Margarita is a minor character in The Loud House and a supporting character in its spin-off The Casagrandes. She made her first appearance in "Friended! with the Casagrandes".


Margarita is a woman who runs her own beauty salon called Margarita's Beauty.

In "No Show with the Casagrandes", Ronnie Anne went to her salon to watch Adios, Ana, Adios. They both watched an episode, where the main character, Anna Ronalda gave herself a haircut. Ronnie Anne asked if she could get a haircut just like that and Margarita gave it to her. Ronnie Anne asked if she could watch the finale at her salon tomorrow, but Margarita said that unfortunately, she could not, as she had to take care of four quinceañeras and a funeral that day. Margarita later gossiped to Hector about Ronnie Anne's guilty pleasure of watching Adios, Ana, Adios.


Margarita is a chatty person as she always strikes up a conversation with her customers. Like Hector she likes gossiping and she's his main source of informations. She has problem with keeping secrets.


Margarita is a tall, slim woman with black hair tied up with a purple scrunchie with an orange flower. She also wears red lipstick and has freckles on her face. Her outfit consists of a yellow dress with a small pink bandanna around her neck, white pearl earrings, a white bracelet, and purple high-heels.


Season 4


  • The name "Margarita" means "Pearl" in Persian.
  • She owns a hair salon that is named after her.
  • She shares the same name of an alcoholic drink.
  • She has a widow's peak.

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