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The McBride family (or the McBrides) is a family consisting of Clyde, along with his fathers, Howard and Harold, and their pets, Cleopawtra and Nepurrtiti.

They have a psychologist named Dr. Lopez who helps Howard and Harold with their relationship, and Clyde with his infatuation with Lori.

About the family

Clyde is the 12 (11, prior to Season 5)-year-old son of Howard and Harold McBride. He is the only main character not related to the Louds. He used to have a major unrequited crush on Lori Loud, often suffering nosebleeds or acting like a malfunctioning robot around her, but he has since gotten over this.

Howard is Harold's husband, and Clyde's adoptive father. He is emotional, and quick to forget what Dr. Lopez said. In "Attention Deficit", it is shown that he and Harold cannot tolerate chaos, when they herded all of the Loud sisters out of their house (at the mention of a sleepover) and drove them home.

Harold is Howard's husband, and Clyde's other adoptive father. He is not able to handle a lot of chaos, like Howard. He is more levelheaded than Howard, but even he is able to ignore what Dr. Lopez says when there is a happy moment.

Family members

Clyde McBride

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Harold McBride

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Howard McBride

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Gayle McBride

Gayle McBride is Clyde's adoptive grandmother, and the mother of Harold.


She is first mentioned in "Get the Message", in which Clyde uses one of her perfumes.

In "Along Came a Sister", Clyde brings Lincoln a casserole that she made (or one that Clyde made from a recipe that belonged to her) to Frank's "funeral", telling him that she believes there's no greater comfort in times of grief than casserole.

In "Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru," Clyde tells Lincoln that his Nana believes that you shouldn't trust people who don't like chocolate while they were attempting to make chocolate pies for a school project only to find that the Loud sisters ate them all.

In "Snow Way Down", it is revealed that Clyde's nana's name is Gayle when Harold asks to call her in order to help him, Howard, and Lincoln off the Ramp of Insanity.

She was mentioned in "Teachers' Union" where it was revealed that she has a dog named Bingo.

In "Kings of the Con", Clyde mentions that Gayle calls him the "cat whisperer" while he and Lincoln are attempting to trap the Kitty.

In "Tough Cookies", Lincoln mentions that Gayle ordered a dozen cookies for a skydiving club.

In "Friends in Dry Places", Clyde worries about Gayle when Lincoln goes into his room and tries to tell him that their friendship is drifting apart.

She finally made a physical appearance in "Resident Upheaval".

In The Loud House Movie, a flashback shows her taking Clyde on a trip to France, where he learns that baking ran in the family.

In "Much Ado About Noshing", she can be seen on the Gigglin' Geezer in the camera footage.

In "How the Best Was Won", Clyde says that ever since Gayle moved to Royal Woods, his favorite food is beef bourguignon. He then pulls out a picture of it while admitting that he forgot to update that fact about him during the game show that Liam and Stella host.

In "Fam Scam", Clyde says that his crêpes recipe is from where her Nana Gayle got them from when she was in France. Cricket then asks him did Lola ever see her when she was still in France. Clyde then says Lola has never seen Nana. Lola then runs over and puts a crape in Clyde's mouth, with her saying that she would like too.

In "High Crimes", she helps Clyde and Lincoln solve the mystery of why Sunset Canyon has been falling apart.


  • She likes to do kickboxing.


Resident Upheaval

Much Ado About Noshing

High Crimes

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Don't Escar-go

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Scoop Snoop


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Brenda is an aunt of the McBride family.

She is first mentioned in "Purrfect Gig" where she brought potato salad to the family reunion much to the dismay of Harold who stated that she signed up to bring the dessert.


Hap is one of Clyde's aunts.

She first appeared in "Flying Solo" where she and Hoda are flying in from the Canary Islands to see Clyde perform.


Hoda is one of Clyde's aunts.

She first appeared in "Flying Solo" where she and Hap are flying in from the Canary Islands to see Clyde perform.


May is Clyde's adoptive great-grandmother, and the mother of Gayle.

She appears in a flashback in The Loud House Movie, where Clyde goes on a trip to France with Gayle and learns that his family is of French descent, and that baking runs in the family. May owns a bakery called May Boulangerie in Paris.


  • According to the sign on the front of her bakery, she established May Boulangerie in 1962.


Collette was Clyde's adoptive great-great-grandmother, the grandmother of Gayle, and the mother of May.

She appears in a flashback in The Loud House Movie, where May tells Clyde about her while he is on a trip in France. She mentions that Collette owned a crepe shop in Calais.


Helene was Clyde's adoptive great-great-great-great-great-grandmother, the grandmother of Gayle, and the great-great-grandmother of May, and the great-grandmother of Collette.

She appears in a flashback in The Loud House Movie, where May tells Clyde about her while he is on a trip in France. She mentions that Helene baked for the French royal family.


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The McBrides' Goldfish

The McBride family owns a goldfish.

In "Purrfect Gig", Cleopawtra and Nepurrtiti, who were running away from Luna who wanted to bathe them, nearly knocked over the goldfish.


Squirt is a flying squirrel originally from the Royal Woods Pet Adoption Center.

In "Animal House", Lana was against Sam's idea of sending the exotic animals at the adoption center to the Exotic Animal Playground, and her parents were against the idea of her adopting them, so she offered to let the McBrides adopt Squirt. Upon learning the she was nocturnal, they accepted the offer, and Lana promised that she would deal with any ruckuses that Squirt caused during the night. Eventually, it got out of hand, so Lana decided to move her, along with Willie and Larry, into her attic and hide them there. She soon realized that none of the animals wanted to be stuck in an attic all day, so she reluctantly agreed to Sam's idea and sent the animals away. She gave Squirt a baseball cap similar to hers in case she got sleepy on the trip.

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