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"Maxed Out" is the sixteenth episode of the third season, and the ninety-first episode of The Casagrandes.


Hector finds out that Vito has a huge tab at the mercado and Vito offers to pay him back -- no matter what.


Hector and Vito are known to be very close friends, right to the point that they even have their own handshake. One day, as Vito buys his groceries, Bobby, running the cashier, reveals to Vito that his tab is set at $10,000. Furious over having to owe the mercado so much money, Hector tells Vito that, as his friend, he wants him to try and at least pay off his tab. Vito accepts, saying that he can work at the mercado to pay it off. Luckily, Bobby says that he has an upcoming math test to study for, so Vito can fill in for him.

Sometime later, Vito is getting ready for his first day of service in the mercado. However, for every task that Vito tries to do, he only creates trouble, like crushing Miranda's eggs and spilling her milk while bagging her items, Big Tony and Little Sal eating in a bag of chips Maybelle was about to buy, using butter to buff the floor instead of wax (which he accidentally puts on his toast), and Mr. Inflatable making a mess when he brings him in. Hector, in an attempt to prevent Vito from making any more messes, suggests he do work outside the mercado. Unfortunately, Vito, who was assigned to drive the mercado van, accidentally backs up the vehicle into the mercado, destroying the entrance. Finally fed up with Vito's incompetence, Hector tells Vito off by saying that he doesn't want him to work at the mercado anymore, and when Vito says he'll work harder to pay off his tab, Hector tells him that until his tab is paid off, he doesn't want him back at the mercado.

With Vito out of his hair, Hector believes that things will go back to normal. He attempts to pass the time by playing around, despite some hiccups. However, to his shock, only one minute has passed, and he's instantly bored. At that moment, Bruno arrives, and Hector tries to spend some time with him, but Bruno states that he would rather go back to work running his hot dog cart. As Hector sings his sorrows, making it evidently clear that he misses Vito, Ronnie Anne and Carl enter. Hector tries to get along with them, but he only succeeds in weirding them out, ending with him being launched away via fire hydrant. Landing in the park, Hector encounters Bruno again, who suggests to him that he should just apologize to Vito. Vito hands Hector a business card, saying that Vito works in a high place at a fancy company.

Arriving to the company where Vito works, Hector, carrying a bouquet of hot dogs as an apology offering, asks the bouncer at the front door if he can see Vito. The bouncer tells him that he's in the back. Arriving to the back, it's revealed that Vito has become a window washer (with "high place" referring to the fact that he's washing the top windows). Hector attempts to tell Vito that he wants to apologize, but Vito, in an attempt to hear him better, accidentally falls out of his elevator, where he begins plummeting. Acting fast, Hector jumps into the second elevator and quickly rises to catch Vito. As the two hug, Vito accidentally bumps into the elevator switch, where they quickly begin falling at a rapid speed. Getting an idea, Hector and Vito initiate their best friend handshake, where they use their engorged bellies as a makeshift brake system, successfully getting the elevator to stop before they touch the ground.

Sometime later, with the storefront completely restored, Hector tells Vito that their friendship is more important than a tab, and Vito offers the money he made today, still intending to pay it off. As Hector begins to count the numbers, he realizes something off regarding Vito's tab. Suddenly, Bobby arrives and says that he managed to ace his math test, but states that he had trouble with the questions regarding decimals. This causes Hector to realize that Bobby, when counting up Vito's tab, put the decimal in the wrong place; Vito actually owes the mercado just $100 instead of $10,000. Because of this, Hector and Vito become furious at Bobby, as his stupidity had nearly cost them their friendship. Bobby nervously attempts to flee, but Vito orders Big Tony and Little Sal to attack him, and they oblige.



  • Given that Vito didn't know what the "R" on the van's stick shift meant (he thought it meant "race" instead of "reverse"), this implies that Vito has never driven a vehicle before.
  • This episode reveals that, although Bobby is pretty good at math, he's not very good with decimals.
  • This episode reveals that Ronnie Anne and Carl are Hector's two favorite grandchildren. However, given the situation Hector was in, he may have only said that in an attempt to make bonding with them easier.
  • This was the last episode to premiere prior to the announcement of the show's cancellation.


  • Maxed Out - The title of the episode refers to the term used when a person has reached the upper limit or peak of something.


  • Mr. Nakamura is listed in the credits, even though he doesn't appear in this episode.
  • Vito's belly is the same skin tone as Hector's skin when they touch bellies the first time.

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