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"Lynn Loud" is the eighth episode of Listen Out Loud.


Lynn demonstrates how to get in a great at-home workout using her big family.


Lynn introduces herself as she starts her podcast, which is all about having a kick-butt at-home workout. She opts to do these at-home workouts because gym memberships are "expensive" and because she got banned from all the gyms throughout Royal Woods for eating spicy subs inside saunas.

  • She begins the session with intense running, using Lori as the demonstration; taking Lori's phone while she's talking with Bobby, Lynn bolts throughout the house as Lori fails to catch her. After a frantic chase and five laps later, Lynn gives Lori her sweat-covered phone back.
  • After a light jog, Lynn starts to play racquetball... in the house, and next to Lisa's room, where the ball is headed towards; the ball destroys her lab.
  • Now she does push-ups with the dining room table, which Rita happens to be occupying, then for her sit-ups, she uses the bickering Luna and Luan. The two roommates crash in opposite directions.
  • To work on her jump distance, Lynn jumps on Lucy's coffin, which Lucy is occupying this very moment.
  • To teach the listeners on how to get definition in their arms, Lynn goes to the kitchen and takes some cans of sparkling water. She then curls them; she then gives Lincoln the curled cans as they spray him in the face.

She is about to turn the living room into a steam room, but everyone else stops her before she is able to, calling her at-home workouts an "annoyance". Lynn now realizes that the workouts she did were disruptive to her family and turns to doing chores to work out instead. Soon after she finishes all of the chores, she goes for a can of sparkling water... a curled can of sparkling water, which sprays her in the face as it did with Lincoln earlier.



  • Lynn reveals that Lucy's coffin is exactly three feet tall.
  • In this episode's visual accompaniment on YouTube, Lynn is seen in her soccer uniform from "Hero Today, Gone Tomorrow", despite this episode being from 2018 and "Hero Today, Gone Tomorrow" from 2019.
  • This episode reveals that Lola once made a substitute teacher cry, forcing Rita to write an apology email to Principal Huggins.
  • Lynn reveals that she always ends her workouts with a half marathon.
  • This episode also reveals that Lynn is banned from all the gyms in town for eating spicy subs in their saunas.
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  • Michelle Obama - Lynn refers to this former First Lady of the United States as her upper arm role model.


  • In this episode's visual accompaniment on YouTube, some of the vectors of Luan have white socks instead of yellow ones.
    • Additionally in some shots, Luna's eyeshadow is the same color as her skin.


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