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  • I’m MrAnimatedToon, a pleasure to meet you.

    I had a question for you: in your ranking for episodes you ranked Friendzy as your second least favorite episode of Season 3. Why?

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    • Can you give me your thoughts on these character descriptions/headcanons?

      Lincoln - The only boy of the Loud Siblings. Despite having to constantly put up with his sisters’ antics, he still loves and deeply cares for them. He’s titled “The Man with the Plan”, since he’s always coming up with schemes to achieve something he wants (although they tend to backfire on him.

      Lori - The Oldest Loud Sibling. Most of the time, she acts as the leader of her younger siblings, and it’s the one in charge to keep them in control. Despite sometimes acting a bit selfish and condescending, she really cares for her family.

      Leni - The Loud Fashionista. She has a talent with everything that has to do with fashion and clothing. She might not be the brightest of her siblings, but she has a heart of gold, and would do anything to make her family smile.

      Luna - The Loudest Loud. She probably is the one who puts the ‘Loud’ in Loud House. Her love for music (especially rock n’ roll) makes her always recite song lyrics whenever she can. She loves playing the guitar, and makes everyone pumped up just by listening to her.

      Luan - The Clown Princess of Pranks. Her love for comedy compares to Luna’s love for music. Shes always cracking jokes and puns to lighten up the situation. Though her sisters and brother seldom laugh at them. She’s always willing to bring a smile on anyone who needs it. (If course, be careful of her when April Fools arrives.)

      Lynn - The Sports Star of the Louds. She has mastered every sport known to man. She can even turn the most mundane activity into an exciting sport just by thinking of it. She’s probably the roughest one in her family, but she still shows affection for all of them, especially her brother, Lincoln. That being said, her most fatal flaw is her superstitions.

      Lucy - The Gothic Poet. She’s arguably the quietest Loud of them all, which can lead to most of her siblings taking her for granted accidentally. She has quite the fascination for the macabre and creepy, but that doesn’t stop her from showing affection for her siblings.

      Lana - The Little Miss Fix-A-Lot of Royal Woods. Unlike her siblings, especially her twin sister Lola, she’s not afraid of getting dirty and playing with mud. She has a fascination with animals (particularly reptiles and amphibians). She’s also an expert on mechanics and repairing, which is why most of her family come to her aid for something to fix in the house.

      Lola - The Princess of the Loud House. In all of Royal Woods, she’s the definition of Beauty Pageant Powerhouse. She has won so many of them, the only thing she has lost is count. She has quite the temper, even intimidating most of her older siblings. But like her siblings, she loves and cares deeply for all of them, and would do anything to help them and her friends any day. Just make sure to NEVER get on her bad side.

      Lisa - The Child Prodigy of the Louds. She’s undeniably the smartest sibling in the family. She can make complex calculations under a minute, and she’s capable of creating fantastic inventions out of her environment. She’s probably the most distant of her family, and has some creepy tendencies. But she’s not devoid of emotions or affection. All she needs is to learn how to be more open and how much her family means to her.

      Clyde - Lincoln’s Best Friend. He’s always willing to give a helping hand to his best friend, Lincoln. Unlike most boys in his class, Clyde doesn’t mind the chaos in the Loud House, in fact, he likes it. The Loud sisters even consider him an honorary Loud sibling. Although his crush on Lori can get really out of hand very quickly.

      Ronnie Anne - The Toughest Girl in Royal Woods. She’s feared by her peers, and she has a reputation of being one of the toughest bullies in town. However, those who know her (her family and friends, which includes Lincoln) know that inside that intimidating exterior, hides a well meaning girl who cares for her family and friends. Most people tend to think that she has a thing for Lincoln, but both of them know that they’re only friends (or are they?)

      Bobby - The Santiago’s Breadwiner. He’s a very hardworking person, having more than five jobs at his hand. Despite being as smart as Leni sometimes, he’s a kind-hearted guy, who would do anything to help his dear girlfriend Lori, and his sister Ronnie Anne.

