This page describes all of Lynn Loud's relationships with her family and friends.


Her siblings


S2E19B Lynn celebrates her apology

Lynn celebrating with her siblings.

Lynn Jr. shows her love for her siblings with roughhousing and physical competition, so they can't help but take this very hard, physically, for the most part, but show her their love back in gentler ways. She considers them the best sport team of all. If one of her siblings fought back against her she would take this positively, as shown in "Space Invader", as this could either be that she denies her rough play is harsh, or that she really just wants someone who will fight back against her.

In "Lynner Takes All", her siblings become tired of her poor sportsmanship in board games and work to together to take her down. After they managed to beat her in the game of "The Settlers of Cat-Land", she goes on a competitive streak and obnoxiously gloats doing everything better than them. When they hold a rematch and plan to throw the game to get her to stop, Leni takes the phrase very literally, and tosses the game board out the window. Her siblings then reveal that she lost because they all teamed up against her, because they couldn't take anymore of her gloating after 300 wins. Lynn apologizes for being a sore loser and bad winner, and promises to be a better sport, which she manages to show by not gloating in their faces after winning a card game, but does her gloating outside on the driveway.

In "Sitting Bull", the older sisters reluctantly invite Lynn into their babysitting club and kick her out after her rough treatment of the McCauley kids causes their parents to fire all of them. Lynn stole customers from them in retaliation, causing the sisters to lose even more customers. In order to get Lynn to stop, the older sisters pair her with the Fox quintuplets, the hardest kids to babysit; however, when they worry about Lynn and try to save her, they notice that she has succeeded with flying colors. Lynn apologizes for trying to steal their customers and manages to convince the families who had fired the Loud family earlier to rehire her older sisters.


S3E19B The advice has been kicking in

Lynn and Lincoln eating subs together.

Lynn and Lincoln's relationship is somewhat complicated. When they appear together, she is usually making him play a sport with her, whether he wants to or not. She likely picks him as her sparring partner because he's the closest to her in strength and age. At times, she goes too far with her roughhousing or pranks. Despite this, the two share a solid sibling love. Because of her strength and attitude, she is the ideal person to help Lincoln defend himself against real bullies. When Lincoln is being bullied, Lynn is the perfect one to rush to his aid and train him against them. She also disliked Lincoln's disgusting habit.

In "Heavy Meddle", Lynn tries to teach Lincoln how to fight a bully by practising fighting moves on him.

In "Making the Case", she prepared to beat Lincoln up for uploading videos involving her and their sisters. However this changed after Lincoln embarrassed himself to fix his relationship with his sisters including Lynn.

In "No Guts, No Glori", he is annoyed by her riding her dirt bike inside.

She constantly roughhouses with him, thinking it as playful, like in "The Sweet Spot", and often doesn't stop to acknowledge when this leaves him wounded at the price of her amusement. She even threatened to bruise him.

In "A Tale of Two Tables", she's the first of Lincoln's older sisters to leave the grownup table and ask him if she can join him and their younger sisters at the kiddie table.

In "Space Invader", after Lucy kicks her out of the room, she went straight to Lincoln's room hoping that he'd let her stay with him. This shows that she sees Lincoln as someone she can rely on. Although; in the same episode, she forced him to play "Lucha Libre" with her, pulled gross pranks on him and loudly snored while he tried to sleep. In an attempt to make her leave his room, Lincoln replicates her obnoxious behavior. However; instead of getting upset, she claims that he is the best roommate ever. She also complimented him for doing a perfect impersonation of Lucy and gave him a big hug as a reward for amusing her.

In "Changing the Baby", he asked her to join him in comic reading, she told him she doesn't like comics and made him a prank with her basketball.

In "Along Came a Sister", Lincoln tells Lynn to freeze and she thinks they're playing freeze tag.

In "Cover Girls", Lynn and the other sisters helped Lincoln get into his room undetected by their parents. Lynn was sad when Lincoln got injured by hitting himself on a wall, trying to get into his room. She was the first sister to ask him for cover and he immediately agreed.

