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For her episode of Listen Out Loud, see Luna Loud (Listen Out Loud).

I know it's only rock and roll, but I like it.

—"For Bros About to Rock"

Luna Loud is a main character in The Loud House and its live-action spin-off.


At 16-years-old (15-years-old before Season 5), Luna is the third oldest child of the Loud family, and the middle child of Lincoln's five older sisters. She is a junior (a sophomore in Seasons 1-4) at Royal Woods High School with her sisters Leni and Luan.

In "Time Trap!", Luna and her siblings altered history, causing their parents to decide not to have any kids in the future. As a result, Luna got deleted out of existence, although she returned when Lisa and Lily prevented this timeline alteration.

Early life

Luna at her first concert.

When she was a baby, Luna enjoyed playing a guitar and Lynn Sr.'s cowbell. At the age of one, she had a habit of crying very loudly, she became a big sister when Luan was born. When Luna was around two or three, she was entertained by the infant Luan's sock puppet show, and at age four, she owned a Bongo which she played. Luna became the middle child when Lynn was born. At around age four or five, Luna would play with her baby brother Lincoln and (along with their other sisters) cheer him up when he cried.

At some point in her childhood, Luna owned a Mick Swagger puppet and often did puppet shows with Luan.

Luna attended Royal Woods Middle School with Lori, Leni and Luan where she was served inedible meals from Chef Pat. A week after this, Luna resorted to eating in the school's band room for her lunch periods.

Her passion for rock music developed when she was in seventh grade. She was still trying to find her own calling at the time. She went to her first concert, and witnessed the lead performer, Mick Swagger, on stage singing, and calling out to her. She took the stage with Mick and suddenly found out that the world of rock was where she was meant to be and that it was her destiny. Since that day, she has viewed Mick as her hero, because he gave her the inspiration to rock on.


Luna rocking out.

Luna is very happy, wild, caring, and easily the loudest sibling of the entire family. What she likes most is singing, playing musical instruments, and being with her family.

Before she became interested in rock music, Luna was a shy, gentle and classy girly girl. After her first concert, she developed an interest in rock music. She is a big fan of several rock groups, and her dream is to become a rockstar. She owns and plays an electric guitar, with which she has proved to be a very good guitarist. Her skills aren't limited to just the guitar though. She also plays the drums, as well as other instruments, as seen throughout the series, like the violin in "Overnight Success". She sometimes talks with a fake British accent, especially when she listens to music; something that her siblings consider to be an annoying habit.

Most of the time, she can be found practicing with her guitar or listening to rock music. She sometimes gets angry and threatening with her fists.[3][4][5][6][7] However, she mostly uses the vibration sounds of her guitar as a weapon to harm someone when she gets upset.

She will get upset if someone turns off her music, and in some cases, she will get agitated by her siblings. She sometimes gets downhearted when her family isn't with her, or when she upsets her siblings.[8]

Luna has displayed romantic interest in her female classmate Sam Sharp in Season 2. Subsequent episodes depict Luna as having entered a romantic relationship with Sam. Luna's siblings are aware that Sam is a girl, and Lori considers it sweet that Sam and Luna exchange guitar picks.[9] In the episode "Racing Hearts", Luna and Sam spent a whole day participating in a citywide scavenger hunt together, but to her and Sam's disappointment, they don't have that many things in common, however at the end of the episode they agree that while they don't have much in common, they can still discover new things about each other.

Nick Description

Luna Loud loves music so much, she speaks in song lyrics! With a boisterous, free-spirited attitude, she is always ready to crank up the volume and rock out. Luna enjoys helping her siblings when they're in need, but she definitely puts the LOUD in Loud House!

—Nickelodeon, 2016

A raucous rockstar, Luna Loud’s energy is always cranked to 11! She thinks about music so much she even speaks in song lyrics. Even if she doesn’t have her guitar on her, Luna can turn just about anything into an instrument. You can always count on her to help out, and provide a rockin’ guitar solo along the way.

—Nickelodeon, 2021


Luna is slightly taller than Luan, but shorter than Leni. She has short brown hair styled into a pixie cut, freckles on her cheeks, and wears light purple eyeshadow.

Her original design showed her with a black shirt, red skirt, and white boots, before her color scheme was transitioned to purple. In her final attire, she wears a purple sleeveless shirt with a white skull, torn crew neck, and triangular sleeves, a plaid skirt similar to Luan's (only lavender), a white belt, and high purple boots. A distinguishing feature of hers is her paperclip earrings. She also wears three black bracelets on each of her wrists and a choker around her neck.

