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This page shows all of Luna Loud's different attires she has worn throughout the series, excluding her normal outfit.

Various Seasons

Image Episode(s) Description
Luna Nightshirt.png
Various episodes Her sleep attire consists of a nightshirt styled like her usual t-shirt and slippers that match.
Luna's Winter Clothes.png
"Snow Bored", "Homespun", "11 Louds a Leapin'" "Snow Way Out", "A Very Casagrandes Christmas" and "12 Days of Christmas" (short) Her winter attire consists a lilac winter coat, dark purple gloves and a dark purple cap. She also retains her purple boots.
S1E06B Linc takes toothpaste.png
"Space Invader" and "Fed Up" She applies a purple mud mask on her face to make herself beautiful.
Luna’s dress.png
"A Tale of Two Tables" and "Head Poet's Anxiety" In Lincoln's fantasy about being at the grown up table, Luna, like everyone, dresses in fancy attire. Her outfit consisted of a sleeveless dinner gown, dangly white pearl earrings and purple high heel shoes.
Luna's swim attire.png
"Linc or Swim", "Raw Deal", "Tripped!", and "How Double Dare You!" Her swimsuit consists of a one-piece styled after her t-shirt and bikini bottoms styled after her skirt, but with horizontal stripes instead of checkers.
Luna in her robe.png
"One of the Boys", "No Place Like Homeschool", "Racing Hearts", and Guessing Games Luna wears a purple bath gown with a white collar, white handcuffs, and a white belt. She also wears her bedroom slippers.
Luna as the Night Club.png
"Pulp Friction", "Kings of the Con" and "Deuces Wild" (comic and short) She cosplays as "The Night Club" during Lincoln and Clyde's superhero fantasy. Her outfit is based on the playing card of clubs.
Luna wearing a life jacket.png
"Racing Hearts" and "Washed Up" She wears a yellow life jacket.
Luna wearing purple and black headphones.png
"Roadie to Nowhere", "Really Loud Music", "House Flip", "Snoop's On", "Undercover Mom" and "Sibling Speak" (short) She wears purple and black headphones.
Luna's skeleton costume.png
"Tricked!" and The Many Faces of Lincoln Loud Luna wears a black catsuit with painted bones, and her face is painted to look like a human skull, giving her the appearance of a skeleton.
Luna's skeleton costume with a top hat.png
During the song "You Got Tricked", Luna wears a black top hat.
Luna's disguise.png
"Fool Me Twice" and "The Case of the Stolen Drawers" In order to avoid getting pranked by Luan, Luna wears a brown hat, a white mustache, a brown jacket, blue pants and brown cargo boots.


Image Episode(s) Description
Luna's 1940's outfit.png
"The Maltese Bear" She wears a gray hat with a black band, gray buttoned down shirt and black suspenders.
PASII Sock Puppet Luna.png
"Put a Sock in It" She wears a white sock with a purple heel on her hand, that has been made into a puppet of her.

Season One

Image Episode(s) Description
Luna's fine slacks.png
"Making the Case" She switches out her skirt for a pair of fine slacks that her idol Mick Swagger wears. When she does a split while wearing them, she rips them in the bottom area, exposing her underwear.
Luna wearing purple headphones.png
"The Sweet Spot", "Along Came a Sister" and "House Music" She wears purple headphones.
Luna in an udder hat.png
"In Tents Debate" Like Luan, Lynn, Lana and Lisa, she wears an udder hat to represent their choice of Dairyland for their family vacation, and encourage Lincoln to pick it.
S1E07A Luna close up.png
"Picture Perfect" Like the rest of her siblings and the pets, she wears a red sweater for Lincoln's "perfect" picture. She also wears a long haired wig.
Luna wearing a purple shirt with skulls.png
"Linc or Swim" She wears a purple shirt with multiple skulls to go with her swim trunks, sunglasses and a yellow bonnet as she plays on a steel drum.
S1E10A Luna Charles on bike.png
"Hand-Me-Downer" In a flashback where Leni handed her bike down to Luna, who made it into a custom chopper, she wore shades, gloves and a bike helmet with a spike sticking out like a Pickelhaube, a former German military helmet.
S1E11B Sisters in potato sacks.png
"The Green House" Like the rest of her sisters, she ends up wearing a potato sack and bandages, due to Lincoln disposing of all of the laundry.
Mommy Luna.png
"For Bros About to Rock" When Lincoln and Clyde get thrown in the mall's jail, Luna disguises herself as her mother in order to bust them out. However, Bobby easily sees through the disguise and gets her locked up with them.
During Luna's story of how she got into rock and roll, she was a gentle and sweet girly girl. She originally had longer hair that went down to her shoulders, a girlish light purple shirt, white earrings, the same square-patterned skirt, white socks worn high and black Mary Jane shoes.
S1E15A SB animation Leni and Leni (Luna).gif
"Cover Girls" During production, Luna was originally going to dress up as Leni and do the mirror routine with her before it was changed to Luan doing so in the final version.
Luna dressed as Lynn.png
When the kids' grandfather called them on a video chat, Luna disguised herself as Lynn to cover for her.
Luna wearing a red headband and skirt and a yellow shirt.png
"The Loudest Yard" Luna was wearing a headband with black stripes, a yellow sweatshirt with a red neckband and skirt when she plays the national anthem.
S1E21B Girls fishing.png
"Raw Deal" Luna was wearing khaki trousers and black boots while fishing.
S1E23B Luna playing mandolin.png
"A Tattler's Tale" While Lola makes her siblings do favors for her so that she won't spoil their secrets, she dresses up as a medieval minstrel.
Western Luna.png
"Homespun" Luna wears a purple plaid shirt, light purple pants, purple cowboy boots and a tall cowboy hat with a purple band when reenacting the pioneer days.

