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For the elderly man, see Seymour.

Seymour is a frog, who made his only appearance in "Sound of Silence", as Lana's former pet.


Lola maybe buried Seymour?

After Seymour's croaking made Lola messes up her makeup, she decided to take care of the problem herself, or at least Lana thinks. It is unknown if he was real or not, because in the end, it turned out to be a prank for Lincoln set up by Lola, because he was using noise-cancelling ear buds and the flashbacks could have been fake or real.

Despite the stories being made up, it appears Seymour may have actually been real. Seymour's name (which was misspelled as "Seymoor") was taped on a tank that Lana kept him in her room. After the story to the frog fiasco ended, it's shown that Seymour's name was covered up by a label for Lana's new lizard Izzy. Lana still seems to hold some feelings of despair over the loss of her frog, and hates to bring it up.

Considering the frog fiasco was made up, it is likely that Lola never did anything to Seymour, as Lana admits she can't prove she did, and his true fate is currently left unknown. Whatever really happened to the frog or if the frog even ever existed remains a mystery.

It would appear that Seymour was Lana's first pet frog, and that she had him before Hops. But since it is unknown if the frog is real or not, it is unknown if this is true.


Seymour is a standard looking green frog.

School Frogs

The school frogs are a bunch of dark green frogs who Lincoln and Lana saved in "Frog Wild".


When Mrs. Johnson told Lincoln that the class would be dissecting them, Lana said that it sounded horrible and, using a video of herself and Hops, convinced Lincoln to save them.

They did, but when they tried to set them free, they didn't know how to be safe from predators due to being raised in captivity, so they took them home. However, Principal Huggins had discovered the frogs were gone, so he went into the students' houses to find the 'frog hero'. When he found out that Lincoln and Lana had saved the frogs, Lana showed him and Mrs. Johnson the video of Hops, convincing the school staff to keep the frogs in a tank.


The crow was a friend of Mr. Squirrel

At the end of "Jeers for Fears", the crow dressed up as Mr. Squirrel and pretended to decapitate itself to prank Lincoln and Clyde.


The Dowl (Scientific Name: Loudicus Lisa) is an animal from The Loud House. It first appeared in "Raw Deal".


When Lisa was hiking through the national park with her family, a giant egg fell down, and she spotted an owl with antlers. At the news report, right after she showed the Park Ranger, the Dowl's antlers fell off, and revealed that the antlers were fake, as they have a sign on them that says "Made in China". The Park Ranger told the truth, explaining that he bought the antlers from a yard sale, and glued them on the owl. It was his attempt to try and get people to come to the park, as not many people come anymore, because the local geyser was inactive.


The Dowl is a regular owl, with deer antlers glued onto its head.

Great Lakes City Pigeons

There are a number of pigeons in Great Lakes City who feature in a few episodes of both The Loud House and The Casagrandes.


The pigeons are friends of Sergio and often accompany him. They also have big appetites and will sometimes attack people for food.

In "The Spies Who Loved Me", Carlota and Carl followed Ronnie Anne downtown while Carlos, Frida, CJ, Carlitos, Rosa, and Hector spied on her in their apartment. When Ronnie Anne met some pigeons while eating a pretzel, the family worried that they would attack her, but she just shared her pretzel with them. Meanwhile, Carl tried to distract them with pizza, only to fall and get some on him, leading them to chase him.

In "Power Play with the Casagrandes", Sergio throws a party with the pigeons.

In an installment of The Casagrandes Familia Sounds, the pigeons and Sergio take baths in the wading pools that Carl was bathing dogs in.



"Petey" redirects here. For the minor character, see Minor characters/Humans#Petey Wimple.

Petey is a minor character in The Loud House. He is a feisty cockatoo.


He has white fur all over his body, a faux hawk like hairstyle, black beak, and yellow talons.


Spunk E. Pigeon

Spunk E. Pigeon is a one-time character in The Loud House. She is the mascot of Spunk E. Pigeon's Pizza Palooza Paradise.


There's not much information about her. The only two appearances of her in the episode was on top of the logo of Spunk E. Pigeon's Pizza Palooza Paradise, and on the animatronic show, Fuzz-A-Rockin Explodoganza.


  • She is named after and based on the main character, Spunky Pigeon, from a 2004 unnamed Nicktoon.[1]
  • She is a reference to Chuck E. Cheese and Helen Henny, both from Chuck E. Cheese's.
  • In the Brazilian Portuguese dub of the series, she was given a male voice actor.


