful to him so she showed her appreciation for it by giving him her homemade horror comic, which he accepted with pleasure.

In "Roughin' It", it is revealed Lincoln gives her manicures, much to her joy due to her messing up right hand.

In "One Flu Over the Loud House", Lincoln mistook Lucy for having the flu twice because her skin is pale and pale skin was a symptom of the flu. Both times, she was slightly annoyed but reminded him patiently that she always looked like that.

In "Suite and Sour", Lincoln and Lucy search for a ghost together.

In "Back in Black", Lucy scared Lincoln, and caused a mess, but she helped him to clean it up. Lincoln was sympathetic to Lucy's crush on Rocky, so he helped her get together with him. He told her his impression of Rocky and gave them the opportunity to meet again by destroying his project he worked on with Rusty, so the two would be forced to work on it again at Lincoln's house, so that Rocky could also come over.

In "Out of the Picture", Lucy agreed to let Lincoln pretend to be a member of the Morticians Club, so he could have a photo for the yearbook.

In "Spell It Out", Lincoln is the first sibling who apologized to Lucy for ignoring her.

In "White Hare", Lucy tells Lincoln that he is deep.

In "Head Poet's Anxiety", Lincoln tells Lucy that it is Luan's dream to be the youngest person performing at Royal Woods Theater.

In "A Grave Mistake", in order to win the election for president of the Mortician's Club, Lucy talks Lincoln into joining the club and places the winning vote on her. The next day when Ricky the Rooster passes away, Lincoln and Lucy attempt to hold his funeral, but things do not go as planned, leading Lucy to apologize to the members of the club and they help plan a more proper funeral for Ricky.

In the pilot, she read one of her poems to him, but he did not like it all that much.

In Living Loud: Lincoln's List, he feeds Fangs for her and convinces her to (reluctantly) hand over Lola's ribbon that she stole.

In Lucy's Listen Out Loud episode, she and Lincoln go to the cemetery together to search for ghosts.

According to his Blogs, Lincoln considers Lucy as his closest sister, at least in a distance. In another one, Lucy tries to exorcise Lincoln's room so that she can make friends with the ghost.

In Living Loud: Surprise Party, she tells Lincoln to retrieve Izzy from the air vent.

In this promotional video, they take a quiz on sharks together.


S1E22B Lucy smiles at Clyde's reaction

Lucy and Lori scheming of a way to make Bobby jealous.

Lucy and Lori very rarely interact one-on-one, but they do get along with each other. Like with all the siblings, Lori is freaked out whenever Lucy appears out of thin air and Lucy does not like when Lori is bossy.

In "In Tents Debate", she and Lori both want to go to Aloha Beach and try to get Lincoln to vote for their side.

In "Changing the Baby", Lucy warns Lori that their late great-grandmother was furious that Lori gave away her prized brooch, which frightens Lori, and prompts her to get it back.

In "A Fair to Remember", Lucy helps Lori with her relationship with Bobby, and gives Clyde a gift on Lori's behalf as a thank you for helping her.

In "Back in Black", Lori tried to help Lucy in her romantic life by bringing Bobby, Lucy and Rocky Spokes on a double date. However, things did not go quite well but Lori told Lucy that she and the other sisters love Lucy and still think of her as perfect the way she is.

In "Spell It Out", Lucy tries casting a spell on Lori's phone to kill it and end the oldest sister's long distance conversation, but it turned out the battery just ran out of power. After Lincoln fails to tell Lucy that the spell to silence everyone did not work, Lori writes it down.

In "Garage Banned", Lucy talks to the ghost in the garage (which Lori did not think really was in there) in order to "save" her sister's new arrangement.

In "Fandom Pains", Lucy was annoyed that Lori, along with Leni, have started watching The Vampires of Melancholia because Blake Bradley was casted into the show as Tristan and attempted to get them to stop watching so she can watch in solitude. Once Tristan falls off a cliff, both Lori and Leni leave in tears while Lucy was glad she can go back watching her favorite show by herself again. However, the next episode helps her realize what she had done was wrong asks them if they would like to watch the show with her. They accept, and reveal that while Blake Bradley was one of the reasons why they got into the show, the other reason why they was because they wanted to spend time with Lucy.

