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This article is about the Season 2 episode. For the Season 1 episode, see Making the Case.
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"Making the Grade" is the eighth episode of the second season and the sixtieth episode of The Loud House.


Lincoln's social standing is at stake when his 4-year-old sister is put into his fifth grade class.


Lisa has become Lincoln's new classmate.

Lincoln arrives to his classroom, where he is greeted by all his friends. The moment he sits down, Mrs. Johnson announces that their class is getting a brand new student: Lisa Loud. Lincoln is shocked at this, and Clyde doesn't take the announcement so well, since he has to change seats to let Lisa sit next to Lincoln. When Lincoln asks Lisa why she's doing this, she replies that kindergarten is too much of a waste of time. In a flashback, while the kindergartners were counting monkeys in a book, Lisa was working on an antidote for strep throat. When Lincoln questions why she chose his class, Lisa remarks that she originally wanted to go to medical school, but the principal suggested that 5th grade would better suit her. Immediately afterwards, Lisa's smart attitude begins to irritate the other students, due to completing an entire textbook in less than a second, taking pop quizzes earlier, and her robot (named Todd) destroying the other student's robotics projects.

At lunch, Rusty, Zach, and Liam refuse to let Lincoln sit next to them, due to his sister's bothersome attitude. Because of this, Lincoln is banished to eat at the "Sticky Table," the messiest table in the cafeteria. At the Loud house, Lincoln tells Lisa that she should try to act more like an average kid. Lisa agrees to Lincoln's suggestion, saying that acting average is "an interesting sociological challenge", much to Lincoln's satisfaction.

The next day, Lincoln is shocked to see Lisa without her glasses and a new hairstyle. Lisa explains that she looked at different sources on how a fifth grader looks, and used laser eye correction surgery to improve her eyesight. Although she got the appearance down, the attitude proves to be a challenge for her, so she invents a correction collar that squirts her with water every time she acts smart. When Mrs. Johnson asks the class several questions, Lisa tries to answer, but due to the purpose of her collar, she instead make witty remarks, that the class enjoys, causing Lisa to get praised by her other classmates. When Mrs. Johnson proposes a quiz, Todd comes in and destroys the quiz papers, much to everyone's happiness. At lunch, Lincoln and Lisa are allowed to sit at the table where Rusty, Zach, and Liam sit, and Lisa declares a food fight, which leads to them getting sent to the principal's office.

Later at night, Lincoln discovers Lisa throwing away all of her science equipment, due to her finding more enjoyment hanging with the crowd instead of being smart, and littered her room with Boyz Will Be Boyz posters. Luna comes in and asks Lisa to help her with her test for tomorrow, but Lisa denies, claiming that thanks to Lincoln, she found the joys of being average, causing Luna to give Lincoln the death glare. At dinner, the sisters (except Lily) are disgusted with the food they're eating. When Lynn Sr. mentions that Lisa usually helps him with the cooking, Lisa again remarks that thanks to Lincoln, she no longer helps him with the cooking, leading to the sisters to give Lincoln the death stare. While Lori, Lola, Lisa, and Lincoln are on a drive, a radio host announces free passes for the Royal Woods Spa to anybody who can name the three classifications of rocks. Eager to win them, Lola quickly dials the number and tells Lisa to give the answer. However, instead of naming the three classifications of rocks, she instead gives off three types of rock music, which costs them their chance of winning the tickets. As usual, Lisa thanks Lincoln for this, which leads to Lincoln getting kicked out of the van, and getting left behind. At the house, Rita is informed by Pop-Pop that he has been waiting at the train station for over an hour, and as usual, Lisa thanks Lincoln for helping her into no longer doing that.

At school, Lisa's kindergarten teacher, Ms. Shrinivas, needs Lisa's help, due to her students catching strep throat. When Lisa refuses to help out, Ms. Shrinivas calls out on Lincoln for leading Lisa down this path, but Lincoln says he didn't have a choice. He would turn Lisa into an average kid, or his friends would kick him out of the crew. Realizing what he has done, Lincoln tries to convince Lisa into going back to her normal self, but Lisa refuses to do so, due to her newfound popularity. Because of this, Lincoln reminds her that the world needs her when she's smart, due to her solving anything the others can't. Although hesitant, Lisa agrees to revert to her normal self, and removing her correction collar.

