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"Meal Ticket" is the eighth episode of the second season, and the forty-sixth episode of The Casagrandes.


Ronnie Anne and Sid help Casey run his family food truck at a Yoon Kwan concert.


In the Casagrande living room, Ronnie Anne, Sid, and Breakfast Bot are anticipating for the second they can order tickets for an upcoming 12 is Midnight concert. While they wait for the 23 seconds the tickets will be available, Sergio enters, playing with a VR headset. Unfortunately, the second the tickets become available, the internet goes out. It turns out that Sergio accidentally crashed into the wi-fi router, and before long, all the tickets are sold out, much to the three's anger. Later, at Chavez Academy, as Ronnie Anne and Sid bemoan that couldn't see their favorite band live, Casey tells them that he might help them. He explains that his father runs a Cuban food truck that will be at the concert and says that he could use some extra help. Immediately, Ronnie Anne and Sid accept the offer.

Later, Casey shows Ronnie Anne and Sid his father's food truck. Upon arriving, Casey's father, Alberto, introduces himself, and prepares to train the girls how to make Cubano sandwiches so they can work at the concert. The first task is to try and make the Cubano sandwich the way he does: through a song. Despite following his lyrics, the Cubanos Ronnie Anne and Sid make come out burnt. The second task is to handle customer service, with Maybelle and Sergio acting as their customers in training. Maybelle asks for a Cubano with special instructions, and succeed, albeit struggling to get mustard out of the bottle. The third and final task is be prepared for surprises. Alberto promptly takes his truck for a wild ride around the block while dealing with obstacles like speed bumps and spilled condiments. When they get back to their starting point, Ronnie Anne and Sid, sick and messy, present a plate of sandwiches, and when Alberto sees that they have finally perfected the Cubano, he tells them that they are now qualified to help him out at the concert, much to their joy.

Sometime later, the 12 is Midnight concert is being held on the edge of a pier. Further up in the pier are all the parked food trucks, where the Cubano truck arrives. Ronnie Anne and Sid are excited that they get to see the concert from where they are, but then more food trucks arrive and block their view. While Alberto goes off to hand off free samples, Sergio and Sancho arrives and rub in the fact that they have VIP passes. Looking at a map, Sid discovers that they just simply need to move the truck further so they can see. Having overheard their plan, a man named Reizouko offers to help them move in exchange for a Cubano. After being fed one, Reizouko effortlessly picks up the entire truck and carries it over to its new destination. Suddenly, Alberto arrives and asks Reizouko what he's doing with his truck. As he asks this, Reizouko accidentally steps on one of his feet. With his foot in immense pain, Alberto tells the kids that they need to run the truck without him, and Reizouko offers to help carry him to the first aid tent. After Ronnie Anne and Sid apologize for injuring his father, they state that they can see the concert now, but more food trucks arrive to block their view again. When Casey says that he can run the truck with just one of them, Ronnie Anne suggests that she and Sid take turns to see the concert, but Sid says that it won't be as much fun without her. Suddenly, Sid comes up with the idea to have Breakfast Bot help out. After calling up Breakfast Bot, he immediately arrives, and offers his help in running the food truck. After being given new programming that allows him to make Cubanos, Casey, impressed seeing Breakfast Bot make a Cubano effortlessly, tells the girls to enjoy the concert. The second they head off, Sergio and Sancho arrive, and see Breakfast Bot running the truck, where they proceed to mock him.

At the concert, the girls are excited to finally see Yoon Kwan in person. Meanwhile, as Breakfast Bot continues to make Cubanos, Sergio interferes by saying that he didn't put enough ham in it. As the two fight, Sergio accidentally shifts the truck into drive, where it starts to roll forward and careen down the sloped pier. At that moment, Yoon tells the audience that he'll be selecting two people from the audience to let them sing along. As Ronnie Anne and Sid beg to be picked, Sid's phone rings, and she answers it, where Casey tells them that they lost control of the truck and is heading straight towards the concert. The girls attempt to go and help them, but Yoon chooses them to be the ones to join them. Although tempted to join them, they decline the offer as they need to deal with something important. When the girls see the truck heading towards them, they try to figure out how to stop it. Sid suggests that they use a giant Yoon Kwan balloon, but it's out of their reach. Seeing Reizouko nearby, they ask him for their help and he agrees. The moment the truck passes them, Reizouko flings the girls towards the balloon and they karate chop it from the ropes holding it up, where it lands in the ocean. Serving as a giant trampoline, the trucks bounces off the balloon, and lands on the stage, supposedly crushing 12 is Midnight. Luckily, the members are revealed to be fine, as they were behind the truck. As Alberto begins to fall into despair seeing his truck damaged and his reputation ruined, Ronnie Anne and Sid apologize, saying they let their obsession of Yoon take over them, and put him over helping the truck. As Yoon asks if anyone in the truck is okay, Casey, Breakfast Bot and Sergio pop out, and Sergio unknowingly shoves a Cubano into Yoon's mouth. Tasting the sandwich, Yoon calls the Cubano the tastiest sandwich he ever had, and begins to sing Alberto's Cubano song, putting the concert back into full swing, and making Alberto happy, knowing that his reputation isn't destroyed.


Sameer and Nikki have no lines in this episode.


  • This, along with its sister episode, are the second Casagrandes episodes to first release on Amazon, following the previous episode.
  • This is the first episode where Justin Chon voices Yoon Kwan.
  • This episode reveals that Casey and Alberto are of Cuban descent.
  • Alberto's foot being visibly deformed after suffering an injury is similar to Liam's arm in the Loud House episode "Cow Pie Kid".


  • Meal Ticket - The title of this episode is a term that refers to a person or thing that is used as a source of regular income.


  • In the credits, Alberto is credited as Albert.
  • While Alberto's food truck was in drive, it moved toward the ramp, despite the fact that nothing was holding down the gas pedal.


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