Season Two

Image Episode(s) Description
Luna wearing a traffic uniform.png
"Brawl in the Family" She wears a microphone and a sleeveless traffic-like uniform over her normal outfit, along with Luan and Lucy.
Luna wearing green gloves.png
"Lock 'n' Loud" When the siblings are making their house safe, she's wearing green gloves to install the barbed wire.
Luna wearing a red jersey.png
"No Such Luck" At Lynn's game, she wears a red jersey.
Luna wearing rectangular sunglasses.png
Luna wears her swimwear from "Linc or Swim", but also has a pair of rectangular sunglasses with purple frames, as well as a brown ukulele.
"Party Down" Luna wears a green and blue party hat.
Nerdy Luna.png
"Job Insecurity" Luna dresses up as a computer nerd to help Mr. Grouse prepare for an IT job interview. She wears a pair of brown dress shoes, blue jeans, brown suspenders, a white dress shirt, a red necktie, a pair of purple semicircular glasses and paper clip earrings.
Luna wearing a yellow traffic vest.png
"Future Tense" Luna wears a yellow traffic vest.
Luna's SMOOCH outfit.png
"Yes Man" Luna wears a SMOOCH outfit.
Luna wearing a brown and yellow party hat.png
"No Spoilers" She wears a brown and yellow party hat.
Baby Luna.png "Not a Loud" Luna, as a baby, was wearing a diaper and a purple t-shirt.

Season Three

Image Episode(s) Description
Luna wearing sunglasses.png
"Tripped!" During the family's song, Luna wears sunglasses.
S3E02B Siblings with sweaters.png
"Insta-gran" Luna wears a pink sweater that says "Life is sweeter with a Gran-Gran".
Luna wearing white gloves.png
"Roadie to Nowhere" Luna wears white gloves while handling a record made of hard candy.
Luna wearing a red Hawaiian shirt.png
She wears a red bowtie, a red Hawaiian shirt with big yellow flowers and a black skirt.
Luna's Marching Band Outfit.png
"The Mad Scientist" During Lisa's video chat with her parents, Luna walks behind them dressed in a blue marching band outfit while banging a large bass drum.
Luna's homemade armour.png
"Sitting Bull" She wears a red and white headband, football shoulders pads and blue gloves.
Luna's dapper outfit.png
"Really Loud Music" Luna wears a black, red and yellow jacket with a white shirt, black pants, a black and red hat and a pair of sunglasses.
Luna wearing a light cyan dance bodysuit.png
She wears a light cyan dance bodysuit.
Luna wearing a French violet ballet skirt.png
She wears a French violet ballet skirt, tank top, red lipstick, black circles surrounding her eyes and black rock bandana.
Luna as Lulu.png
Luna wears a pink wig, light purple eye shadow, pinkish red lipstick, white heart shaped earrings, a sparkly pink dress, gold bracelets and white go-go boots with pink hearts.
S03E20A Boo!.png
"Jeers for Fears" She and Lincoln's other sisters (except Lori) wear a hooded cloak.
Laser tag Luna.png
"Racing Hearts" She wears a laser tag outfit.
Luna wearing a rock climbing harness and helmet.png
She wears a rock climbing harness and helmet.
Luna wearing a hard hat.png
"Cooked!" Luna wears a hardhat during construction of Lynn's Table.

Season Four

Image Episode(s) Description
Luna with a triangle on her shirt.png
"Any Given Sundae" In Lily's imagination, Luna wears a shirt like her usual one but with a white circle with a pink triangle on it instead of a skull. She also wears a black belt instead of her usual one, wears only one bracelet and wears a safety pin instead of a paper clip for her earring.
Luna's perfect children attire.png
"Write and Wrong" While helping Rita by acting 'perfect', Luna wears a light blue button-up shirt with a white collar, blue shorts, a black belt, knee-high socks and black sneakers.
Luna wearing safety goggles.png
"Purrfect Gig" Luna wears safety goggles while bathing the McBride cats.
Skits Luan & Luna.png
"House Flip" Luna's outfit during Flip's comedy is shown to be a light purple shirt with a torn piece on the upper right side, a small part of a black bra being exposed, and a purple plaid jacket tied around her waist. She still retains her purple boots and paperclip earrings, but now wears a dark gray beanie.
Luna Loud get a tatto.png
"Snoop's On" In a small fantasy, Luna is seen with her normal clothes but with her left boot removed, revealing it to be light purple sock with dark patch on the toes when she wrote in her diary that she got a tattoo. The tattoo she has is shown to be a flaming skull.
Luna wearing a purple helmet.png
She wears a purple bike helmet.

