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Meryl Farrell is a minor character in The Loud House.


Meryl is Cheryl's younger sister, and she works as a school secretary at Royal Woods Middle School.

In "Schooled!", Lincoln encounters her on his way to talk to Principal Ramirez and initially believing that she's Cheryl having gotten a new job at Royal Woods Middle School. Meryl cleared up the confusion. When Meryl told Principal Ramirez that they are serving meatloaf in the cafeteria, Principal Ramirez mentioned to her that she was planning on having that for dinner. After Lincoln slipped a coupon to Lynn's Table on Principal Ramirez, Lincoln asked Meryl for a special pass to dine off school grounds.

Meryl also appears in "Kernel of Truth" and revealed that she is the one who took all the school's popcorn for herself. She used it to completely cover the walls of her room with popcorn resulting the room to be soundproofed. She did it because she wanted some peace and quiet while watching her soap opera show. After Lincoln and his friends discovered it, she asked them to not tell Principal Ramirez about it or otherwise she will lose her job. In exchange for staying silent, Meryl revealed another theory in school about a hidden arcade room.

Meryl also appears in "A Flipmas Carol" with Cheryl buying a Christmas tree from Flip, but they got swindled by Flip into buying a cheap flimsy Christmas tree and fooling them by dangling an air freshener into buying it that tree because of its fresh smell. By the end of the episode, Flip gives them a better Christmas tree after feeling bad about what he did to them and the other customers that were swindled by him and regretting it after seeing his consequences in a dream.

In "Saved by the Spell", she is inadvertently hypnotized by Zach into dancing non-stop (because Zach was trying to hypnotize Lincoln into not doing his magic act for the school talent show) and she ends up releasing herself from the hypnosis at the end of the episode.

In "Double Trouble", she and Cheryl team up against other twins to represent Auntie Pam's Parlor, and end up winning. Lana and Lola scheme to have them fight to obtain the crown themselves. Though they succeed, Meryl nearly moves out of Royal Woods as a result, but the Loud twins get Cheryl to reconcile with Meryl.

In "Save Royal Woods!", Meryl helps the citizens of Royal Woods save their town from being destroyed in favor of a new Great Lake.

In "Prize Fighter", Meryl disguises herself as Cheryl while the latter is off judging for the Minnie McFiggle Award.


Meryl has almost the same personality as her older sister, they both speak in a southern accent and they're both kind and friendly towards the students and the school staff.

Unlike dutiful Cheryl, Meryl is bit less responsible, because she tends to slack off during her work and watch her favorite shows.


Meryl has very tall light brown hair, and wears large circled white earrings, a pearl necklace, red lipstick, a pink shirt shirt, a long violet skirt, and white high heels. Like her sister, she is rather pudgy. She is nearly identical to Cheryl, with the only difference besides default attire being that she has a mole on her right cheek.

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