In Welcome to the Loud House, Lucy shrugs when handed Lori's phone.


S1E17B Zipline

Leni and Lucy having fun together.

They have not had any interactions until "Fandom Pains", but they do get along with each other. Like all the siblings, Leni gets frightened by Lucy's sudden appearance, while Lucy gets annoyed by the Leni's absentmindedness.

In "In Tents Debate", they choose Aloha Beach, and want Lincoln to decide that place for their family vacation.

In "Linc or Swim", when Leni miscalculated the siblings to ten, Lucy corrected her by saying that they are eleven.

In "A Novel Idea", Lucy and Leni both enjoyed ziplining.

In "Back in Black", Leni reveals that she wanted to give Lucy a makeover since Lucy was born.

In "Pulp Friction", when Leni uses her sash to attach Vanzilla onto the tow truck, Lucy thanks her for her good thinking.

In "Spell It Out", Leni fails to notice Lucy standing in the doorway and paints over her. Later, she says she is sorry to Lucy by playing a game of Tic-Tac-Toe on Lisa's chalkboard.

In "Tricked!", Leni said she is happy their mom let Lucy organize the house for Halloween as she sees fit.

In "Fandom Pains", Lucy was annoyed that Leni, along with Lori, have started watching The Vampires of Melancholia because Blake Bradley was casted into the show as Tristan and attempted to get them to stop watching so she can watch in solitude. Once Tristan falls off a cliff, both Leni and Lori leave in tears while Lucy was glad she can go back watching her favorite show by herself again. However, the next episode helps her realize what she had done was wrong asks them if they would like to watch the show with her. They accept, and reveal that while Blake Bradley was one of the reasons why they got into the show, the other reason why they was because they wanted to spend time with Lucy.

In "Head Poet's Anxiety", Leni is reluctant to heckle Lucy.

In Welcome to the Loud House, Lucy is the only one of Leni's siblings not to react to her driving outfit at all.


S1E13B Luna and Lucy celebrating

Luna and Lucy in a time of celebration.

They do not have many interactions but in "Slice of Life", Luna shows that she does not like Lucy's speaking with ghosts.

In "In Tents Debate", Luna is disappointed that Lucy wants to go to the beach.

In "Picture Perfect", they both comment on how ugly Lincoln's coffee mug he originally planned to give his parents looks.

In "House Music", they wrote the lyrics and tune for their song, "Plastic Bag Blown Through The Gutter Of Life".

In "Future Tense", Lucy and Luna were going together from one house to another to ask for votes.

In "Tricked!", Luna commented Halloween is always crazy with Lucy.

In "Rita Her Rights", Luna helped Lucy bring her coffin downstairs while wrecking the stair banister in the process.

In "A Grave Mistake", Luna performs a final farewell song for Ricky the Rooster as a favor to Lucy at the funeral she planned for him.


S2E14B Lucy and Luan playing with their soulmates

Luan and Lucy playing poker with their "soul mates".

They do not have many interactions, but they do get along with each other.

Like their other siblings, Luan gets startled by Lucy's sudden appearance, while the latter gets annoyed by former's jokes.

In "Chore and Peace", Lucy, along with Luan and Lynn, washed the dishes.

In "Cover Girls", Luan dresses up as Lucy.

In "A Tattler's Tale", Luan was doing something with Lucy's hair.

In "Funny Business", Lucy was Luan's clown assistant, but when she scared the latter and the other kids, it caused Luan to pop the balloon animal she was about to make.

In "Lock 'n' Loud", they claim that both their inanimate objects, Edwin and Mr. Coconuts, are their soulmates and hid them in the bathroom.

In "Room with a Feud", they are revealed to be compatible roommates.

In "Spell It Out", Luan says sorry to Lucy for walking over her and says they will try not to walk all over her anymore.

In "Tricked!", Lucy complimented Luan's sign work made of corns and fake blood.

In "Head Poet's Anxiety", Luan teaches Lucy the ups and downs about pursuing the life in the arts. She first showed Lucy her rejection letters, to make her feel better, then she gave her some advisce about the artistic life, like "Sharpen Skills", "Formal Training", "Putting your Work Out", and "Thick Skin!". Lucy got a presentation in the Royal Woods Theater, making Luan feel jealous, and angry with her. Lucy did not want to steal the opportunity to be "the youngest person who ever performed there" from her sister, so she pretended to be sick. They make up, and Lucy dedicates a sweet poem to her mentor.

