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Maria Casagrande-Santiago[2] is a recurring character in The Loud House and a main character in The Casagrandes. She is Bobby and Ronnie Anne's mother and the ex-wife of Arturo Santiago.


She is a tall and slim woman, with dark tan skin, black hair tied up in a tight bun, two pairs of eyelashes and eyebags.

Her casual attire consists of a pink sweater, dark purple pants, and flats.

She has been seen wearing two different nurse's outfits:

  • While working at the Royal Woods Hospital, she wears a white scrub, a white cap with a red cross, and black short heeled shoes.
  • While working at the Great Lakes City Hospital, she wears a blue scrub, with a white long-sleeved shirt underneath, and white shoes.


  • In "Changing the Baby", it is revealed that Lori apparently gave Maria a brooch that used to belong to Great Grandma Harriet.
  • In "Shell Shock", it is revealed that she is a nurse.
  • In "Friended!", it was revealed that she and her Arturo are split up, while "Operation Dad" further elaborates that they are indeed divorced.
  • In "Store Wars", it is revealed that she used to work in the mercado, and it was her first job.
  • In "Guilt Trip", it reveals that she was into traveling, but never got a chance to actually travel abroad. It also reveals that she wore braces in high school.
  • "V.I.P.eeved" reveals that she used to sneak out and watch concerts.
  • "Arrr in the Family" reveals that Hector paid for her college and nursing school.
  • "A Very Casagrandes Christmas" reveals that she and Carlos have bickered in the kitchen since they were children.
  • "Miss Step" reveals that she could dance since childhood.
  • In "Croaked", she and her children used to have a goldfish, but it died. She and Ronnie Anne discovered its death before Bobby, replaced it, and Bobby was fooled. Seeing as the Santiagos don't appear to have a goldfish now, but the trick apparently still works on Bobby, it's unknown what the status of the second goldfish is.
  • It is revealed in "Date with Destiny" that:
    • Maria was born under a water sign, making her a Cancer, a Scorpio, or a Pisces. This makes her the third Loud House character to have their zodiac sign revealed. The first was Lynn Loud Sr., who is revealed to be a Libra in "Fed Up", and the second was Ronnie Anne (Maria's daughter), who is revealed to be a fire sign in "The Horror-Scope".
    • She used to date a man known as "T-Bone".
    • Her favourite flower is daisies.
    • She doesn't believe in Ernesto Estrella's fortunes.
  • "Summer Special" reveals that she has good throwing aim.



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