In "Attention Deficit", she was the first to ask him if she can join him to stay with Clyde's dads and he agrees.

In "April Fools Rules", Lynn showed concern for Lincoln's safety, as she told him to join the rest of the sisters in his room far from Luan's jokes. He chooses to risk his safety for Ronnie Anne's sake.

In "The Loudest Yard", Lincoln was assigned by their mom to a football team and Lynn offered him to teach him how to play. She tried to train him but it was hard due to his laziness, much to her annoyance. Later Lynn agreed to impersonate Lincoln during his football matches. When Lynn got hurt during the second half of the game, Lincoln expressed his concern by asking Lynn if she was okay, which she replied that she was fine, but may have sprained her ankle.

In "Cheater by the Dozen", Lynn pulls Lincoln by the shirt which forces him to tell their other sisters (minus Lori) that Bobby's cheating on Lori.

In "Lock 'n' Loud", Lincoln and Lynn both threw congealed bacon grease on the "burglar".

In "The Whole Picture", it was revealed she and Lincoln used to take baths together.

In "No Such Luck", she states that Lincoln is bad luck after she loses her baseball game and tells their other sisters not to invite him to their activities. However, when Lincoln disguised himself as the squirrel mascot and revealed himself to his family when Lynn won her game, Lynn stated Lincoln was right about not being bad luck and she apologized to Lincoln as their family came to do the same.

In "Future Tense", Lincoln and Lynn teamed up to go from house to house to ask people for voting.

In "No Spoilers", Lincoln tells Lynn that her subs are too spicy and Lynn tells Lincoln not to criticize her job when he could barely do his. They both agree that Leni may ruin the surprises, but she knows how to throw the parties.

In "White Hare", Lynn tells Lincoln that he is tough.

In "Insta-gran", they worked together to retrieve the fake photo of Myrtle and Seymour that was planted in Pop-Pop's room, but they arrived too late and had to stop him from chasing Seymour around the pool.

In "Sitting Bull", every time Lincoln wanted to join the babysitting club, Lynn won't let him.

In "Middle Men", Lynn gives Lincoln alongside Clyde some questionable advice for Middle School. After her advice lead them into trouble, Lincoln scolds her for this. Lynn reveals that she was only trying to prevent them from having a horrible first year experience like she did. She offered to take those troubles she caused on herself, but Lincoln rejected her offer, because he wanted to take responsibility for his actions.

In "Hero Today, Gone Tomorrow", Lynn got jealous of Lincoln because he was amazed at a video that featured her best friend, Margo, took the winning kick from their team instead of Lynn.

In "Cooked!", Lynn disagrees with Lincoln's idea to put up a commercial for their dad's restaurant.

In "Living Loud: Lincoln's List", he returns her sports balls for her.

In the "Vanzilla Seating Guide", Lynn is disallowed from sitting next to Lincoln due to her "Auto Attack" game.

In "Dairyland Amoosement Park (game)", she controls the bucking bronco ride that Lincoln rides on.

In Lincoln's episode of Listen Out Loud, he suspects Lynn of stealing his hammock. It turns out that she didn't and it was in fact Mr. Grouse.

In Living Loud: Surprise Party, Lynn tells Lincoln to turn on the pipes in their dad's restaurant.

In "Kings of the Con", Lincoln plays a strength game at the Ace Savvy convention and fails at it. Lynn tries it herself to make it up to him and beats it easily.

In "Write and Wrong", the two were playing catch with a burrito. When Lynn threw the burrito to Lincoln, he caught the burrito but the stuffing on the burrito hits his face.

In "On Thin Ice", Lincoln was one of the siblings, along with Luan, who got forced by their dad to join Lynn in a hockey game while doing her rituals for a chance of good luck to make the team win. Lynn also managed to share her jersey with Lincoln first, (just like in the episode "Potty Mouth" with Lori and Leni and Lincoln with Lily), then with Luan and Lynn Sr.