In Lucy's Listen Out Loud episode, Luan pranks her and Lincoln by tricking them into thinking the cemetery is haunted.

In Welcome to the Loud House, Luan is notably less scared of Lucy's poetry than the other siblings (except for Lynn and Lily who did not read it) and actually finds humour in them.


S1E06B Lynn Lucy hug

Lucy and Lynn reconciling.

Due to Lucy having to share a room with Lynn, they look to be on good terms. However, because of their differences sometimes they discuss and finish fighting. In spite of that, the two girls respect and love each other mutually. Her calm and patient personality contrast to Lynn's impulsive and aggressive behavior.

In "Space Invader", Lynn and Lucy have a discussion over how they cannot stand each other's lifestyles and habits. Lucy cannot stand Lynn's energetic and sporty demeanor, and Lynn cannot stand Lucy's depressing and negative vibes. Due to this, Lynn goes to sleep with Lincoln, much to his annoyance. To get rid of Lynn, Lincoln tries that she and Lucy reconcile with a dinner, which finishes in a food fight. During this food fight Lincoln accidentally threw a meatball at Lucy when he was targeting Lynn. Lucy did not mind it because he did not do it on purpose, but Lynn laughed which bothered her more and so she threw a meatball at Lynn and sarcastically laughed. After the fight, Lucy and Lynn reconciled in a hug and they slept with Lincoln after their room is a mess.

In "It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud, House", they worked together to find the money.

In "11 Louds a Leapin'", they worked together to find the Christmas gifts.

In "Back in Black", Lynn and the other sisters attempt to make Lucy pretty for Rocky. Lynn also suggested that Lucy should mention sports as boys like sports. However, things did not go quite well for Lucy but Lynn and the other sisters still love Lucy as they point out that Lucy is already perfect the way she is.

In "Vantastic Voyage", they worked together by cooking for their dad.

In "Garage Banned", Lucy and Lynn were physically fighting, because Lynn broke Edwin's fangs.

In "Future Tense", when Lucy is forced to do more with her life by her parents, she plays basketball like Lynn would do and even dresses similarly to her (hair tied in a ponytail, a mostly white jersey, and red shorts).

In "Really Loud Music", after Lynn's song, they got into a fight after Lynn broke Edwin's nose.

In "No End in Bite", Lynn uses the last page of Lucy's book to make into a diaper for Lily. After Lily poops in it, Lynn feels bad and replaces the book, but she still tells Lucy to change Lily's next diaper.

In "Sleuth or Consequences", Lucy criticizes Lynn's habit of eating subs and describes the subs as being bad for the digestion.

In "Spell It Out", Lucy is annoyed at Lynn for leaving sports equipment in her coffin.

In Welcome to the Loud House, Lynn is the only sibling besides Lily not to read Lucy's poetry book. Instead, she kicks it.

In Lucy Loud's Family Fortunes, she predicts Lynn will eat two meatball subs with extra hot sauce, and then claims there will be a long bathroom line waiting for her.


S2E21B Lucy and Lana decorating

Lucy and Lana decorating for a party.

They do not have many interactions, but they do get along with each other, even though sometimes they fight.

In "No Guts, No Glori" and "A Tale of Two Tables", they both enjoyed a food fight.

In "A Tale of Two Tables", they both sat at the kiddy table.

In "Fed Up", Lana and Lucy fight over an egg to use for their dish.

In "Spell It Out", Lucy was angry with Lana, because she sat on her favorite part of the couch, and because she took the remote. After Lucy puts a spell on Lana, she thinks it worked because Lana's butt was itchy, but then she explained that it was poison ivy.

In "No Spoilers", they are in charge of decorating for their Mom's birthday party.


S03E20B Lola hugs Lucy

Lucy forgiving Lola for an incident with her doll.

They do not have many interactions, but they do get along as sisters and both have the flair for the dramatic.

Like all their siblings, Lucy is scared of Lola's anger, whereas Lola gets scared of Lucy popping up outta nowhere (or by her sudden appearance outta thin air) in other words.

In "A Tale of Two Tables", they both sat at the kiddy table.