      Liam - The Farmer Boy. He lives in a farm in town with his family, and is always working hard there. Out of all Lincoln’s friends, he’s probably the toughest one. He’s interested in some sports, like basketball, even though he’s not as good as Lynn is. He will help his friends whenever they need him. But be warned: Never. Cross. Him.

      Rusty - The So-Called “Ladies Man”. He’s the most physically active and egocentric of Lincoln’s friends. Often thinking of himself as a ladies man, though it’s very clear the ladies are not interested in him. He used to be part of a bike gang, but no one knows why he stopped hanging out with them, not even his friends.

      Zach - The Card Carrying Nerd. He’s interested in all things geek, and is a conspiracy theory enthusiast. He believes in all theories, especially when they’re about aliens. He’s probably the most antisocial of Lincoln’s friends, since he thinks he can’t make friends outside of his current group. According to Lincoln, he lives between a circus and a highway.

      Carlota - The Oldest of the Santiago’s cousins. She has the same interest as Leni in fashion, and always likes to create new dresses for her friends and family (even if some of them like Ronnie Anne, Lynn and especially Lana don’t approve) A lot of guys are interested in her, but she knows they are only attracted because of her looks. For her the perfect guy is someone who loves her for who she is, and not how she looks. Out of her siblings, she’s with most experience in traveling the city.

      CJ - The Adventurer Casagrande. He’s a kid with a lot of imagination, and always willing to play with other people, especially his family and Lincoln, who he considers a good friend. CJ doesn’t like fighting with his siblings, and prefers a more pacific solution to a problem. He’s kind of in charge of keeping the street cat from the bodega.

      Carl - The “Macho Alfa” of the Casagrandes. Like Rusty, he thinks of himself as a ladies man, but all he’s able to achieve is for every girl to think of him as adorable. He also likes to think of himself as a brave adventurer, taking risks whenever he can. But all he’s able to do is get himself into all kinds of trouble.

      Girl Jordan - She gets her nickname because there are two Jordan’s at school, and one of them is a boy. She usually likes to hang out with Lincoln and his friends, and she’s one of the nicest girls in their class. But he sure to never have a dodgeball match with her, because she’ll have no mercy on you.

      Cristina - She’s a pretty shy and quiet girl, having very few friends at school and preferring to be on her own. Lincoln used to have a crush on her, but after an incident with a video contest, she moved to another class, and the status of their relationship is unknown. Although, she might feel something for the young Loud boy after all.

      Mollie - One of Lincoln’s classmates. Unlike most girls in her class (with the exception of Girl Jordan, Renee, Stella And Ronnie Anne (when she lived in Royal Woods) Mollie has a bit of a tomboy streak, having a bit of a rivalry with Lincoln. Her favorite competition being cannonball contests. However, unlike Renee, she’s in more friendlier terms with him, seeing their rivalry as much more of a friendship than anything else.

      Stella - The New Girl in Town. Ever since she came to town, several boys in her class, including Lincoln and friends, showed a lot of interest in her. However, all she wants is to make friends and have a good time with them. She’s a bit of a tomboy herself, but a lot less intimidating and rough than Ronnie Anne. Ever since she became friends with Lincoln’s group, she basically became an honorary member, and they couldn’t be more glad to have her as a friend.

      Beatrix - She’s a perfectionist. She likes everything to go according to plan, and keep the order of things, which considering the neighbors her family has, it’s not an easy task. She’s an expert in computer coding, and she can memorize complex codes with ease. However, this has made people into thinking she’s some sort of nerd.

      Belle - One of the Yates kids. She appears to be as much of a perfectionist as her sister or parents, but deep down, she hates having to be the “perfect little girl” and wants to make decisions on her own. She’s a skilled violinist, which has made her love classic pieces of music such as the works of Beethoven or Mozart. Although, her love for music does bring her closer to a certain rockstar, who might teach her some things about music (and perhaps a few other things about being who she really is).

      Bumper Jr. - One of the Yates kids. His math skills, and ability to be outstanding in everything he tries, has made a lot of kids his age to think he’s some sort of robot designed to be perfect in everything he does. However, every time someone asks him what his secret is, he always responds “my secret is to never give up, and always have a positive outlook on life.”