Ricky the Rooster was a rooster and the school mascot of Royal Woods Elementary School. He was first seen in the Season 4 episode "A Grave Mistake" but sadly passed away during that episode. He likes popcorn.

Because of the loss, Lucy plans a funeral for him, which goes terribly wrong, so they have a second attempt, which they send Ricky off, and Luna sings a a song about him.

In a Listen Out Loud episode, Lucy and her goth friends attempted to raise his spirit. They were interrupted several times, and eventually Boris's mother made a rooster noise on his synthesizer to trick them into thinking they'd succeeded. Afterwards, an actual rooster was heard, but it is unknown if that was Ricky or a living rooster.


  • According to Lucy, Ricky had a fractured waddle, an artificial heart, and gout.


Miss Hummingbird

Miss Hummingbird is a blue hummingbird seen in "Love Birds".

When she landed on Lola's teacup, the latter offered her some caffeine-free tea to help her "slow down". Miss Hummingbird drank the tea and Charles, Cliff, and Geo imagined what would happen if Walt became her boyfriend. They concluded that he wouldn't be able to keep up with her, so they rejected her.


The dove is a grey dove who wears a black hat with a veil.

When Charles, Cliff, and Geo were looking for a girlfriend for Walt in "Love Birds", they saw the dove singing on a gravestone (provided by Lucy) and considered making her Walt's girlfriend, but they rejected her due to believing she'd only make him cry.


  • According to Lucy, she is a mourning dove, which is also called a rain dove or turtledove.


The eagle is an eagle seen in "Love Birds".

When Charles, Cliff, and Geo were trying to find Walt a girlfriend, they noticed the eagle, but didn't even consider hooking her up with Walt because they were scared by her swooping down above them.

Walt's girlfriend

Walt's girlfriend is a white duck in a purple crown who Walt has been dating since "Love Birds".

In "Love Birds", Charles, Cliff, and Geo hooked her up with Walt to cheer him up after he failed at wooing Mr. Grouse's plastic flamingo.

They had a good date, but then the duck realised that she'd have to leave because it was fall. Charles, Cliff, and Geo made a fake beach so the duck could stay, but she missed her family and when Walt tried to come with her, he missed his friends. Lana then gave Walt a message from the duck saying she'd be back in spring.

In one installment of Lincoln & Ronnie Anne's VLOG, Lincoln mentioned that Walt and the duck were still dating.

Family of Ducks

The family of ducks are a family of white ducks consisting of a duck, a drake, and their five ducklings. Walt's girlfriend is probably related to them too, but it's never revealed how.

In "Love Birds", Walt's girlfriend tried staying at a fake beach so she could be with him, but she missed them too much and cried over a photo of them. Walt then let her fly off to Florida.



In "Mall of Duty", Lana hatched three yellow ducklings, which followed her home.

She then gave one to Lola, one to Lucy, and one to Lisa.

Captain Ron

Captain Ron is Dante's cockatoo, who he adopted in Lana's second episode of Listen Out Loud.


Captain Ron is very enthusiastic and dramatic, claiming to have a "dark energy" and boasting about himself in the third person. He likes being fed via mouth, but doesn't mind other feeding methods, claiming to be "flexible". Like Sergio, he can actually speak instead of just repeating things.


Captain Ron and Lana made friends in the animal shelter. When Dante came in looking for a bird, he initially did not want to adopt Ron due to Ron's bright plumage and the fact that he wanted a raven or pigeon.

Ron, however, seemed keen on the idea of Dante adopting him and won him over by claiming to have a "dark energy". Lana, not wanting to part with Captain Ron, told Dante that Ron did not want to have his crest feathers styled (because Dante wanted to style Ron's feathers to look like his hair) and that he only liked being fed via mouth. In actuality, Ron would not have minded having his feathers styled and, while he did enjoy being fed via mouth, that wasn't the only way he liked to be fed.

Later, Ron called Lana out for lying about why he and the others weren't adopted and called her "picky". Lana, realising she was in the wrong, phoned up Dante, apologised for making him feed Ron via mouth, and convinced him to adopt Ron after all.


Fisher is a small, male, orange fish kept in a very large tank in Dr. Feinstein's office that appears in "A Novel Idea".


When Rita was making an unofficial Take Your Son to Work Day to entertain her son Lincoln Loud because Lynn Sr.'s workplace had Take Your Daughter to Work Day, she introduced him to Fisher and asked Lincoln to feed him.

Lincoln found Fisher dull because he was expecting a piranha, barracuda, or Great White shark, so, to make feeding Fisher more interesting, he pretended he was a fierce predator.

