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"Meet the Mercado" is the fourth short based on The Casagrandes.


Ronnie Anne and Bobby greet you as the mercado's 1,000th customer! Now if only they can find that special grand prize…


Inside the mercado, Ronnie Anne and Bobby introduce themselves to you, the 1,000th customer to shop at the mercado. In honor of this momentous occasion, Bobby offers some pan dulces, only for Lalo to eat one. Ronnie Anne tells Bobby to go get the special prize, while she introduces you to Hector. Hector offers a free mango con chile (after making it in front of us by spinning and cutting it on a stick and seasoning it), but Sergio arrives to steal it. Hector then says that they're having a sale on horchata, but then CJ and Carl arrives and drink it right out of the jug, much to Hector's frustration (while Ronnie Anne comments that those are her cousins). Hector proceeds to chase after them, but becomes exhausted after a few steps, remarking that he ate a lot of practice mangoes beforehand.

At that moment, Par arrives with a new shipment of paletas, when suddenly, CJ and Carl pop out and proceed to have a swordfight with their paletas. During their fight, Par slips on the spilled horchata, but saves himself thanks to his gym exercises, and cartwheels out the mercado. Bobby arrives, thanks Par for the delivery, and appoints Lalo to clean up the spilled horchata. Ronnie Anne reminds Bobby to get the special prize, and Bobby proceeds to retrieve it.

At that moment, Maybelle and Vito, having heard that the 1,000th customer is in their presence, arrive. Maybelle warns that you need to arrive early to the mercado to get the mangoes (as she has two bags full of them), and Vito gloats on how he's the #1 customer in the mercado, and even has his picture on the wall (which Hector reveals is actually warning poster for him stealing tamales). Bobby enters, when suddenly, he slips on a puddle of CJ and Carl's half-melted paletas, and accidentally creates a mess in the store, including burying us in a pile of groceries. After being pulled out by Ronnie Anne, Bobby is seen in the mangos, where everyone quickly converges on him (Ronnie Anne asks if he's okay, Maybelle asks why he "disrespecting" the mangoes, and Hector asks why his store is a mess). Regardless, Bobby reveals that he got the special prize. After handing it to Ronnie Anne, she explains to us that, as the 1,000th customer, we got an unlimited snacks coupon that has no expiration date. Upon taking the coupon, Sergio proceeds to steal it, causing everyone but Ronnie Anne to go chase after him to get the coupon back. Ronnie Anne remarks that it's just another typical day at the mercado, as stuff like this always happens.



  • This short premiered as part of Nick's Shorts Showcase, a mini-series that consists of shorts of Nickelodeon shows such as It's Pony and Middlemost Post.
Meet the Mercado square.png @thecasagrandes Instagram Picture.jpg thecasagrandes Verified
thecasagrandes Verified Congrats! You're the 1000th customer at the mercado!
JULY 25, 2021[1]
  • This is the first short in which Ronnie Anne has a speaking role, as she appeared without dialogue in "I'm Back" and "Do the Fruit Shake" and was fully absent from "Operation: After School Snack".
  • On July 25, 2021, the short was released for free on The Casagrandes' Instagram account.



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