      Beau - A lot of kids his age think he’s a stuck-up goody two-shoes who’s always trying to be better than everyone else. However, he’s actually a friendly kid, and will always help anyone who comes to him for aid. That being said, his impressive intelligence for his age has made him have a bitter rivalry with Lisa Loud (though, Beau has yet to notice it).

      Sam - Luna’s classmate and best friend. Like Luna, she has an undying love for music, liking all genres, with the exception of polka and a little of bubblegum pop. Whenever Luna’s having trouble with a song, she can always count on her to give her an advice. She and Luna have been friends for a long time, although Luna wishes they could be more than just friends.

      George (Sam’s male rocker friend) - One of Luna’s classmates and friends. In contrast to his friends, George is actually a lot more passive than them (though still has a lot of energy within himself). He has a lot of knowledge on rock culture, and is able to play solos that even Luna and Sam have difficulty with. In Sam’s band, he’s the lead singer and leader.

      Ruth (Sam’s female rocker friend) - One of Luna’s classmates and friends. She’s the most relaxed and cool of her group of friends. She knows about Luna’s crush on Sam, and always gives her a helping hand to earn her affection whenever she can. In Sam’s band, she’s the drummer (though, she also knows how to use the saxophone).

      Carol - Lori’s former rival and current best friend. She used to be Lori’s worst nightmare, thinking she was better than her in everything. However, Carol felt the other way around, and after learning about each other more, they became besties. But even then, Carol can’t help it but feel a bit jealous of how great a family Lori has...

      Becky - She’s one of Lori’s closest friends. She may look like your typical teenage girl, shopping and chatting with her friends all the time, but when you get to know her better, she’s actually into a lot of boy stuff. Like ARGGH!, Ace Savvy, Rock n’ Roll, etc. Thins makes her get along with Lincoln just fine, and she considers him a very close friend.

      Dana - One of Lori’s friends. She’s a very friendly and hardworking person, even being one of Bobby’s coworkers. He and Dana are very close friends, with the latter having a little crush on him. But when she met Lori, rather than feeling crushed, she became quick friends with her, and accepted her and Bobby’s relationship.

      Rocky - Rusty’s younger brother. For an 8 year old boy like him, he has a lot in common with Lucy. He likes creepy stuff, and loves when Lucy reads one of her poems to him. He considers her a girl with a distinctive look on life, and is one of the few boys in school who appreciates her point of view in life. Despite this, he’s still pretty much your average eight year old boy... with an unsettling obsession for blood.

      Chandler - The most popular kid in Royal Woods Elementary School. Most people think he’s an amazing guy, but Lincoln, his sisters and friends are the only ones who know just how rotten and self centered he is. He likes to take advantage of the naive kids who want to be his friends, and does so feeling proud of himself.

      Darcy - Lisa’s best friend, and one of the few she has. Darcy is a girl who likes to be friends with everyone in the world, even the most rotten and grouchiest people on earth. She loves her toy giraffe Rafo, and always carries him everywhere she goes. Lisa loves to have Darcy around her, since she considers she makes her life better.

      Teri - One of Lori’s friends. She’s a girl who likes wild experiences. She plays sports, goes to rock concerts, and generally enjoys life in her own way. But there’s one thing she loves most: her little sister Darcy. Ever since she was born, they both had a strong bond with each other, almost as if she was her second mom. So much so that is hard for her to let Darcy go. She’s an expert in a lot of foreign languages, particularly Italian and Mandarin.

      David - Lisa’s love interest. He has the same level of intelligence as Lisa, but is a lot more open and friendly than her. He sees it as his job to make Lisa be a more open with her feelings, and with the help of Darcy, he might be able to succeed. His speciality is chemistry. Anything related to the human body, however, grossed him out to no end.

      Clare - Watterson’s owner. Unlike Darcy, Clare is very shy, and kind of feels intimidated by a lot of people she doesn’t know. She love to play with her dog, Watterson, and considers him her best friend. He might not be human, but she feels he’s the only friend she needs.