While doing so, Lincoln accidentally gave Fisher too much food and, while taking the excess food out, Fisher jumped out of the tank, through a trunk, through Lincoln's pants, and eventually back into his tank.


  • Despite being a fish, Fisher appears to be able to understand English as he gives Lincoln a disapproving look when the latter lies.


The Fishmans

The Fishmans are a family of fish (specifically lake sturgeons) that live in their own pond. They consist of Mr. Fishman, Mrs. Fishman, and their approximately 100 fry.


In "Scales of Justice", Lana visited them and brought Mrs. Fishman a kelp bed because she thought she needed more sleep before her eggs hatched. She then tried to count their eggs but couldn't, so she rounded them up to a hundred.

A man then arrived and wanted to make a mustard warehouse where the pond was, but Lana pointed out that relocating fish eggs could be lethal for the fry.

Lana pretended to be a monster to scare away the man, but this attracted tourism, which Lana thought was also bad because apparently the eggs needed quiet to hatch.

So she pretended that the monster had left, but then the mustard warehouse guy came back, so she made a petition but didn't get enough signatures. However, Lisa then realised that lake sturgeons are a protected species, leaving the Fishmans safe.

In "Tea Tale Heart", Lana visited the Fishmans again and noticed Rosie in the pond.

In Lincoln & Ronnie Anne's VLOG, Lana babysits the Fishmans' fry.


Hank is the class pet fish (according to Lincoln, he is a piranha) in Mr. Bolhofner's class in Royal Woods Middle School.

He is a round, dark orange fish with sharp teeth and lighter orange fins.

In "Schooled!", Mr. Bolhofner fed him and told Lincoln that he was lucky getting to sit next to Hank. Lincoln then bailed out of class by deliberately making Hank bite his finger, and later complimented Hank, prompting Hank to blush.

The McBrides' goldfish

The McBride family owns a goldfish.

In "Purrfect Gig", Cleopawtra and Nepurrtiti, who were running away from Luna who wanted to bathe them, nearly knocked over the goldfish.


Brad is a minor character in The Loud House and he is also Lana's pet flea.


  • Lana says that she named her flea "Brad", because he lives in her pit, referencing the actor Brad Pitt.


Frances is a minor character in The Loud House. Initially, she was called Frank, because everyone thought she was a male. She is the pet spider of Mrs. Johnson's classroom.


She first appears in "Along Came a Sister", in which Lincoln volunteers to watch her for the weekend, until Leni almost kills her. Later Dad calls an exterminator to kill Frank, but in the end she is saved by Leni. After this, Lisa comments on how unusual Frank's name is, as "he" is actually a female spider, and was sluggish, as she was about to give birth soon, much to everyone's delight. As Lincoln was taking Frances back to school, it was revealed that Frances had left her egg sac in the vent above Lori and Leni's room that countless spiderlings came out of as Leni screamed.


Frances is a purple tarantula, with six yellow eyes that have black pupils, and two fangs. She also has eight legs, and a small abdomen.


Lisa identifies Frances as an Aphonopelma chalcodes, meaning she is a desert blonde tarantula.


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Frances's children

Frances's children are the many children of Frances the tarantula.


When Agnes Johnson left Lincoln in charge of Frances, she was sluggish due to being about to lay her eggs, however, only Lisa knew of this. In fact, everybody else mistook Frances as a male. Frances then laid her eggs in the vent and when she came back to school, the eggs hatched and the baby tarantulas came down, scaring Leni.


  • It is unknown how many of them there are, what the ratio of males to females is, and who their father is.


Mrs. Bee

Mrs. Bee is a dead bee who Lucy buried in "Room and Hoard".

When Lucy was trying to prove to her parents that she still used her toy shovel, she dug a hole with it, put in a small coffin, and buried Mrs. Bee with a rose.


  • It is unknown how Mrs. Bee died, but she likely died of old age.


The fireflies feature in the game Living Loud: Summer School.

Lincoln caught them and kept them in a jar, but Lana released them, causing him to get an F in biology.

Later, Lincoln and Lana made a lure out of crushed limes and used this to attract the flies and get them back, which bumped Lincoln's grade up to an A.


  • One of them was apparently named Linda.


Tentacle is a beast accidentally created by Lisa Loud. While we never see his entire body, we know he has a large purple tentacle, hence his name.

In "No Guts, No Glori", Lisa created Tentacle during an experiment in her and Lily's room. Lincoln asked what was going on, but Lisa only replied that it was "science" and Lincoln wouldn't understand. Later, Tentacle helped clean the house.

