Lynn's Table is a restaurant located in Royal Woods. The restaurant is owned by Lynn Sr. and first appeared in "Cooked!"


This restaurant was first seen in "Cooked!" where it used to be a restaurant called Something Fishy before it shut down. Lynn Sr. bought the building and his family helped renovate it. After doing various things that included trying the food and hiring Kotaro and Grant, the Loud family works on their promotion. After the kids couldn't agree on the promotion, Lincoln and Clyde went ahead with the commercial promotion that showed how hard it is to get a group dinner at Jean Juan's French Mex, Aloha Comrade, Giovanni Changs Italian Chinese Bistro, and Banger's & Mosh. With help from Patchy Drizzle, they got the commercial on the air which attracted a lot of customers. Then, Lincoln's sisters initiated their promotions that started to overwhelm Lynn Sr. until he called a meeting with his children. After Lynn Sr. was accidentally knocked out by Leni, the kids, Rita, Kotaro, and Grant worked together to cancel the other promotions and give everyone their dinners. Lucy arrived having her promotion that involves Lynn Sr. being interviewed by Katherine Mulligan. As Lynn Sr. is still unconscious, Lincoln and his family had to operate Lynn Sr. like a marionette to give positive responses to Katherine.


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