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Lynn Sr.'s father is an unnamed minor character, who only makes one physical appearance in "Vantastic Voyage", but only in a flashback.


He is a father of Lynn Sr. and his other child. As revealed in episode "Home of the Fave" that he used to favor Lynn Sr.'s sibling over him.

One day he hand-me-downed Vanzilla to his son.

It is unknown if he's still alive.


His appearance looks similar to a 1970s hippie. He has white hair, a white mustache, and goatee. He wears a tan bandana, and circular glasses with purple lenses. He also wears a purple long sleeved shirt, with an orange vest, blue pants, and red sandals. He also wears a peace necklace. He has similar facial features to his son. However, in Lynn Sr.'s flashback in "Home of the Fave", his silhouette has shorter curly hair.



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Home of the Fave

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