In "Wheel and Deal", Lynn cheers on Lincoln, as well as Lana, as they drive to the starting line at the soapbox derby, and when Chandler mocks their homemade car, Lynn defends them, claiming they will "eat your dust."

In "A Dark and Story Night", In the story, Lincoln gave his 'shoelaces' to Lynn as a replacement to the crystals.

One of the Lincoln Vlogs involves the question of whether Lynn forces Lincoln to play sports.


S2E09B Bouncy ball race

Lori and Lynn bouncing together.

They don't have many interactions, but they do get along with each other as sisters. Like her other siblings, she hates when Lori is bossy, overbearing, and controlling, as shown in "No Guts, No Glori", and Lori doesn't like Lynn's wild behavior.

In "Driving Miss Hazy", to get Lori to drive her to places the former wanted to go to, Lynn had to sand Lori's calluses and give pedicures, which she has great disdain for.

In "A Tale of Two Tables", they both sat at the grownup table.

In "One Flu Over the Loud House", Lori accidentally gives Lynn the flu by sneezing on her basketball.

In "Cheater by the Dozen", it's revealed that Lori once beat Lynn with a loaf of bread for assuming they were out of bread, when there was still a loaf of bread in the house.

In "Party Down", Lori joined Lynn in her bouncing ball race.

In "Driving Ambition", while practicing for an important golf match, Lynn helps her with her sweaty palm issue by telling her how she went through the same thing when it was up to her to shoot the winning dunk at a basketball game, but used talcum powder to dry her hands and was able to win the game. Lori was then given a bottle of talcum powder to hold her golf cubs properly.

In "Lynner Takes All", Lori was tired of Lynn bragging about her getting first place, and wanted to go "anywhere where she could get away from Lynn".

In Welcome to the Loud House, Lynn is one of two siblings not to do anything with Lori's phone, the other being Lucy.

In Dairyland Amoosement Park (game), they ride the Teacups together.

In Lori's Listen Out Loud podcast, it's revealed that Lynn (and Luan) set Lori up with Bobby.

In Lynn's Listen Out Loud podcast, Lynn determines she doesn't run her fastest unless she is being chased, so she got Lori to chase her by taking her phone.


S2E14B Lynn and Leni confused

Lynn and Leni talking in unison.

They don't have many interactions, but they do get along with each other.

In "A Tale of Two Tables", they both sat at the grownup table.

In "No Such Luck", Lynn prevents Leni from being affected by Lincoln's "bad luck".

In "Room with a Feud", they become roommates, and get along relatively well. Lynn used Leni as a weight lift, and this helps the latter decorate the ceiling.

In "Lynner Takes All", Lynn cut Leni past the stairs in order to beat her to the top, following her loss in The Settlers of Cat-Land, which Leni literally threw out the window in the rematch due to the family's plan to "throw the game".

In "Selfie Improvement", Leni is seen playing baseball with Lynn.

In "Good Sports", Lynn tried to convience Leni to watch rugby match with her, but Leni declined, because she didn't like outfits of the players.

In Welcome to the Loud House, Lynn wads up Leni's driving outfit and kicks it around.


S1E16A Luna asks to jam with Clyde's dads

Luna conversing with Lynn and Lincoln.

They don't have much interactions, but they seem to get along very well.

In "Chore and Peace", Luna vacuumed the hairy footbag that Lynn was trapped in, thus setting her free.

In "A Tale of Two Tables", they both sat at the grownup table.

In "Linc or Swim", Luna carried Lynn on her back because they participated in "chicken fights" and they both played with a beach ball as well.

In "In Tents Debate", they both wanted to go to Dairyland, and tried to get Lincoln to vote for it.

In "Cover Girls", she dresses up like Lynn at one point.

In "House Music", Luna helped Lynn getting her tuba to work by getting Geo unstuck.

In "A Tattler's Tale", Lynn and Luna are seen talking with each other as the siblings leave Lola and Lana's room.