      Tabby - Luna’s friend, and a bit of her apprentice. Tabby admires Luna as much as Luna admires Mick Swagger. She looks up to her as the sister she never, and wishes she had. She’s been into music herself since she was Lana and Lola’s age, and aspires to be as great as Luna someday.

      Giggles - Luan’s best friend and clowning partner. She loves comedy as much as Luan does, and loves to pull a few pranks herself. But even then, she’s not really as malicious with them as Luan in April Fools, and prefers that everyone is able to laugh rather than just herself. That being said, her dad is the most powerful prankster in all of Royal Woods. That’s why you don’t want to upset her, because if she’s mad, he’s mad. And if he’s mad... you better start praying he doesn’t find you.

      Haiku - Lucy’s best friend. She shares her love of the macabre, and for poetry. She’s a little bit more shy than Lucy is, only having her and the Morticians Club as her friends. Despite this, she loves hanging out with Lucy, and deeply cares for her friends. And she may or may not have a little crush on a certain nose bleeding friend of Lincoln.

      Polly Pain - One of Lynn’s teammates in roller derby. She makes justice to her name by bringing pain and suffering to her opponents, and sometimes to people she cares about (though, like Lynn, is mostly roughhousing). She’s one of the toughest girls in all of Royal Woods (perhaps even more so than Lynn and Ronnie Anne themselves), but also a very fun person to hang around. That is, you have to be careful of her booty blocks and her helicopters.

      Maggie - Luan’s Secret Emo Friend. She’s the kind of girl who seems to hate everyone and everything, and would rather watch the whole world burn, and for the most part, it’s true... with the exception of a certain comedienne. Despite her seemingly cold nature, she has a deep appreciation for art, and loves Luan’s performances as a mime. She often gets annoyed with most of her jokes and pranks, but deep down, she considers her the best friend she could ever have.

      Renee - A comic book enthusiast, and a rival to Lincoln. She likes comic books since her childhood, and would do anything to obtain rare editions. Ever since she became Lincoln’s rival, she’s done anything to prove she is the best comic book fan in all of Royal Woods.

      Whitney - One of Lori’s friends. She’s the most sophisticated and proper of them, having a lot in common with Lori. She always thought of herself as her best friend... until Carol Pingrey showed up. Even if she does hang out with her sometimes, she can’t help but feel resentment towards her.

      Paige - A gamer girl and one of Lincoln’s crushes. She loves to dance, and her favorite videogame of all time is, of course, a dance game. Lincoln is slightly interested in her, but she doesn’t notice that much, considering him more as a friend.

      Margo - One of Lynn’s baseball teammates and her best friend. She’s a little less rough than Lynn, and a lot more down to earth than her, believing Lynn’s superstitions to be a lot of baloney. Most boys around Lincoln’s age tend to stay clear from her, feeling a little intimidated by her, but she’s actually really friendly and helpful when you get to know her.

      Paula - One of Lynn’s Turkey Jerkies’ teammates. She has some difficulty playing basketball due to her wearing a cast, but she wants to prove herself that she can play sports even with her cast, and prove to everyone else that if she can do it, anyone can. Out of all Lynn’s basketball teammates, she’s probably the most competent one when it comes to playing the sport.

      Diane, Amy and Maya - Lynn’s other basketball teammates. They are very insecure girls, playing basketball for fun, because they think they don’t stand a chance against other more successful teams. Each of them has a different health condition. Maya has narcolepsy, Amy has respiratory problems, and Diane has sweaty palms. Making it difficult for them to play basketball. However, with the help of Lynn, they might be able to succeed and even start to win more.

      Francisco - Lynn’s love interest. Out of all of Lynn’s sports rivals, Francisco is perhaps the only one she has some sort of respect for (which is very rare for her). He takes losing a lot better than Lynn, and is much more interested on being able to play with her. Despite Lynn’s crush on him, he seems to consider her a friend, even calling her “one of the guys” (much to Lynn’s exasperation).

