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Hey, guys! Papa Loud in the house!


Lynn L. Loud, Sr. is the father of the Loud children and husband of Rita. He is a supporting character in The Loud House and a minor character in its spinoff The Casagrandes.


In "Fed Up", it is revealed that Lynn Sr.'s astrological sign is Libra, which means he was born on or somewhere between September 23 and October 22.

In "Home of the Fave", it is revealed that, when Lynn Sr, was a kid, his father played favorites with him and his siblings.

According to "Study Muffin" and "L is for Love", he spent a semester in England, which made him love British culture.

According to "House Music", he tried to play in a music band, but his bandmates kicked him out, because they did not like his cowbell playing.

According to "L is for Love", he and Rita met when he was walking through the street and they fell in love at first sight.

Lynn Sr. wanted to be a chef, but to keep his wife and children fed and well, he worked as an IT specialist.


Lynn Sr. is stern, and often calls a halt to his kids' fights, but he loves and cares about them. He also loves his wife, and often acts playfully romantic towards her. He has been shown to have a childlike side at times, even sometimes taking part in his kids' antics, when it's all in good fun. He's also the more sensitive of the two parents, often necessitating his wife, and stepping in whenever he needs to pull himself together.

On a side note, he seems to enjoy jokes and dancing. He is shown to dance on occasions in episodes such as "The Loudest Yard", "Ties That Bind", "Come Sale Away", "House Music", and "Lock 'n' Loud". It is mentioned in "A Tattler's Tale" that he won a dancing contest and received a disco ball that Lincoln broke. In addition, in "Sleuth or Consequences" he mentions enjoying karaoke. On occasion, he enjoys Luan's jokes, and tries making his own, which appeal to Luan as well, as shown in "Raw Deal".

He is also shown to be quite neurotic; as he screams and faints at the sight, sound, and idea of spiders, as well as Lana's mud wrestling, horror movies, and Halloween.

He has a habit of prefixing words with "ding-dang" when frustrated.


Lynn Sr. wears a sea green sweater over a light green checkered collar and cuffs, brown slacks and shoes. He has a long pointy nose, brown eyebrows, and curly brown hair that is thinning on the top.

In "House Music", when he is playing the cowbell, he wears a yellow-striped shirt, and green pants with a rip that exposes his underwear. In his youth, he sported a mustache, though he seems to have shaved it by the time he met Rita. His hair was also straighter and parted in the middle.


  • Lynn Sr.'s entire face was never shown during the first season. His face was revealed along with Rita's face in the Season 2 premiere.
  • He is the first character in the series, apart from Lincoln, to speak to the audience. This instance occurred at the end of "It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud, House".
  • He used to be in a band, but got kicked out due to playing his cowbell too much, even when they were not practicing.[3]
  • He used to breakdance.[4]
  • He is afraid of horror movies.[5]
  • There are several episodes that reveal that some of Lynn Sr.'s children have inherited some of his habits:
  • Coconut milk and three-bean salads are bad for him.[13]
  • The colors and styles of clothing that the Loud and McBride parents wear correspond with each other. Lynn Sr. and Harold both wear sweaters and brown loafer shoes. They also both have thinning hair.
  • Lynn Sr. is at least 40 years old.[14] He also claims to have been potty trained for 42 years, making him somewhere between 44 and 46.[15]
  • Lynn Sr. needed a colonoscopy.[14]
  • Lynn Sr. forbids Leni from getting her belly button pierced.[14]
  • His dream job is to be a chef, which was fulfilled in "Cooked!".[14]
  • He has a band with Kotaro called The Clang with Lynn Sr. on the cowbell and Kotaro on the keyboard.
  • He thought that "menu" was spelled with a "y".[16]
  • In "Tripped!", it is revealed that he always carries his cowbell with him.
  • Lynn Sr. and Rita had to separate at least one point in their marriage, because he had mono, which he contracted from a contaminated microphone.[17]
  • In the eleventh episode of Listen Out Loud, Lynn Sr. is revealed to be scared of going to the dentist.
  • He likes a Dungeons & Dragons-esque game "Orcs, Horks, Wizards and Porks".[18]
  • He believes singing while cooking improves his cooking, but it took him years to perfect his "cooking ditties".[19] In addition, he sometimes sings while doing activities unrelated to cooking, such as checking the mail and changing Lily's diaper.[20]
  • He has a tendency to lose consciousness when he is afraid. For instance, he spent most of Halloween unconscious due to his fear of the holiday,[21] and almost delivered Lincoln but he passed out before he was able.[22]
  • He is "sensitive" to raised voices, and if he would pick a superpower, it would be flight.[23]
  • In the Polish dub, his name is Henryk, and he is the senior of Lana (Henryka) instead of Lynn Jr (Helena).
  • Sometimes fear renders him unable to speak coherently, but Rita understands him nonetheless.[24]
  • The first dish he ever served someone else was linguini with clams, which he calls "Lynn-guini", and which is apparently famous among his family.[25]



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