In live-action, her outfit also contains fishnet sleeves.

Her nightwear consists of a knee-long purple gown with a skull on it, and matching slippers. For swimwear, she wears her signature shirt with matching bikini bottoms. Alternatively, she also wears a purple Hawaiian shirt and shorts.

Before becoming a rocker, she had a completely different wardrobe: a light purple shirt, white earrings, the same square-patterned skirt, white socks with blue stripes worn high and black Mary Jane shoes. She also had longer hair that went down to her shoulders and extra eyelashes.[10]


Luna's guitar.

Her guitar has a purple color scheme, similar to Luna's wardrobe, and it also comes with a purple guitar pic. As seen in "No Guts, No Glori", she can plug it into numerous amps.

Her guitar seems to be a hybrid of a Gibson Firebird, or Epiphone Explorer (with their iconic slanted body), and a Gibson V-Factor (with its iconic inward indent), resulting in a slanted 'X' body.

In "Luna Loud", she mentions that her main guitar is a Logan V-80 Shredder. According to her, she got it for her tenth birthday.

Alternate versions and alter-egos

Luke Loud

Main article: Genderbent Royal Woods
Luke Loud.png

In the alternate dimension of the episode "One of the Boys", where Lincoln has brothers, instead of sisters, Luna is a boy named Luke Loud. Like his female counterpart, Luke is an aspiring rocker; however, he is shown to be rude and abrasive toward Lincoln, which completely contradicts how Luna is very caring towards Lincoln, as he uses his head for cleaning the toilet. It is also mentioned that he flushed Bun-Bun down the toilet.

However, in the "dimension" where the Loud children consist of one girl and ten boys, Luke's shown to be very caring and protective towards his sister, Linka (Lincoln's female counterpart). Luke eventually turns out to be a product of Lincoln's imagination as the whole adventure was revealed to be a dream, and Lincoln wakes up from it at the end of the episode.

Night Club

Luna interpreting Night Club.

In the mini-comic "Deuces Wild!" and its animated adaptation, Luna interprets the superheroine called Night Club, who is also one of Ace Savvy's sidekicks. She uses an electric guitar, that has a club as the head, with which she can produce powerful shock waves, and a jetpack to fly. In the comic, she is summoned by Savvy (played by Lincoln) alongside the rest of Savvy's deck (played by the rest of her sisters) to help him and One-Eyed Jack (played by Clyde) to defeat the gas monster. After they defeat it, they prepared to fight against a garbage monster. This later turned out to all be in Lincoln's mind, and in reality the kids were changing Lily's diaper and taking the trash out.

Night Club made another appearance in "Pulp Friction", in the comic Lincoln was writing for the Ace Savvy contest. In that appearance, she used her loud music to knock back the thugs into a hole dug by the Eight of Spades.

In "Kings of the Con", Luna goes to an Ace Savvy convention cosplaying as the Night Club.

The Night Club wears white face paint with club symbols painted around her eyes. She also wears black gloves, a lilac purple leotard, black tights, boots like Luna's normal ones but higher, and a jetpack. Her name comes from the club suit in a deck of cards, and the fact that she likes to party like one does at a nightclub.


Main article: The Loud Rabbits#Barbara
Guitarist Rabbit.png

Barbara is the one of the rabbit sisters, and the rabbit version of Luna Loud.

Like Luna, she wears purple, but unlike Luna, it's a dress with a dark purple bodice and light purple skirt and collar. Barbara also doesn't wear any earrings, belt, or boots.

Barbara also plays the guitar like Luna, although she plays an acoustic guitar, not an electric one.

The Rock God

Luna Rock God.png

The Rock God is a version of Luna she imagines in the story the Loud siblings were making up in "A Dark and Story Night".

The Rock God looks exactly like Luna, only much larger, with sharper teeth, and wearing a different outfit. Her outfit consists of a Viking's helmet, a nose ring, a black tank top with a pink lightning bolt, a black necklace, a belt with a skull-shaped buckle, a pink skirt, two pink studded bracelets, and a lightning-shaped earring.

As her name suggests, she is a god, and she sits on a pink cloud. Like Luna, the Rock God likes to play the electric guitar, but unlike Luna, she likes to play the strange hybrid instrument that Luan thought up.

