Not to be confused with Derby Girl.

Maggie is a minor character in The Loud House, who appears in the episode "Funny Business", where she is seen celebrating her 13th birthday.


Maggie is an angsty emo girl, with no sense of humor. She gets angry because of lame jokes, especially if they ruin her birthday party. However, she has a strong sense of art, as she deeply interpreted Luan's pantomime in "Funny Business". She appears to like mimes, as she smiled when Luan's stage performance satisfied her.


Maggie is a tall, slim girl, with light pale skin, waist-length black hair styled in a hime cut, and freckles. She has six pairs of eyelashes, and blackish-gray eyeshadow.

She wears small black earrings, a sky blue t-shirt, long black and white striped arm sleeves, a dark blue skirt in a checker pattern, dark gray boots, and has a purple jumper wrapped around her waist.



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