In "Homespun", Lynn and Luna are seen to embrace each other as the Loud family accepts their home for the way it is.

In "No Such Luck", when Lynn loses her first game, Luna can be heard saying "Don't worry about it, sis!".

In Lynner Takes All, she tells her she was fed up with her being a bad winner.

In "Fool's Paradise", after Luna fell through the motel floor and into a huge gelatin, Lynn tried to help pull her out with her foot, but couldn't since her hands were covered in gelatin and sinks inside it.

In "Health Kicked", Luna allowed Lana and Lynn to hang onto her while she, and her other siblings, hold onto a hanging beam with their parents at the "Royal Woods Ultra Extreme Ninja Competition".

In "Present Tense", Luna said that she found a tie for their dad as a gift for his birthday, but Lynn told him that she got the exact tie that Luna chose for Father's Day.

In "Good Sports", Lynn tried to convince Luna to watch rugby match with her, but Luna declined.

In Thanksgiving Seating Arrangement Trouble, they sit next to each other because they're both energetic.

In Lynn's instalment of Listen Out Loud, she exercises by literally holding Luna and Luan (who were arguing) apart.


S1E23B Luan likes what Lynn did there

Luan is the only one who liked Lynn's little joke.

They don't have many interactions, but they do get along with each other.

In "A Tale of Two Tables", they both sat at the grownup table.

In "Linc or Swim", Lynn hits Luan with a pool noodle due to not liking her joke.

In "In Tents Debate", they both preferred Dairyland over Aloha Beach because both are tomboys.

In "Chore and Peace", Lynn, along with Luan and Lucy, washed the dishes.

In "Cover Girls", they both cooperated in preparing land zone with pillows for Lincoln.

In "A Tattler's Tale", Luan is the only one who applauds Lynn's little joke about saying "that is juicy" when she is referring to a burger she's eating, and then saying that Lincoln got some good dirt on Lola after.

In "Funny Business", Luan revealed she asked Lynn to be her clown assistant, but the latter failed due to throwing a watermelon hard at the former.

In "A Fridge Too Far", Luan mentioned smashing a pie in Lynn's face, which Lola had been saving.

In "A Pimple Plan", Lynn 'helped' Luan get rid of her pimple by sweating, but the pimple got bigger.

In "On Thin Ice", Luan, along with her brother Lincoln, are chosen, mainly forced, by their dad to watch a hockey game with Lynn Jr. and do her 'good luck' rituals.

In Lynn's instalment of Listen Out Loud, she exercises by literally holding Luna and Luan (who were arguing) apart. In Luan's instalment, she pranks Lynn by putting itching powder in her shoes, replacing her rash cream with glue, and installing a trip rope. In Lori's instalment, Lynn and Luan worked together to set Lori up with Bobby.


S1E06B Lynn Lucy hug

Lucy and Lynn reconciling.

Despite them having very different personalities, Lynn being energetic and joyful, and Lucy being dark and depressed, they still get along and love each other mutually.

The conflict in "Space Invader", is Lynn getting tired of Lucy's sighing and constant apathy. But she still enjoys her poems and presence, and Lucy also enjoys Lynn's presence. At the end of the episode, Lincoln succeeds to reconcile them as they hugged, but due to the food fight they had in their room, the girls can't sleep there that night. They go to sleep with Lincoln in his room.

In "Sleuth or Consequences", Lucy describes Lynn's subs as being bad for the digestive system.

In "It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud, House", they worked together to find the money.

In "11 Louds a Leapin'", they worked together to find Christmas gifts.

In "Brawl in the Family", Lucy gets mad at Lynn for slacking off (Lynn was eating pizza instead of doing her task). This caused Lynn to get mad and annoyed at Lucy's negativity.

In "Back in Black", Lynn and the other sisters attempt to make Lucy pretty for Rocky. Lynn also suggested that Lucy should mention sports as boys like that. However, things didn't go quite well for Lucy, but Lynn and the other sisters still love Lucy as they point out that Lucy is already perfect the way she is.