In the game Lights Out, Lisa experimented on Tentacle, but the experiment went awry and he escaped, blocking the doorway to Lisa and Lily's bedroom. Lincoln solved the problem by handing him Lola's toy octopus, which he fell in love with.

In "Robot Sitcom", it is revealed that Todd, Mr. Reinforced Titanium Alloy Arms, Friendbot 3,000, and a sentient toaster who is simply named Toaster keep Tentacle as a pet. This short also reveals Tentacle's name and that he is male. The robots evicted Toaster due in part to his forgetting to walk Tentacle. Later, Teddy Bear let Tentacle out, but he ran away due to not knowing his way around outdoors. Lisa saw the robots searching outside and brought both Toaster and Tentacle back.

In "Schooled!", Tentacle throws Lisa around.


Ajax is a Dalmatian belonging to Girl Jordan.


Ajax is white with fluffy ears and tail and black spots. It wears a red bandanna.


When Lincoln, Clyde, Rusty, and Zach sneaked over to Girl Jordan's pool party, Lincoln and Clyde took all their clothes except their underwear off to go swimming. Ajax then stole Lincoln and Clyde's clothes and chewed them up when they tried to get them back upon their departure.


Bitey is a minor character in The Loud House, and Lana's pet rat.


Bitey first appears in the episode "Baby Steps", where Lana and Lisa were fighting for Bitey, because Lisa wanted to test her experiments on the rat, while Lana refused to let Lisa do so. Later on, Bitey, along with Lana, get trapped in a tree. Lana was trying to rescue Bitey, but her acrophobia (fear of heights) kicked in, and was too scared to get down. Clyde helped Lana and Bitey down the tree, causing Lana to hug Clyde in gratitude.

In "Fool's Paradise", Lana mentions him while praying before going to sleep.

In "Job Insecurity", he is seen when Lana shows Mr. Grouse the difference between an actual mouse and a computer mouse.

In "Tripped!", Lana brought Bitey, Hops, and El Diablo on the family road trip.


Bitey is a standard rat, with gray fur, whiskers, buck teeth, and a pink tail.


  • Although Bitey is Lana's pet, it is implied that Lisa tries to use him for lab experiments.
  • According to Lana, he is afraid of heights, just like her and Clyde.


Season 2

Baby Steps
Job Insecurity

Season 3

Tea Tale Heart



Cinnamon Bartholomew, also known as the Rat Beast, is a minor character in The Loud House, featured in the episode "Tails of Woe".


He was once a normal rat who lived in Royal Woods Elementary School's science lab. He kept Norm the janitor company whenever he worked the night shift and always enjoyed eating corn chips. One night, however, Norm forgot to close the supply closet, and in an attempt to get to a bag of corn chips left there, Cinnamon was exposed to some chemicals that mutated his appearance, giving him glowing green eyes and a second tail. When Norm came back the next morning and saw what had happened, he secretly took Cinnamon to the school basement, out of fear that scientists would take him away to be studied.

In the ten years since moving to the basement, though, Cinnamon frequently scurried through the school's vents, making noises in the hallways and swiping random possessions from the students.


Duncan is Lana's pet opossum.


Duncan first appeared in "Coupe Dreams," running out of Eliza. Lana accepts him as payment for fixing up the car and keeps him as a pet. He reappeared in "Strife of the Party" popping out of Lola's plush unicorn, which Lana yells at him for.


Duncan is a small, gray Virgina opossum with sharp teeth, a long tail, and a pink nose.

Fangs's friends

Fangs is sometimes seen with other bats, who appear to be Lucy's pets. Lucy seems to have them trained, at least to some extent.

In "Back in Black", Lucy is seen with Fangs and two other bats perching on her head.

In "Frog Wild", Principal Huggins is scared away by a lot of bats flying out of Lynn and Lucy's bedroom.

In "Pulp Friction", Lucy distracts Coach Pacowski by siccing lots of bats on him.

In "12 Days of Christmas", Lucy sings with Fangs and six other bats.

In "Write and Wrong", Lucy is seen swooping by with Fangs and another bat.

In "Sand Hassles", Lucy and her goth friends let bats loose in the bus to try to prevent a trip to the beach.

Big Tony and Little Sal

Great Lakes City Rats

Great Lakes City is home to many rats, all of whom are dark grey, who featured in "The Spies Who Loved Me".


When a tracking chip fell from Ronnie Anne's backpack and stuck to one of them with chewing gum, the Casagrandes thought Ronnie Anne had run off to an abandoned building next to the jail, so they (minus CJ and Carlitos) went off searching for Ronnie Anne.

