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"Lucy and the Mortician's Club" is the fifteenth episode of Listen Out Loud.


Lucy and the Mortician's Club try to find the perfect location to perform a séance and talk to their old friend, Ricky the Rooster.


Lucy and the Morticians' Club are at the Royal Woods Cemetery to conduct a séance to Ricky the Rooster (from the episode "A Grave Mistake"). However, their attempts to conduct one are continually interrupted...

  • First, by Hank the groundskeeper of the cemetery, who is installing some gargoyles to keep owls away.
  • Second, by Lynn, who plays her sports, and Lana, who is rushing to prepare some animals for adoption, as Lucy and the club relocate to Lynn and Lucy's room.
  • Thirdly, by Boris' mom, who embarasses his son in front of the club as they relocate to his house.
  • Then lastly by Principal Huggins, who questions why the kids are in school property at night. After an explanation, he joins in as he misses his old friend Ricky and wants to hear from him again.

After finally establishing contact with Ricky, Huggins takes the club inside for hot chocolate. As they leave, Boris' mom pops in to tell the listeners she was the one who made the rooster noise, as Boris forgot his keyboard at his house earlier. She reveals that Boris gets emotional sometimes as what seems to be the real ghost of Ricky is heard crowing in the distance; terrified, she flees.



  • This episode continues from the events of the Season 4 episode "A Grave Mistake", as this episode references Ricky the Rooster's death, as well as their former leader Bertrand being absent due to being with his dad on a cruise ship.
  • This episode reveals that "Boris" is just an alias, as his real name is Robert.
  • Principal Huggins states that he does "dance laps", which is a hard exercise.

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