In "Vantastic Voyage", they worked together by cooking for their dad.

In "Garage Banned", Lucy and Lynn were physically fighting because of the latter breaking Edwin's fangs.

In "Really Loud Music", after Lynn's song, they got into a fight after Lynn broke Edwin's nose.

In "No End in Bite", Lynn uses a page out of Lucy's book as a diaper for Lily because they were out of diapers. Later, she tells Lucy to change Lily's next diaper.

In "Singled Out", Lucy comforts Lynn after hearing she feels like a third wheel.

In "A Dark and Story Night" during playing a story telling game, Lynn chooses Lucy as next to tell what happens next.

In Welcome to the Loud House, she's Lucy's only literate sibling not to read the poetry book, instead kicking it away.


S4E16B Lana asks Lynn to keep her pumped up

Lana asking Lynn to help her out.

Though they may not have had full interactions in the series they both seem to enjoy each other's company due to their tomboyish natures and rugged personalities.

In "In Tents Debate", they both want to go to Dairyland and try to get Lincoln to vote for it.

They both love to pretend fight on pool noodles in "Linc or Swim".

They are seen pillow fighting each other in "A Tattler's Tale".

In "Funny Business", Lana was going to play football with Lynn, and they laughed at Lincoln's pratfall.

In "One Flu Over the Loud House", Lynn accidentally gives Lana the flu when she drinks out of the carton, then Lana drinks the same juice.

In "Suite and Sour", she and Lana have an elevator race, which they both lost and ended up stuck inside the elevators until they were able to get out. Lana also helped Lynn out when she broke the shower.

In "Room with a Feud", Lana and Lynn become roommates and they get along okay. But eventually, they start fighting because Lana left her rattle snake on Lynn's lucky jersey. By the end of the episode, Lynn and Lana are revealed to have been the ones who moved Lincoln's bed back into his room as both of them are shown to be exhausted.

In "Change of Heart", Lynn and Lana were playing with a frisbee together.

In "Friendzy", Lynn and Lana were about to play badminton until Lincoln uses his special friend privileges.

In "Really Loud Music", they both worked together to prevent Michelle and Doug from sabotaging Luna's performance.

In "Tea Tale Heart," Lana sees Lucy's doll when she enters Lynn and Lucy's room while training the animals. Lynn tells her that the doll belongs to Lucy, not Lola. Lana says that she kept seeing the doll at some of her favorite locations like the crawlspace, Charles' doghouse, the dump, and Tall Timbers Pond, and kept bringing it back to Lola. Lynn and Lana postulate how the doll got to those places.

In "Game Off," Lana asks Lynn to keep her energetic. Lynn does so throughout the episode after agreeing to help her out.

In "Wheel and Deal", Lynn cheers on Lana, as well as Lincoln, as they drive to the starting line at the soapbox derby, and when Chandler mocks their homemade car, Lynn defends them, claiming they will "eat your dust."


S2E21B Lynn and Lola making the food

Lynn and Lola working on party food.

They don't have many interactions but they do get along as sisters. Like all their siblings, Lynn is scared of Lola's anger and Lola doesn't like Lynn's wild behavior.

In "A Tattler's Tale", Lola blackmailed Lynn to make her paint her toenails and wear clothes of a maiden much to the latter's annoyance.

In "The Loudest Yard", she prevents Lola from beating up Lincoln.

In "Lock 'n' Loud", Lynn trained Lola in karate to attack a burglar. Lynn motivated her by giving her a hypothetical situation of a stolen tiara.

In "Job Insecurity", Lynn and Lola hug after finding out that their father's application had been accepted.

In "No Spoilers", they were in charge of making snacks for their Mom's birthday.

In "Head Poet's Anxiety", Lola uses Lynn in an insult, namely she tells Lucy that she's more moved by Lynn's farts than Lucy's poetry, which Lynn took as a compliment.

