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"Mexican Makeover" is the thirty-second episode of the first season of The Casagrandes.


When Mama Lupe comes to visit, Abuela tries to get her family at the top of their cultural game.


While Rosa and the kids are watching TV, Rosa suddenly gets a call from her mother, Lupe. She answers the phone, and Lupe's pet parrot, Paco, answers. He hands the phone over to Lupe, who announces her upcoming visit to the US. As she and Rosa chat, Lupe states that she's proud that Rosa is continuing to pass down their Mexican traditions to her family. When Lupe brings up the last time Rosa's cousin Dacho and his children came to visit, they were dismissive of their Mexican traditions, like eating American food, watching American TV, or not speaking Spanish. Rosa discovers the kids doing those very things, and after Lupe comments that her heart almost gave out because of their traditions being ignored, she asks to see the kids, but Rosa fakes the signal going out to end the call. When Rosa ponders how to hide the American lifestyle from her family, Sergio suggests giving everything a Mexican makeover.

Wearing traditional Mexican clothes.

The next day, the kids discover that all of their normal clothes have been replaced with traditional Mexican clothes, much to their dismay (except for Bobby, who likes his cowboy outfit). When they enter the kitchen, they see it fully decorated with decorations and motifs, and all the food on the table is very spicy. At that moment, Rosa begins to label everything with their Spanish translation, hoping that it would help them learn more Spanish. The gang attempts to flee by going to the other room, and discover that Frida is working on a mural and Carlos suggesting that they read their entire family history. Feeling like something's off, the kids proceed to confront Rosa.

As Rosa continues to make the living room more Mexican, the kids, wearing their normal clothes, ask Rosa why she's putting all of these changes on them. Before she can answer, Sergio arrives and says that Lupe has landed at the airport, and has to pick her up, hoping that she'll "survive the visit." Rosa elaborates that she's doing what she's been doing because if Lupe finds out they're not embracing their Mexican traditions, her heart might go out (with Carlos bringing up how that almost happened after his cousin Dacho gave her fast food tacos). Now knowing the context behind the situation, Ronnie Anne states that it's not too late, and that they can still pretend that they're embracing traditions, with Sergio commenting that she'll help her learn Spanish.

Sometime later, Rosa escorts Lupe into the apartment building and is greeted by Ronnie Anne, wearing her Mexican dress and speaking fluent Spanish (with Sergio hiding in the backpack she's wearing). At that moment, the other kids arrive and show Lupe that they too are embracing their traditions, like Carlota practicing her baile folklorico, and Carl and CJ lucha libre wrestling. As Carl and CJ fight, Ronnie Anne tells Lupe that Bobby (referred to by his Spanish name "Roberto") has a surprise on the rooftop in about 10 minutes.

On the rooftop, Lupe is greeted to a Mexican-based lunch table, and Bobby, wearing his cowboy outfit, arrives with Lalo, wearing horns and being referred to as a goat. Bobby sits Lupe down and Carlota offers her a spicy enchilada. When Lupe states that it's too hot, Ronnie Anne tells Carl and CJ to order fast food tacos. After Lupe cools her mouth down, Hector is about to perform some music with Par as a guest guitarist. As the two play, Par suddenly begins to blare loud rock music with his guitar, the sound waves pushing everyone down and making Lalo run off. During the commotion, Carlos and Frida, bringing up the latter's newest painting, is knocked out of their hands by Lalo, which nearly crushes Lupe (which Bobby pulls her away from at the last second), but lands on the table, where the abundance of hot sauce causes it to melt, much to Frida's dismay.

Mama Lupe still undefeated.

As Ronnie Anne asks Lupe if she's okay, Lalo bumps into her, causing Sergio to become exposed and revealing all of the Spanish flash cards she was using. This makes Lupe berate the family for not embracing their traditions correctly, and when Lupe bemoans that it's just as bad as Dacho giving her fast food tacos, at the same time that the fast food tacos Carl and CJ ordered arrive, causing Lupe to suffer a heart attack and collapse. Ronnie Anne and Rosa apologize for lying to her, and after Lupe asks if they only did this to make her happy (which the family agrees with), Lupe stands back up, revealing that she faked her heart giving out in order to tell them that's what a real Mexican family would do, elaborating that family matters more than traditions. Suddenly, Paco is revealed to have been hiding in her purse, being her Spanish-to-English translator. After telling Rosa that she raised a great family, Lupe proceeds to have fun with the Casagrandes by doing activities with them, like drinking hot sauce challenge with CJ, playing guitar with Paco, and wrestling everybody.


Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "The Complete First Season" DVD.
As the DVD was released too soon after the French dub of this episode aired, the DVD does not include this episode's French dub.


  • The plot of the episode is similar to the The Loud House episode "Write and Wrong". Both episodes focus on the show's family pretending to be what they aren't like to look good and their lie getting revealed in the end. However, unlike the Louds in that episode, the Casagrandes do the activities that they did, based on their cultural act relating to Mexican activities in the end.
  • It is revealed that none of Rosa's grandchildren can speak Spanish fluently beyond some words and short sentences.
  • It is revealed that CJ, Rosa, Hector, and Carlitos are the only Casagrandes with a high tolerance to extremely spicy food.
  • Despite Rosa shooting Bobby with a name tag reading his real name (Roberto), she nearly shoots CJ, Ronnie Anne, and Carl with labels reading their respective nicknames instead of their real names (Carlos, Ronalda, Carlino).
CS1E17A BTS Script.jpg @laloalcaraz1 Instagram Picture.jpg laloalcaraz1 Verified
laloalcaraz1 Verified Next #thecasagrandes episode of mine is in the pipeline
NOVEMBER 17, 2019[1]
  • This episode was confirmed by Lalo Alcaraz on Instagram by saying that it's the next episode he wrote after "Croaked".
    • According to his post, production for this episode started on July 23, 2019.
  • Lupe is Rosa's mother. However, Lupe's voice actress, Angélica Aragón, is 68, while Rosa's voice actress, Sonia Manzano, is 71, making Rosa's voice actress older.
  • Sergio is revealed to be able to speak fluent Spanish.
  • This and its sister episode are the lowest viewed episodes of Season 1.
  • Cartoon biology: Mama Lupe recovers from her heart attack when she learns her family were trying not to disappoint her. In real life, shock-induced heart attacks don't just go away when the shock stops.

International edits

  • Due to the large number of references made to the Spanish language in this episode, they were localized in the Latin American Spanish dub.[specify]
  • Unlike most Croatian dubs of Nickelodeon shows where characters are speaking spanish as they were localized english (example Dora from Dora The Exploer) this episode along with other episodes have The Casagrande family speak actual spanish instead of english.


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