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Psssh. As Lynn and I like to say, "There's no 'I' in team".

Margo Roberts is a minor character in The Loud House. She is one of Lynn's baseball teammates, and her best friend as well.


Margo is on Lynn's baseball team. On their way to the game, the team stops at Flip's Food & Fuel to get some snacks, which Clyde provides for them. However, Margo has to go to the bathroom, stating she has to "take a wicked dump", but Lynn tells her to hold it, stating that if they go number two, they won't be number one. After the game, she finally gets to go to the bathroom, and leaves a big mess behind that Flip has to clean up.

In "Lock 'n' Loud", it's revealed that she's also on Lynn's roller derby team.

She makes cameo appearances in "No Such Luck" and "L is for Love".

In "Friend or Faux?", she is seen practicing hockey with Lynn.

In "Friendzy", Lynn invites her over in order to use special friend privileges.

In "Hero Today, Gone Tomorrow," Margo makes her first score causing Lynn to be jealous. The two of them competed to make a score until Paula made one.

In "A Pimple Plan", Lynn mentions that she has an older cousin.

In "Singled Out," Margo is revealed to have a boyfriend named Elliot.

In "Hurl, Interrupted", Lynn tries to stall Margo and her other friends from riding the new coaster at Dairyland before they find out her big secret.


Margo is a sporty girl, and a friend of Lynn's. She is close to her, as she agreed to help her in protecting her house from burglars. She gets worried by Lynn's superstitions, and because of this, she was forbidden to use the bathroom.

In "Hero Today, Gone Tomorrow", she also cannot stand that Lynn's ego has gone too far. Despite this, she fairly let her do whatever she wanted and doesn't mind saying she didn't warn her.


Margo has long, light brown hair (styled like Leni's), buck teeth, freckles and a very long nose. Up until sometime during the third season, she usually wore her baseball team uniform.

As of "Hero Today, Gone Tomorrow", her casual attire is a yellow T-shirt, light blue jeans, and dark teal slip-on shoes.


  • In "Hero Today, Gone Tomorrow", her last name is revealed to be Roberts.
  • In some ways, Margo can be considered as a polar opposite to Lynn as while Lynn is superstitious and egotistical, Margo is level-headed and very selfless.
  • Her name comes from Margaret, which means "Pearl" in Greek.
  • "Friday Night Fights" reveals that she is 4'11 (149.86cm) tall.

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