In "Present Tense", Lynn complimented Lola that she's up her game in rhinestones by putting in the scrapbook for their dad during his birthday.

In "Good Sports", Lynn tried to convince Lola to watch rugby match with her, but Lola declined and wasn't even interested in Lynn's encouraging speech.

In "House Flip", she and Lola helped carry the food that Flip wanted, they then got angry smiles because they forgot a fresh squeezed papaya juice.

In Lola's Listen Out Loud episode, she reveals that Lynn clogged the toilet eleven times in a week, making Lynn mad.

In Welcome to the Loud House, Lynn kicks Lola's flowers away.


S2E03B Lisa snaps

Lisa yelling at Lynn.

They haven't yet spoke to each other on-screen until "Lynner Takes All", but it is shown in "Butterfly Effect" that she tutors Lynn for geology and possibly more subjects so she can get good grades and stay on her sports teams.

In "Heavy Meddle", when Lisa couldn't store Lincoln's secret that he was being picked on at school in her brain, she told Lynn who told everyone else and claimed Lynn's brain had plenty of room. Lynn thought it was a compliment at first, but then realized what her genius sister meant.

In "In Tents Debate", they both want to go to Dairyland for their family vacation and try to get Lincoln to vote for their side.

In "Brawl in the Family", Lincoln reveals that Lynn hates it when Lisa spits while she speaks.

In "Lynner Takes All", when Lynn loses The Settlers of Cat-Land to her siblings, she tells Lisa to recount the score, but she says that she does not make errors. At the end of the episode, Lisa and the siblings forgive Lynn after she promises to work hard and try not to gloat.

In "Really Loud Music", Lisa tells Lynn during her song "Get Pumped" that she thinks Lynn spelled trophy wrong.

In "The Mad Scientist", Lynn says, "Boom!" after farting, grossing Lisa out. Later, when Lisa goes to the establishment, Lynn thinks of moving into her and Lily's room, but changes her mind because she doesn't want to bunk with Lily.

In Last Loud on Earth, she tells her the password is her birthday.

In Living Loud: Summer School, Lisa reveals to Lincoln that she knows about Lynn's habit of running things up flagpoles, but doesn't want to share how she found out.

In Lisa's Listen Out Loud podcast, when Lisa says, "Hit me!", Lynn takes it literally.


S2E19B Lynn stacks more than Lily

Lynn and Lily stacking blocks.

She and Lynn have a good relationship.

In "Changing the Baby", Lynn tries to implement her sport interests on Lily, and make her a playing partner, because she had nobody that shared her likes.

In "In Tents Debate", Lynn plays with her while they discuss their dislike toward Scratchy Bottom Campgrounds.

In "Potty Mouth", Lynn accidentally swears in front of Lily.

In "Lynner Takes All", Lily is stacking blocks, and Lynn turns it into a competition and stacks more blocks higher.

In "The Crying Dame", when Lily is sad, Lynn tries to cheer her up by playing catch.

In "Sitting Bull", Lynn nearly hurts Lily but is saved by Charles.

In "The Mad Scientist", Lynn does not like the idea of bunking with Lily, so Lily blows a raspberry at her and says, "Poo-poo!".

In "Any Given Sundae", Lynn plays with a football on top of the stairs and Lily worries that she will accidentally hit Rita, who will then declare, "No more ice cream!". She uses a boxing glove to launch herself onto Lynn, knocking her down, but Lynn doesn't mind, being more concerned about the fumble.

In "No End in Bite", Lynn changes Lily's diaper, using a page out of Lucy's book as they had run out of diapers.


S2E18B Lynn adjusting her helmet

Lynn about to rock climb with her parents.

Lynn gets along pretty well with her parents.

In "A Tale of Two Tables", she sat at the grownup table with them.

In "No Such Luck", she made them to shun Lincoln due to believing that he had bad luck.

In "Health Kicked", they go rock climbing together to get some exercise.

In "Future Tense", her parents drop her off at a learning center in order for her to become more academic.

