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Lynn's Friend is a minor character and one of Lynn's friends that first appeared in the episode "Overnight Success".


Lynn's Friend first appears in the episode "Overnight Success", where she was a part of Lynn's sleepover. She was jumping on the couch while Lynn was dribbling her soccer ball.

She appeared as a cameo in "Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru", where she was looking at Lincoln when Mrs. Johnson said that Lincoln giving advice as "The Girl Guru" was a great idea. She was at elementary school despite going to middle school already.

She appeared as a cameo once again in "Mall of Duty", where she was waiting for Rip Hardcore to sign her autograph.

She appeared as a cameo once again in "Rita Her Rights", where she was at the front of the middle school when Lynn got a banana peel by accident.


She has long brunette hair, and freckles. She wears a purple jersey and shorts, a backwards yellow cap, high gray socks, and black shoes with white stripes similar to Lynn's.


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