The McBride House is the home and residence of Clyde, Howard, and Harold McBride. It first appears in the episode "Left in the Dark". The exterior is first seen in "Overnight Success". It is the second most frequently-visited residence, after the Loud House.


The exterior of the house is painted white with a purple colored roof, a chimney and a garage. Unlike the Loud house, the McBride house only has one floor.

Clyde's Room

S1E09A Lincoln apologizing to "Clyde"

The interior of Clyde's bedroom.

This room is where Clyde sleeps. Inside of it has a dresser, a lamp, and a bed. In "Left in the Dark", it is shown that Clyde has a poster of Lori on his wall. A shrine to Lori in his room is seen in "Save the Date".

Howard and Harold's Room

This room is where Howard and Harold sleep. It is located to the left of Clyde's room and across the hall from the bathroom. The interior has not yet been shown, but the door has been seen. In "Baby Steps", Clyde overhears Howard and Harold talking in their bedroom. In Purrfect Gig, Their room is almost finally revealed, but not completely: There are a double bed with green sheets and three pillows, two bedside tables with identical lamps on the sides of the bed and a picture with a family photo above the bed. The carpet in the room is purple-gray.


S2E03A Clyde goes to the bathroom

The hallway with the rainbow painting.

The hallway has blue carpeting and gray walls adorned with a light fixture, an abstract painting, a photo of the three McBrides, and a rainbow painting representing the LGBT pride flag.In Purrfect Gig and Exchange of Heart, The hallway has been shown to have four different rooms: Clyde's room, Howard and Harold's room, the guest room and a bathroom.

The Guest Room

It is the third bedroom, this time reserved for guests. This is where Tiago was temporarily housed to spend a short time with the McBrides (Exchange of Heart). It has also been used as a temporary kennel for McBrides cats, an ideal place to quietly sing lullabies (Purrfect Gig).


The bathroom has not been fully shown, but it appears to have blue tiled walls.

Living Room

S1E16A McBride house interior

The living room contains a couch, a television set that includes a DVD player and a video game console, a pendulum clock, and a lamp. It is next to the dining room and bias to the kitchen.


The kitchen is where Howard makes food for Harold and Clyde. It contains a counter with two chairs for the Dads, several cabinets full of food and dinnerware, a fruit bowl, a toaster, a blender, and a wall clock. A refrigerator with the word "snog" (which means to kiss and caress lovingly) spelled on the front is also visible here.

Dining Room

S1E16A Clyde talking about Lori to Linc

This room is where Clyde and his dads have their meals. It is next to the living room. Howard and Harold do not allow cell phones to be used in this room.

Entertainment Room

This room is where the McBrides can relax. It appears to be in the basement. The room also contains its own minibar, and several armchairs.


The salon is where the McBrides prepare for the day. It contains three mirrors, one for each family member. Howard and Harold's mirrors have plaques with the word "His" on them. The salon also contains a chair where Clyde (and Lincoln, on one occasion) sits when he needs his hair cut.



  • According to Clyde in "The Green House", the house is solar powered, so he and his parents don't burn any fossil fuels.
  • In "Along Came a Sister", Clyde brings Lincoln a casserole that his grandmother made, implying that she lives in the neighborhood. It is unknown if she lives in the McBride house, although it seems unlikely since she is never seen eating dinner with the family.
  • The mailbox appears to read "Mc Bride".


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