      Hank - One of the two biggest terrors in Royal Woods. He has an extreme appetite, and would do anything to obtain food for himself. Even terrorizing children to obtain it. That being said, a little blood can scare him and his partner in crime, Hawk, away.

      Hawk - Captain of the Hazeltucky Hockers and Hank’s best friend. He’s willing to beat up girls and little kids to obtain what he wants, and loves to terrorize the youth of Royal Woods to get what he wants. He and his friend Hank would be the biggest nightmares in Royal Woods... if it weren’t for two things standing in their way: The Loud Siblings, And their gigantic fear of blood.

      Bratty Kid - He’s loves to cause trouble to obtain what he wants, though not to the extent that Hank and Hawk go. He looks a lot like Lincoln, which he takes advantage of to put him into some serious trouble.

      Lindsey - Lola’s archenemy. She absolutely loathes Lola Loud, And is more than sick and tired of always being second best to her. Like Lola, she has the ability to be threatening and cunning, always making people to do her bidding. Unlike Lola, however, she lacks the compassion and self awareness to admit when she does wrong. She’s desperate to defeat Lola, and would do anything to win first place against her (even if it means playing dirty).

      Steak - One of Lincoln’s rivals. Ever since his failed attempt to humiliate Lincoln and his father, he, along with his father, Stan, have made it their duty to put the young Loud boy down, with not very successful results. To himself, he’s the Louds’ greatest rival. To the Louds, however, he’s just a nuisance.

      Roxanne - Lola’s best friend. Like Francisco, Roxanne has the honor of being one of the few pageant rivals Lola actually respects. She has a lot in common with Lola, from their favorite show, Prison Pageants, to being able to be threatening when she needs to. One thing she doesn’t have that Lola does, however, is self confidence, believing she will never be able to be as special as her best friend is.

      Fiona - Leni’s co-worker and one of her best friends. Unlike her friend Leni, she’s a lot more aware of her surroundings, and a lot less friendly. She can act a bit like a grouch, and can get annoyed with most people she knows (especially Leni’s brother, Lincoln). Despite this, she’s a pretty insecure individual, and does appreciate her friendship with Leni, seeing her as the sister she never had.

      Jackie - One of Leni’s best friends. Like Leni, she has a passion for fashion, and even admires her skills. Unlike Leni, however, she really doesn’t have the talent for it. This still doesn’t stop Leni from teaching her a thing or two about dress-making.

      Mandee - One of Leni’s best friends. She might look like a shy girl, but in reality, she’s just as much a social butterfly as Leni herself, perhaps even more so. She likes to meet new people, and make new friendships. The ones she feels are genuine, are the ones she considers worth keeping. She’s not much into fashion as Leni or Jackie, but always appreciates advices from them when she needs them.

      Chaz - Leni’s love interest. Chaz is a fun loving guy. Always enjoying life at its best and hanging out with his friends. Chaz isn’t really very smart himself, often referring to himself in third person, for some reason. But that doesn’t make stop Leni from adoring every minute with him. Like Becky, his best friend, he has a lot in common with Lincoln, and considers him like a brother.

      Miguel - One of Leni’s best friends. Unlike most guys in Royal Woods, Miguel is a very mannered and feminine person. He always gives fashion advices to girls (especially his friends) when they need him. He’s a yoga instructor, which means he has a lot of flexibility and balance.

      Benny - Luan’s love interest. He’s into showbiz like Luan, but while she’s an aspiring comedienne, Benny seems more interested in performance and acting. That being said, he loves a good prank, always loves to listen to Luan’s jokes, and has a bit of a prankster side himself. He has a bit of a rivalry with Maggie for Luan’s affection, though she wants everyone to get along.

      Nikki - One of Ronnie Anne’s city friends. Out of all Ronnie Anne’s friends, Nikki is perhaps the closest to her. She’s a bit of a troublemaker, and enjoys pulling inoffensive pranks on people she’s close to. She’s a free spirited person, and would never allow anyone from stopping her from being herself. Even if she gets into a lot of trouble.

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