In the story, the Rock God was playing guitar but her guitar had one of the shards of the crystal that the protagonists were searching for. DeLola (Lola's alter ego) made a deal with her to trade the guitar for a different instrument, and so they gave her an instrument that was a hybrid of many instruments they found growing on a tree.


"I don't know if I would push it," [Sullivan] added. "We never challenged that and I'm actually glad we didn't because she becomes representative of so many more young people struggling with their identity."

—Abbey White and Kalai Chik, Insider[11]
  • Luna's orientation has not been explicitly described in the show, though she is widely interpreted to be lesbian[12] or bisexual.[13][14] Kevin Sullivan expressed gladness that they didn't use the word "lesbian" to refer to her as the ambiguity resulted in her being "representative of so many more young people struggling with their identity."[11]
  • Luna was named after one of two pet Dachshunds that Chris Savino once owned.
  • According to an interview, she is Chris Savino's favorite character.[15]
  • According to "Luna Loud", Luna was 9 years old when she attended her first Mick Swagger concert.
    • However, in "For Bros About to Rock", she said she was in seventh grade.
    • This, in turn, means she has been a rocker for at least six years.
  • According to some information from The Loud House on Instagram:
    • Nobody knows that she sometimes rocks out to elevator music.
    • If she could go anywhere in the world, it would be top of the music charts.
    • Her biggest pet peeve is people who lip sync on stage.
    • Lincoln likes some of her mix-tapes.
  • Luna sleeps with headphones on while playing loud rock music.[3]
  • Luna's singing gives Lisa tinnitus.[3]
  • Lori, Lincoln, and Lana have occasionally asked Luna for "a little music" depending on the situation, to which she responds by saying "You got it, man/bro/sis! 1, 2, 3!"

Luna censors Lincoln's swearing.

  • In "Get the Message", Luna censors Lincoln and Lori's swearing with her rocking solos.
    • This gag would later return in "Job Insecurity", with Lola's swearing over the phone (to fire Lynn Sr. from his job at the restaurant) censored by Leni's hair dryer.
  • Luna is the sister most frequently seen carrying Lily when all the Loud siblings are together, or on the move, along with Lincoln, Lori, Leni, and Lucy.
  • She often calls her siblings "dude", or sometimes "bro" to Lincoln.
    • She calls her father "pop-star".
  • Luna, along with Lynn, has more than one trophy.[16]
  • Her name is the Latin/Spanish word for "moon" and is also the origin of Latin word "Lunaris" which is where the English word "lunar" comes from.
  • Her amplifier, Sterrett, is named after comic strip artist Cliff Sterrett, the same comic strip artist Cliff is named after.
  • Luna insists on going to her siblings' first concerts, trying to make it a good experience for them, only for her to ruin it. Lincoln's first concert was her first success.[10]
  • Luna's ideal superpower is to be able to play superpower chords.
  • Sometime around Season 3, Luna was given freckles on the other side of her cheek, which had mostly been absent in the previous seasons unless her head was facing directly towards the camera. They were first added in Ruthless People.
  • Luna is strong enough to carry Lynn.[17]
  • Luna is one of three siblings who caused a blackout. She caused one in "A Tattler's Tale", while the other two are Lincoln in "Left in the Dark", and Leni in "Overnight Success".
  • According to episode 20 of the Nick Animation Podcast, Luna's favorite movies are School of Rock and This Is Spinal Tap.[18]
  • Aside from Lola and Luan, Luna also has a diary.
  • When she was one year old, she cried very loudly.[19]
  • She plays laser tag, dislikes farms, and can neither rock-climb, sail, nor bake.[20]
  • She has a secret handshake, but no one is able to get it on the first try.[21]
  • She does not know any sea shanties—the closest song she knows to a sea shanty is "Row, Row, Row Your Boat."[22]
  • She composes a different birthday song for Pop-Pop every year.[23]
  • Her favorite color is purple.[24]
  • Even though she was not a rocker at that age, she still wore skulls on her clothes between ages one[9] and five.[25]
  • When she was in middle school, she wasn't able to handle getting gross meals from the cafeteria for a week so she spent the lunch period eating in the band room.[26]
  • She is capable of doing a voice impression of Mick Swagger.[27]
  • She not only plays the guitar, but she also plays the pipe organ[28] and the bagpipes[25].
  • She is the only main character to be LBGT+. But she's not the only Nicktoon character who is LBGT+.
  • She is the first character to have an episode solely focus on her without Lincoln which was the season 1 episode House Music.
    • Though Lynn Loud was the first Loud sister to appear without Lincoln.



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