Later, Lisa successfully creates an antidote for the kindergarteners with strep throat, and miraculously cures them all. At lunch, Lincoln and Lisa are given access to sit next to the crowd. Although she enjoys the appreciation, Lisa decides to transfer back to kindergarten, because she has to pursue her own path and claims that kindergarten does have one advantage.

She did say that kindergarten has one major advantage.

In the kindergarten class, Lisa decides to get involved with the activities the kindergarteners do, but warns Ms. Shrinivas that if she attempts to wake her up earlier than usual, she'll have to face her robot, Todd, much to Ms. Shrinivas' discomfort.


Lori, Luan, Lily, Andrew, Mollie, Girl Jordan, Artie, Joy and Papa Wheelie have no lines in this episode, but the five students later mentioned were heard cheering. However, Lori and Luan can be heard groaning. Lynn, Lucy and Lana also have no lines, but are listed in the credits because they were heard groaning.

Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "Relative Chaos", "The Complete Second Season", "Tirages de portraits", and "Intégrale de la Saison 2" DVDs.


  • Although this episode premiered in 2017, it was made in 2016 according to the credits.
  • The title of this episode sounds extremely similar to the Season 1 episode "Making the Case".
  • This episode reveals that Liam has a younger sister, who's in kindergarten.
  • This episode hides the Loud parents' faces, meaning that this episode could have possibly been in production before "11 Louds a Leapin'" was aired.

New to old.

  • There was a deleted scene that involved Lisa changing from her new look to her old look as she headed back to her kindergarten class. The scene was most likely cut due to time.
  • At the dinner table scene, it shows all of the Loud siblings at the same table, and not half at the "Grownup Table", and "Kiddie Table", as shown in "A Tale of Two Tables". This could mean that all the family got a bigger table, which is why everyone sits at the same table as of this episode.
  • Irony: Everyone who requires Lisa for their favors could've done it themselves with the exception of Ms. Shrinivas and her sick students.


  • Making the Grade - The title of this episode seems to derive from this 1984 film of the same name.
S2E05A SpongeBob Reference.jpg
  • SpongeBob SquarePants - A poster in Lisa's kindergarten class shows characters from this show: a red crab (Mr. Krabs), a yellow sponge (SpongeBob), a pink starfish (Patrick) and a blue octopus (Squidward), marking the second time that the characters from SpongeBob SquarePants made a short cameo, the first being "Left in the Dark" (SpongeBob and Patrick only).
  • The Simpsons - When Lisa's intellectual causes problems for Lincoln's classmates that his friends to reject her and Lincoln from their table after class, sharing the same similarities to Homer's co-workers rejects him from Moe's after the layoff.
  • Happy Days - After fixing the drinking fountain, Lisa holds two thumbs up while saying "Eyy", a gesture popularized by Happy Days' character Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli, better known as "Fonzie" or "The Fonz", known for wearing a leather jacket, and fixing broken machinery by nudging it with his elbow just as Lisa does.
  • A Nightmare on Elm Street - Lisa's line "85 Elm Street!" is a reference to the name of the street from the 1984 horror movie.


  • Possible: Lisa said that Todd the robot destroys everything inferior to him, but that would mean that he possibly could destroy people too, however, Lisa might have programmed him to not do so.
  • Plot hole: In this episode, Lincoln says he knew Rusty for five years, despite meeting him for the first time in "Hand-Me-Downer".
  • In the scene where the Louds were eating their food (before they spit/spat it out), Luan was able to chew her food, despite her buckteeth being exposed.
  • In the classroom, Joy is present at one point, but absent in the next scene. She was also sitting in Clyde's seat.
  • In the scene where Lincoln is explaining to Lisa's teacher about being forced to sit at the sticky table, the closed captioning misspell "sticky" as "stinky".
  • This episode seems to indicate that Lynn Sr. needs Lisa's help when preparing meals, despite being shown to cook meals without assistance in previous episodes.
  • When Lisa reads her world history textbook, she flips through it backwards.


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