In "In Tents Debate", both of them vote for Aloha Beach and try to get Lincoln to vote for their side.

In "Cover Girls", Lucy dresses up as Lola at one point. In addition, Lola dresses up as Lucy at some point.

In "Ties That Bind", Lucy was reading her poetry book and Lola was angrily honking her Princess Car because Lucy was in her way.

In "Roughin' It", it was revealed Lucy is also afraid of Lola's anger as she played dead to avoid her.

In "A Tattler's Tale", Lola blackmailed Lucy to make her drive her toy car.

In "Homespun", Lola, Lana, Lori, and Lynn Sr., were hearing Lucy and Lynn's conversation.

In "Room with a Feud", Lola and Lucy are paired as roommates based on a compatibility test suggested by Lincoln. However, Lola paints Edwin to "bring him into the 21st century", much to Lucy's dismay as the 21st century is Lucy's least favorite century. When Lola comments to Lincoln that there is no way she is compatible with "spooky," Lucy asks Lola if she wants to fight as Lisa breaks it up.

In "Read Aloud", Lucy and the others were trying to get Lola interested in reading, so she tries to get Lola to read her book, but Lola rejects.

In "Rita Her Rights", Lola and Lucy are seen fighting over a book.

In "Tea Tale Heart", Lola sees that Lucy found a beautiful doll in the attic. Lola wants to play with the doll, but Lucy refuses, due to the doll being relatively fragile, so Lola borrows the doll behind Lucy's back, but with disastrous results. Rather than be angry with Lola, however, Lucy forgives her little sister, especially when they are both convinced that she has a haunted doll.

In "Head Poet's Anxiety", Lola heckles Lucy to try and get her used to criticism, but Lucy responds with a rhyme: "Mean little blonde, you throw stones and sticks, but what do you know? You're only six."

In "Spell It Out", Lucy is annoyed after Lola fails to observe her raising her hand for the last slice of pie and takes the pie for herself.

In Lola's Listen Out Loud podcast, Lucy is one of the sisters to get angry with Lola after the latter gossips about her.

In Living Loud: Lincoln's List, Lucy takes one of Lola's pink ribbons.

In Welcome to the Loud House, when Lucy holds Lola's flowers, they wilt.


S1E21B Oh, please!

Lisa does not believe Lucy's predictions.

They do not have many interactions, but they share some of the same traits by having a stoic frown, but smiling sometimes.

They argue about their beliefs in supernatural phenomena like fortune telling in "Raw Deal". However, they can cooperate if needed, as shown in "Come Sale Away".

Like all of her siblings, Lucy does not like Lisa using her as a test subject, while Lisa does not like Lucy appearing outta nowhere.

In "A Tale of Two Tables", they both sat at the kiddy table.

In "Cover Girls", Lisa briefly puts on a wig that looks like Lucy's hair.

In "Raw Deal" and "Future Tense", they are shown sitting next to each other in Vanzilla.

In "No Spoilers", Lucy asks Lisa about how she came up with inviting Flip, Mr. Grouse, and Dr. Feinstein and that just because their encounters them does not mean she likes them. Lisa tells Lucy just because she uses toilet paper does not mean she will find it a suitable party decoration.

In "Tricked!", Lucy complemented Lisa for making excellent fake blood, but suggested to add some molasses for better consistency.

In "The Mad Scientist", Lucy asked Lisa to check her pulse, which annoyed Lisa.

In "Spell It Out", Lisa spills a potion on Lucy's book, making Lucy angry, so Lucy tries to curse her into being sticky all over. Lucy thinks it worked, but it turns out that Lisa just invented a powerful adhesive and spilt it on herself.

In "One Flu Over the Loud House", Lucy accidentally gives Lisa the flu by sneezing on her.

In Welcome to the Loud House, Lucy accidentally spills Lisa's potions.


S1E08A Lily laughing

Lucy and Lily having fun in the sun.

She and Lucy have a good relationship.

In "A Tale of Two Tables", they both sat at the kiddy table.

In "Linc or Swim", Lucy took care of Lily by rubbing her body with sun oil.

In "Changing the Baby", Lucy tries to implement her interests on Lily, because she had nobody that shared her likes.

