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Michael "Mike" Rubiner is a writer and formerly served as story editor on The Loud House, until "Tea Tale Heart". He currently serves as executive producer after Chris Savino's firing starting with the episode "The Loudest Thanksgiving". Rubiner is also the developer of The Casagrandes, and he is also confirmed to be an executive producer for the upcoming live-action series.

He has previously written for shows like KaBlam!, Robotboy, and The Naked Brothers Band. He also served as a story editor on Celebrity Deathmatch, and Bravest Warriors.

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Victoria Davis: How did you first get involved with The Loud House? What attracted you to this coming-of-age comedy?

Mike Rubiner: I had recently moved to LA from New York and heard from friends at Nickelodeon about The Loud House starting up. It sounded like the perfect show for me – I have three sisters, which isn’t ten, but it’s something. And, as it happens, I’m from the same area that the show is loosely set in – suburban Detroit. So, it definitely seemed like it was meant to be.

—Victoria Davis, Animation World Network[1]
  • Rubiner comes from the same region as Savino: suburban Detroit.

Do you have a favorite episode?
Rubiner: That’s a hard one – there are so many I love! I can’t pick a favorite, but here are a few I’m especially fond of: “Really Loud Music” (the two-part musical starring Luna), “The Sweet Spot” (the kids fight over the best spot in Vanzilla), all the crazy Luan-centric April Fools episodes, “Suite and Sour” (the Louds cause chaos at a resort hotel), “Absent Minded” (Clyde becomes a school Jr. Administrator), “A Grave Mistake” (Lucy wants to become president of the Morticians Club), “Tripped” (the Louds go on a road trip) … But really that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

  • In an interview, he has revealed some of his favorite episodes of the show.
  • A caricature of Michael Rubiner appears in different episodes as different characters:

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