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This article is about the episode of The Casagrandes. For the episode of The Loud House, see The Boss Maybe.
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"Maybe-Sitter" is the thirtieth episode of the second season, and the sixty-eighth episode of The Casagrandes.


With the adults out for the night, Bobby and Carlota take turns watching the kids – and going to a party!


Rosa, Hector, Carlos and Frida are about to go to an event to celebrate the opening of a new history building. As they get ready, they wait for Mr. Nakamura's arrival so he can babysit the kids. However, Rosa gets a call from Mr. Nakamura saying that he can't babysit due to having a sprained toe. As a result, Rosa asks Bobby and Carlota to babysit the kids. However, the two state that Par's birthday is today, and they can't miss it (Bobby because Par will kill him if he doesn't come, and Carlota because rival vlogger Cindy Tran will be there to steal her followers). Rosa urges the two to decide for themselves on who will take on the task, and she, Hector, Carlos and Frida leave. The second they leave, Bobby and Carlota decide to have a rock, paper, scissors battle to see who would go first. After five minutes of nothing but ties, Carlota suggests flipping a coin, but for each flip, the coin would always land on the edge. As a last resort, they suggest "Dizzy Carl", where Carl spins around on a skateboard, and whoever catches him first gets to go. After a brief chase, Carlota catches Carl, but when he throws up on Bobby, Bobby claims he caught Carl's dinner, resulting in yet another tie. Eventually, Bobby and Carlota agree that they take shifts, where each would spent 30 minutes at the party. Carlota goes first after tricking Bobby into letting her go first.

At a plane hangar, where Par's birthday is taking place, Carlota vlogs about the activities, and Bobby, watching on his phone, discovers that Par will be holding a contest where the winner will win a secret adventure. When he expresses that he wants to win, the kids and pets state that they're hungry. As Bobby cooks them dinner, his timer goes off, meaning that it's his turn to go to the party. The second Bobby and Carlota switch places, the dinner ends up getting burned, and when the kids and pets realize that Carlota is distracted (as she's venting about Cindy wanting to win the secret adventure), they decide to take advantage of this by asking her for the snow cone machine, where she blindly agrees. When the 30 minute time limit is reached, Bobby attempts to get home as soon as possible, but a distracted Reizouko traps him in the subway. Later, Bobby arrives and Carlota says that because of this delay, she's taking extra time. Later, when Carlota ends up arriving home late, Bobby decides to take extra time as well. Later, as Bobby and Par hang glide, the 30 minute time limit is reached, and upon hearing the door, Carlota leaves. However, it turns out to not be Bobby, but rather the kids bringing in the snow cone machine, and she failed to notice as she was distracted looking at her phone.

At the party, Carlota is pariticpating in the final challenge, which involves getting shot out of a cannon and onto a giant target. She ends up hitting the bullseye, making her the winner, but the Bobby lands on the bullseye as well. As the two realize that they're both present/that they left the kids all by themselves, Par says that it's a tie and that they both won the secret adventure.

Aboard a helicopter, Bobby and Carlota admit to being bad babysitters, and Carlota gets a text from Rosa saying that they're coming home early. Realizing they're in deep trouble if they're not present at the apartment, Par reveals to them that the secret adventure they won has them riding jetpacks, where after a brief sky writing stunt, offers to guide them to their home. Entering their apartment, which is covered with hills of shredded ice, Carlota states that if Rosa sees the mess they created, they're all in for "chancla time", forcing them to clean up the mess as quick as possible, and finish just as Rosa, Hector, Carlos and Frida enter. Rosa explains that they had to leave early due to Hector eating all the appetizers and getting in a fight with a statue. As Rosa congratulates Bobby and Carlota for taking good care of the kids, Hector accidentally sits on the snow cone machine, which was covered by a blanket on the armchair, launching him onto the ceiling. At that moment, Ronnie Anne (who had spent the entire episode sitting in her room jotting notes while listening to music) arrives and asks what she missed.


Reizouko has no lines in this episode.


  • This is the first episode to feature a Spanish time card.
  • According to Bobby, Par refused to speak to him for a week due to arriving at his birthday party incredibly late.
  • This episode reveals that Par is capable of piloting a helicopter.
  • This was the final episode to premiere prior to the passing of Philece Sampler.
  • It is insanely improbable that coin flipping and rock-paper-scissors will end up in a tie numerous times.
    • With each round taking a constant 2 seconds in a duration of 5 minutes (150 rounds), there is a 1 in 3.7×10^71 chance that all rounds will end in a tie.
    • There is a 1 in 216 billion chance that a coin will land on its edge 3 times in a row with each having a 1 in 6,000.


  • Maybe-Sitter - The title of this episode is a pun of "babysitter".
  • Lofi Girl - Ronnie Anne's appearance in this episode (in terms of what she's wearing and what she's doing) is based on this streamer, whose 24/7 music stream features a looping animation of a girl wearing winter clothes jotting notes while listening to music.
  • The Amazing World of Gumball - Bobby's cat pajamas resemble the character Gumball from the 2011-19 cartoon series.


  • On the square title card, the hyphen is mysteriously omitted.

Why are your heels behind your boots, Carlota?

  • When Carlota gets launch for the winner target, her heels are behind her boots instead of under her soles.
  • The "5 MINUTOS DESPUES" time card has an English mistranslation. When translated, it reads "5 MINUTES AFTER". The correct spelling should be "5 MINUTOS DESPUÉS"; "después" being the Spanish word for "later".
  • Possible: Bobby wears a cat onesie despite him saying he dislikes cats in "What's Love Gato Do With It?". However, it's possible that he was either trying to be popular or he only hates the street cats.


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