In "In Tents Debate", both Lily and Lucy want to go to Aloha Beach for their family vacation.

In "One Flu Over the Loud House", Lily accidentally gives Lucy the flu by sneezing out a bubble of snot that lands on Lucy.

In "No End in Bite", Lucy is grossed out by Lily pooping on the book page that Lynn had put on her as a diaper. Lynn later tells Lucy to change Lily's next diaper.

In "Any Given Sundae", Lucy is grossed out by Lily's dirty diaper and compares the smell to "a thousand angry skunks".

In Welcome to the Loud House, Lily, along with Lynn, does not read Lucy's poetry book (likely because she cannot read words yet due to her age) and instead plays with it.



Lucy does not interact with her parents often, but gets along with them.

In "Future Tense", her parents force her to play basketball in order to be well rounded.

In "Yes Man", they give her the money she needs to purchase a human skeleton.

In "The Crying Dame", they mention that they let Lucy grow her bangs out because they thought her staring was creepy.

Lynn Sr.

S2E25B Lucy and Lynn Sr. having their time

Lucy and Lynn Sr. spending some time together.

In "Left in the Dark", Lucy tries to watch The Vampires of Melancholia on Lynn Sr.'s old TV but the power goes out.

In "Vantastic Voyage", Lucy gives Lynn Sr. pancakes and a slice of pizza.

In "No Spoilers", Lucy suggests to her siblings (with the expectation of Leni) that they should stop including their dad in the surprise party planning as well as Leni.

In "Anti-Social", to help her dad get by without the internet, Lucy spends time with him by playing with her tarot cards.

In "A Fridge Too Far", Lucy tells her dad that his leftovers are the best things in the world.


S3E24A Thanks mom, for everything

Lucy and Rita hug.

In "House Music", when Lucy told her favorite music genre is death metal, Rita called it cute.

In "Homespun", Rita said she is fine with Lucy reading horror romances.

In "Read Aloud", she actually approves of Lucy's idea of chaining Lola in the attic and pretending she never existed and that Lana had a split personality to win the library's reading challenge.

In "Tricked!", Rita allowed Lucy to do her corn maze idea for Halloween.

In "House of Lies", Rita asks Lucy for an opinion about the new chapter of her novel. Lucy lies by saying she liked it when she actually thinks it is boring since she spent ten pages describing a garden.

In "The Write Stuff", Rita helps Lucy and her friends at the Writing Club.

In "One Flu Over the Loud House", Lucy slams the door on Rita because Rita had the flu and Lucy was protecting herself, Lincoln, Leni, and Lisa from the germs.


Lucy loves her grandfather very much and he loves her back.

In "Head Poet's Anxiety", she writes a poem about him.

In "Spell It Out", she is the only sibling who does not visit Pop-Pop, but that is only because she was too busy trying to cast spells.


Rocky Spokes

S2E04B Lucy and Rocky blush

Lucy and Rocky blush.

As soon as Lucy laid eyes on Rocky, she was infatuated with him, citing his "cuteness". Throughout the episode "Back in Black", Lucy tried to gain his attention by dressing up as a "normal" little girl. After a train wreck date, Lucy was convinced that Rocky did not like her at all. Later, it was revealed that her feelings towards him were mutual, and that Rocky thought Lucy was "too cool" for him. Hearing this, they both blushed and Lucy asked if Rocky wanted to see her coffin collection, to which Rocky gleefully agreed too. Interestingly, despite not appearing similar, it is revealed the two are actually similar in personality and hobbies, as he shares a similar apathetic disposition, ability to come behind and scare people, and creating fake blood (implying Rocky shares Lucy's interest in the macabre and death).


S1E02B Lucy kisses the bust

Lucy kisses Edwin.

Even though Edwin is not human, Lucy treats him like one. She even goes as far as kissing him in "Making the Case" and "11 Louds a Leapin'". She also play-acted her "dark betrothal" to Edwin in A Tattler's Tale. In "Back in Black", Lucy says to Edwin, "Don't worry, Edwin. You'll always be my undead soul mate. But until we're united, it'd be cool to have someone to hang with.". This proves that Lucy is in love with Edwin, maybe more than Rocky.

In "Room with a Feud", Lucy was mad that Lola recolored Edwin from black to pink.

