Mayor Davis is the mayor of Royal Woods. She first appeared in "Racing Hearts".


Mayor Davis first appeared in "Racing Hearts" where she oversaw the Royal Woods Astonishing Quest. She also had Lynn banned from this year's event because of her roughhousing last year. Mayor Davis stated that the winner will get a trophy to commemorate their victory. When Scoots and Helen won the final challenge, it was discovered that Helen was Lynn in disguise. Mayor Davis recognized Lynn and chased after her and Scoots to get the trophy back.

In "Last Loud on Earth," Mayor Davis broadcast a storm warning advising all citizens to get to the Royal Woods Mall. As Lincoln and Clyde were watching the "Swarm of the Zombies" marathon in Lisa's Underground Bunker. Her voice was heard on the radio advising the stragglers to get to the Royal Woods Mall until she is interrupted by Lola shouting to Lincoln and Clyde to do that until Rita scolds Lola for interrupting Mayor Davis' broadcast. Mayor Davis came out with the rest of The Loud Family, Bud Grouse, and Katherine Mulligan where Rita stated to Lincoln and Clyde that they are attacking Lynn Sr., Howard, and Harold who were looking for them when they got a cold. When Lisa is among those that heard where Lincoln and Clyde were and asked how they got into her bunker, Mayor Davis is among those who state to Lisa that her passcode is her birthday.


Mayor Davis is a slender woman with a very big chin, and thick bottom half. She has dark skin, black hair tied up in a pom pom on the top. She wears a pink collared suit with a while collared shirt underneath, a yellow necktie, purple eyeshadow, white hoop earrings, red lipstick, and white high-heeled shoes.


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