In "Pipe Dreams", her parents asks if they can cut in line for the bathroom due to the fact that they were in a hurry.

Lynn Sr.

S03E23A Workout

Lynn Sr. and Lynn Jr. working out.

They both love sports, and Lynn is also named after her father.

In "Overnight Success", he yells at her after she breaks numerous things around the house.

In "Attention Deficit", he goes outside to play baseball with her.

In "Yes Man", she plays a game of basketball with him, and after making a bet, she makes enough baskets to beat him at the game, and he is left lying on the floor after tripping over the ball.

In "Anti-Social", she plays a game of hockey with him after she and her siblings convince him not to be so addicted to his electronic devices.

In "Tripped!", he and Lynn Jr. teamed to race up with the cherry farmer Jerry Kling.

In "Home of the Fave", he works out with her, and they also play a couple of sports together.

In "On Thin Ice", he volunteered to watch a hockey game with her, along with Lincoln and Luan by force, and do all the 'good luck' rituals during the game.


S2E15B Rita boxing

Rita boxing to support Lynn.

In "The Loudest Yard", Rita was angry with Lynn because she pretended to be Lincoln.

In "Spell It Out", Rita tries to comfort Lynn after she gets kicked out of the canoe rowing team.



S1E09A Clyde and Lynn kicking the hackysack

Clyde joins Lynn for a game of hackysack.

Clyde and Lynn have a good relationship. In "Making the Case", Clyde was worried about Lynn accidentally stepping on the rake behind her, which resulted in a series of escalating mishaps.

In "Overnight Success", when Lynn offers Clyde to play with her in a simple game of hackysack, he enthusiastically accepts it and plays with her.

In "Intern for the Worse", Clyde agrees to give snacks to Lynn and her team.


S3E23B Body slam

Lynn and Margo doing a body slam.

Margo is one of Lynn's best friends. They play together in the roller derby and baseball teams. They have a friendly relationship, but Lynn is so superstitious, she doesn't allow Margo to go to the toilet before the end of their plays as shown in "Intern for the Worse". Margo is close enough to Lynn to protect her home from burglars.

In "Friend or Faux?", they were practicing hockey together.

In "Friendzy", Margo is among the friends that Lynn has over.

In "Hero Today, Gone Tomorrow", Margo is hailed as a star after scoring the winning goal at a soccer game and while Lynn tries to be supportive, she becomes increasingly jealous of all the praise she is receiving. In attempt to get back in the spotlight, Lynn wins the next game by head-butting the ball into the goal just before Margo gets a chance to kick it. However, this causes a strain in their friendship when Margo avoids her throughout the day. Even lashes out at her by saying that while she didn't mind being in Lynn's shadow, Lynn herself couldn't stand being in someone else's shadow, not even for a friend. During the next game, Lynn apologizes to her friend for her behavior, saying that she should've been supportive instead of getting jealous. Margo accepts the apology, and the two go back and forth on who should make the winning goal before Paula suddenly kicks the ball into the goal, thus giving Paula all the attention.

Polly Pain

Polly and Lynn are good friends, as both are energetic sport enthusiasts, and Roller Derby team members.

In "Dance, Dance Resolution", Lynn asked Polly to go on a date with Lincoln at the school's Sadie Hawkins dance.


S2E12B Lynn and Francisco

Lynn and Francisco shaking hands after a game.

Francisco is Lynn's love interest. He plays for another softball team.

He and Lynn shook hands (which they spat on first base) to congratulate each other for a good game. When Lynn thinks Francisco sent her a love letter, she first tries to go easy on him in the next game by giving him a walk. Then, she offers him her lucky jock strap, which she flings over his face, disabling his vision. Finally, she sneaks a love note under his helmet before the next game.

According Lynn to "Singled Out", she was never in love with him, she only was delusional due to dehydration.


Lynn seems to be on good terms with Charles.

In her Listen Out Loud episode, she takes him for a walk.

In "Any Given Sundae", Charles catches Lynn's football.

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