In "Garage Banned", Lucy was mad that Lynn broke Edwin's fangs, and demanded she pay for his dental work.


S3E07A Goth Perks

Lucy and Haiku happy with their goth perks.

They are best friends. In "Dance, Dance Resolution", Lucy asked Haiku to go on a date with Lincoln at the Sadie Hawkins dance party.

In "Out of the Picture", it is revealed that both Lucy and Haiku are part of the Morticians Club. After Lucy disagreed to let Clyde and Lincoln pretend to be members of Morticians Club to be taken on their group photo, Haiku persuaded her to agree.

In "Fandom Pains", Lucy, Haiku and members of the Morticians Club conspire to get Blake Bradley removed from The Vampires of Melancholia. She has them go around town and have as many people to sign a petition (while also getting candy since people were mistaking them for trick-or-treaters), and send in protest letters to the studio by having their pet bats fly to the studio with their letters tied to them.

In "Friendzy", Lucy invited Haiku over at the Loud House in order to get special friend privileges.

In "The Write Stuff", they attended the Writing Club.

In "A Grave Mistake", she and Lucy compete against each other for president for the Morticians Club. When Lucy asked Lincoln to join the club just to vote on her, Haiku was outraged by Lucy's dirty trick and left the club. When Lucy realized she is not good as club president, Haiku offered her to be co-president with her. A proposal which Lucy gladly accepts.

In the comic "Goth Perks" (as printed in Live Life Loud!), Lucy asks Haiku and a member from the Morticians Club to collect signatures for an Edwin Appreciation Day. While they were only able to collect twelve signatures, they did however received full bags of candy since people thought they were out trick-or-treating and spend the night eating them.


S2E12B Lucy and Silas

Lucy and Silas meet.

Silas is a goth boy who likely shares all of Lucy's interests. They first met at Embalm Con.

Thinking Silas sent her a love letter, Lucy meets him at the cemetery via scaring him with her usual ability to pop up and scare people. Later, she slips a love note for him in his coffin.

It is unknown if Lucy met Silas before or after she met Rocky or if she is in a relationship with him.


S2E15B Back at home

Lucy and Fangs on a walk

Fangs is Lucy's pet bat who she loves very much.

In "Spell It Out", they go for a walk together and later he joins the séance Lucy tries to conduct for Goldie the fish.

In "Fandom Pains", Fangs assists Lucy and the Morticians Club in attempt to have Tristan removed from their favorite show by flying to the studio with protest letters tied to him and other members' pet bats.

In "12 Days of Christmas", Lucy sings with Fangs and six other bats.

In "No End in Bite", Lucy reads with Fangs and adds him into her alternate ending for her book as the sidekick for her self-insert Lucinda.

In Living Loud: Lincoln's List, she asks Lincoln to feed him.

In Clean-O-Clock, Lucy can occasionally hang out with Fangs.

In Living Loud: Surprise Party, Lucy brings Fangs to Lori's birthday party.


As revealed in Living Loud: Surprise Party, Lucy can relate to Izzy as both are often ignored by the rest of the family.


Lucy and Charles seem to get along well.

In "Spell It Out", Charles joins Lucy when she tries to conduct a seance for Goldie the fish.

In Living Loud: Surprise Party, Lucy helps Lincoln and the Santiago kids to bring Charles to Lori's birthday party.


Lucy seems to get along well with Cliff.

In "Spell It Out", Cliff joins Lucy when she tries to conduct a seance.

In Living Loud: Surprise Party, Lucy reminds Lincoln and the Santiago kids to bring Cliff to Lori's birthday party.


Lucy and Geo get along pretty well.

In "Spell It Out", Geo accompanies Lucy when she tries to do a seance for their dead fish Goldie.

In the comic "It's Just a Phase", Lucy is revealed to have buried the previous Geo when she was one.

In Living Loud: Surprise Party, Geo is one of the pets who Lucy reminds Lincoln and the Santiago kids to bring to Lori's birthday party.


Lucy gets along fine with Walt.

In "Spell It Out", he is there (along with Charles, Cliff, Geo, and Fangs) when Lucy tries to conduct a seance for Goldie.

In Living Loud: Surprise Party, he is one of the pets who she helps Lincoln and the Santiago kids bring to Lori's birthday party.

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