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"Mall of Duty" is the forty-second episode of the second season and the ninety-fourth episode of The Loud House.


Lincoln wants to go to the mall, but has to watch his younger sisters, so he decides to take them to the mall.


Lincoln is in the living room, looking after Lucy, Lana, Lola, Lisa, and Lily, while also watching a program starring his favorite TV personality, Rip Hardcore. Lynn Sr. has to take Lynn to her rugby match, while Rita has to take Lori, Leni, Luna, and Luan to open house at the school, and are putting their trust in Lincoln to look after his younger sisters. The moment they leave, Lincoln learns from a commercial that Rip Hardcore is visiting the Royal Woods Mall, signing copies of his survival guide book. Lincoln wants to get his copy of the survival guide signed, however, he realizes that he still has to look after his younger sisters, so he decides to take them along.

At the mall, Lincoln and the younger sisters get in line, but the younger sisters are already bored out of their minds, prompting him to keep them satisfied, but to no avail. Lincoln tries to keep them happy with Flippees (courtesy of Flip), but they have to go to the bathroom after drinking them so quickly. Lincoln asks the person behind him to watch his spot, but the moment he comes back, the person refuses to let Lincoln and the sisters back in (because of his poor eyesight after suffering from an allergic reaction to bananas, due to Lincoln giving him a banana-flavored Flippee beforehand), forcing Lincoln to go to the back of the line, which is now twice as long. When the younger sisters decide to bail out on Lincoln upon learning that their waiting time is two hours, Lincoln decides to keep them occupied by making them ride on a miniature train for a long period of time by feeding the train numerous quarters. With his younger sisters now occupied, Lincoln manages to get Rip Hardcore to sign his copy of his survival guide after two hours of waiting.

With his survival guide signed, Lincoln decides to grab his younger sisters and leave, but to his horror, the train has derailed due to him overloading the machine with his stash of quarters. Lincoln initially tries to follow the tracks, but a janitor has cleaned up most of the tracks, slimming down his chances of finding his younger sisters. Luckily, he remembers Rip Hardcore's methods of locating animals in the wild. He manages to find Lisa at an electronics store after following some spilled chemicals, Lucy at a fortune telling station due to a store mannequin looking more gloomy than the rest, Lola at a princess-themed store due to her love for royalty, and Lana at a pet store hatching duck eggs due to her eating the dog bones (the ducklings even hatch, and begin following her).

Just when Lincoln believes he has got everyone, Lucy reminds him that they still need to get Lily, who is still on the runaway train. Unable to keep up with the speeding train, Lincoln asks Scoots if she can give him a ride, but she refuses, stating that chasing after a runaway train is not her problem. Lincoln, remembering that Scoots didn't get her survival guide signed, decides to give up his, and Scoots agrees to help. After a brief amount of chasing, Lincoln and Scoots successfully manage to catch up to Lily, and Lincoln manages to grab her before the train crashes right into Flip's food cart. The younger sisters, happy that Lincoln managed to save Lily with ease, congratulate him, but immediately feel bad for him when they learn that he doesn't have his signed copy of the survival guide, but Lincoln says that looking over them is more important than a signed book. As they leave, Lisa instructs the robot she built to clean up the mess they all made.

S2E22B We kept the ducklings

They kept the ducklings.

Back home, the parents and the older sisters return, and the parents surprise Lincoln by giving him a signed copy of Rip Hardcore's survival guide as thanks for watching over the younger sisters. Lincoln initially attempts to explain to his parents what happened earlier, but the younger sisters quickly cover up his story by telling them that Lincoln let them do whatever they want, and the parents say that it's "good enough". When Lincoln questions why they defended him, the sisters say it's their way of saying thanks... for letting them keep the baby ducks that Lana hatched at the mall earlier.


Lori, LeniLuna, and Luan have no lines in this episode.

Paused production

For a brief amount of time, Miguel Puga had confirmed that production of this episode was halted. Many speculated that this episode could have been pushed to Season 3, or may have been cancelled all together. Fortunately, production of the episode resumed once the episode was given a confirmed release date of November 11, 2017.



  • Mall of Duty - The title of this episode is a reference to the popular FPS video game series, "Call of Duty".
  • Gap Inc. - A clothing store called "Bap" (a parody of the clothing and accessories retailer Gap) can briefly be seen while Scoots and Lincoln chase down the runaway mall train.
  • Milo Murphy's Law - Lincoln wanting an autograph from Rip Hardcore is similar to how Milo Murphy wants an autograph from Tobias Trollhammer in the episode, "Star Struck".
  • Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends - This episode has some similarities to the episode "Store Wars":
    • The setting in both episodes take place in a mall.
    • Lincoln and Frankie got separated from their respective groups.
  • Wayside - If Lincoln says, "Lana, out! Let's go!", his face which resembled Todd.
  • The Amazing World of Gumball - Lincoln being responsible for Lucy, Lola, Lana, Lisa, and Lily is similar to Gumball and Darwin being responsible for Anais in the episode, "The Responsible". The difference is that Lincoln did it responsibly, while Gumball and Darwin did it recklessly.
  • Regular Show - The ducklings following Lana is similar to the Baby Ducks following Rigby in the episode, "A Bunch of Baby Ducks".
  • Indiana Jones - Lincoln using a yo-yo to reach the train Lily is on is similar to Indiana Jones using a whip to get by during his adventures.
  • Game of Thrones - Lola's ascension to power mirrors Cersei Lannister's coronation in Season 6 of the show.
    • Her reaction to being challenged by another queen may also be a reference to a prophecy concerning Cersei.


  • When the siblings are leaving the mall, Lily has eyebrows, which she doesn't usually have.
  • When Lincoln, Lucy, Lola and Lisa were outside of the pet store and they said "Lana", Lynn's voice can be heard despite not being present.
  • When Scoots says "that sounds like a you problem" she speaks in Lana's voice, probably due to the same voice actress.
  • When Lincoln discovers that the waiting time for the line is two hours, Lily is missing the hair on the back of her head.

Running Gags

  • Lincoln trying to keep his younger sisters occupied.
  • Lincoln wanting to get Rip Hardcore's signature.
  • Lincoln using Rip Hardcore's survival methods to locate his younger sisters.
  • The baby ducks following Lana.
  • Scoots calling Rip Hardcore her "bae".
  • Lincoln's younger sisters being bored.


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