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"Meet the Loud Family" is the first episode of Listen Out Loud.


The Loud kids decide they want to start a podcast, but can't agree on what the podcast should be about.


The Loud kids have decided to start up a podcast called Listen Out Loud. However, before they can even begin, they need to settle on a topic to talk about. The siblings offer some suggestions like Lincoln talking about comic books and science-fiction, Lori talking about dating and relationships, Leni talking about fashion, etc., but everyone rejects their offers. This makes the sisters proclaim that, given how big their family is, they should just forget about the podcast and leave. Lincoln, the only player still in, admits defeat, announces to the listeners that the podcast is officially cancelled, and leaves as well.

Just seconds after Lincoln leaves, Luan suddenly comes back and, seeing that everyone is gone, begins to tell jokes to the listeners. The other sisters, hearing Luan, realize that Luan is hogging the podcast to herself, and begin to fight, saying that they too should be given their own podcast. This gives Lincoln the idea that they should take turns hosting the podcast. Lincoln proposes a drawing, where the person who gets the lowest number gets to go first. The siblings draw their numbers, and Lincoln picks #1, meaning he gets to host first. As the sisters leave, Lincoln is prepared to start, but before he can begin, Lynn Sr. tells his family that dinner is ready, making Lincoln announce to the listeners that he has to cut his podcast short so he can eat (and prevent his sisters from stealing his food).



  • The way the sisters imitate buzzers when rejecting Lincoln's ideas on what to talk about for the podcast is the same as how they rejected Lincoln's suggestions on where to spend their day in "One of the Boys".


Lori's body is missing.png
  • In this episode's visual accompaniment on YouTube, Lori's body is missing at one point.


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