Season Five

Image Episode(s) Description
S5E6B Band Together panorama 3.png
"Band Together" She dresses up as Tippy the Cow.
Luna's waitress outfit.png
"Much Ado About Noshing" She wears a black bowtie, a white shirt, a black dress, and boots like her usual ones but black.
Luna wearing a long sleeve jacket and pants.png
"Dad Reputation" She wears a orange long sleeve jacket with long sleeve pants, a yellow sweater and black shoes.
Luna wearing bandages on her hands.png
She wears bandages on her hands to fake an injury.
Luna's face paint with her lips bleeding.png
She gets her face painted white with fake blood running down her face, starting from her lips.
Luna wearing a boa.png
She wears a pink boa.
Luna wearing a pizza delivery hat.png
"In the Mick of Time" She wears a pizza deliver hat.
Luna wearing Mick Swagger's clothes without the jacket.png
Luna wears Mick Swagger's clothing, but without the jacket.
Luna as Mick Swagger.png
Luna fully disguises herself as Mick Swagger.
Luna wearing Mick Swagger's clothes.png
Luna wears Mick Swagger's full attire without a wig.

Other media

Image Episode(s) Description
Luna's summer outfit.jpg
"There Will Be Chaos" Luna was trying on outfits in her room. She tried a summer outfit which consisted of red sunglasses, a pink T-shirt, a yellow short-sleeved jacket with pink flowers, orange frilly shorts, and black flip-flops.
Luna's green winter outfit.jpg
Then, she tried a winter outfit which consisted of a red beanie, a slightly different earring, a seafoam green scarf, a green jacket, a dark green skirt, seafoam green leggings, white socks, and boots like her usual ones but green.
Luna wearing spring boots.jpg
Then, she tried on pink tights with yellow boots that had springs on the soles.
Luna wearing a shredded purple dress.png
Luna came to the concert in a purple dress that was damaged by Lori and Leni.
Just a Phase Luna.png
"Live Life Loud!" In "It's Just a Phase", Luna is seen as a one-year-old wearing bracelets like her usual ones, plus a shirt that looks like her regular one but with a smooth neckline and it's a T-shirt rather than a tank top.
Luna's Ugly sweater.jpg Ugly Sweater Guide She wears a purple sweater with patterns of bells on the front and sleeves, musical notes embroidered on the collar and hem, and a red button with a white arrow that plays Christmas carols and is marked "Carol Button" in red letters.
Pug Luna.jpg
The Pug House Luna is shown as a dog, wearing a purple shirt and a matching collar, with a house-shaped name tag.
Luna's Coach Rockowski disguise.jpg
"The Case of the Stolen Drawers" When disguised as "Coach Rockowski" in Lincoln's dream, she wears a cap, a hoodie, pants, sneakers, and a fake moustache.
Luna wearing a purple hat with a pink band and pink feathers.png
"Lucy Rolls the Dice" She wears a purple hat with a pink band and pink feathers, a purple tunic with pink cuffs and a fluffy green neck, and a pair of boots slightly different from her usual pair.
Luna wearing purple headphones and darker purple sunglasses.png
"Ultimate Hangout" She wears purple headphones and darker purple sunglasses.
Ninja Luna.jpg
"The Many Faces of Lincoln Loud" She wears a light purple headband with lilac stars, a matching mask, pants, and gloves, a shirt like her usual one but longer and without the skull, purple star-shaped earrings, dark purple flats, and fishnets on her ankles and arms.
Luna wearing a purple shirt and a diaper.png
The Loud House Movie In a flashback, she wears a diaper and a purple T-shirt.
Luna wearing a purple t-shirt.png
In another flashback, she wears boots like her usual ones and a matching dress.
Luna wearing a purple shirt, boots with purple shorts.png
In a third flashback, she wears a shirt and boots like her usual one, but with purple shorts instead of a skirt.
Luna wearing a purple hat and sunglasses.png
She wears a purple hat and sunglasses.
Luna wearing a pink tartan sash.png
She wears a tartan sash.
Luna wearing colored gloves.png
"Winter Special" She wears one red glove and one pink glove.
Luna christmas.png
A Loud House Christmas During the Christmas concert, she wears a black shirt, a purple tartan shirt over it, black ripped jeans, and black shoes.
Luna pajama.png
A Loud House Christmas She wears a long red T-shirt dress with a skull wearing a green Santa hat, and green-and-white striped socks.
Luna wearing a polo.jpg
"Love Out Loud" She wears a lilac purple polo.
Luna wearing a towel and bathrobe.jpg
She wears her bathrobe and slippers, and also a white towel on her head.

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