When they got there, they found the rat and Carlota correctly guessed what had happened, but Rosa thought Ronnie Anne turned into a rat and Hector thought she'd been eaten by rats. Then, many other rats began to attack the Casagrandes, so Ronnie Anne distracted them with her pretzel and they ran away.


Hamstacam is an online video featuring a hamster that appears in the episode "Making the Case".


The video simply shows a hamster running on its wheel to get its exercise. It ends with the hamster losing control of the wheel, flinging out of it, and getting sprayed by its water bottle.


The video was uploaded to the school's website for a chance to win a video contest. It proved to be quite a popular video, as it already got 50 votes after Lincoln's video of performing an extreme stunt involving 672 breath mints, and 88 gallons of diet soda combining to make an eruption failed to impress anyone.

Lincoln then decided to film his sisters doing all sorts of embarrassing and humiliating things and moments. This proved to be more popular than Hamstacam at first, but when Lincoln's sisters found out about his video, they were furious towards him for it, so he decided to delete his video, and admit defeat to Hamstacam.

To apologize to his sisters for the first video, he decided to film a video that highlighted a lot of his own embarrassing and humiliating things and moments, but while it proved to be a very funny video, it wasn't enough to get first place, and Hamstacam was declared the winner.


  • The video's length seems to be at "00:00".
  • Every time Lincoln and Clyde mention that Hamstacam is in the lead, they would vengefully shake their fist and mutter the video's name.


Ninja is Miranda's St. Bernard dog.


Royal Woods Raccoons

There are several raccoons living in Royal Woods.


In "April Fools Rules", Luan set one loose in the house as an April Fools' prank.

In "Fed Up", one of the Loud kids put three raccoons into a pot so that Lynn Sr. couldn't use it to cook franks and beans. The same raccoons ate spilled franks and beans from the cracked coffeepot after Lily dropped her rattle beneath her father's foot.

In the game "Living Loud: Summer School," a raccoon is in the dumpster outside Flip's Food & Fuel and the player needs to distract it with cake.

Bitey's prospective girlfriend

Bitey's prospective girlfriend is a rat that Lana found at the dump. She is a dark grey rat with large jowls.


While searching for Fenton in "The Crying Dame", Lana searched through the dumpster and found this rat instead. She considered making her the girlfriend of her pet rat Bitey, but this rat was aggressive.

Mr. Squirrel

Mr. Squirrel was a brown squirrel that Lincoln and Clyde met in "Jeers for Fears"


As Bobby was giving Lincoln and Clyde a tour of a haunted house, Mr. Squirrel high fived Lincoln and Clyde as they went in and then he high fived them again as they went in that night.

After the boys had been in the haunted house, Mr. Squirrel played a prank on them by appearing to be in a crow costume and have his head fall off. When the boys ran away, it turned out that it was a fake squirrel head and a real crow, and the squirrel high fived the crow.


The Kitty is a minor character in The Loud House. He made his first appearance in the full-length episode ¨Kings of the Con¨.


The Kitty is a black kitty and an enemy of Ace-Savvy and One-Eyed Jack. He is also portrayed by the kitty actor of the same name.


The Kitty has been shown to be temperamental and spoiled.


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Kotaro's dog

Kotaro's dog is a dog belonging to Kotaro mentioned in "Vantastic Voyage".

It is unknown what Kotaro's dog looks like, but apparently she once gave birth in Kotaro's old van, but when he got a new van, he didn't let her in because he was afraid she'd get it dirty, which damaged his relationship with his dog.

However, when Kotaro's friends were talking about how their children were also alienated due to their dads' new vans, he decided to get his old van back to repair the relationship with his dog.


The Hog is an unnamed minor character in The Loud House.


The hog is an animal seen on the farmer's land in "Hand-Me-Downer". He rides Lynn's bike along with Lincoln in the episode.

In "Pulp Friction", the hog is seen in the pickup truck along with the farmer.


The hog has light pink skin, and a darker pink nose. While riding Lynn's bike, he wears a red, yellow, and blue bicycle helmet.


The horse is a grey horse belonging to a park ranger.

In "A Pimple Plan", Luan was hiding her pimple with a unicorn mask, when the horse (who was with its owner) saw her. Mistaking the mask for another horse, it developed a crush on it, chasing Luan and leaving her stuck in a hollow tree.


Trio of Dogs

These are three dogs that Lincoln met on the street in "Out on a Limo".


One of them is a scruffy tan dog with black ears, one is a small, fat, off-white dog with a flat nose, black ears and tail, and wearing an eye patch, and the third is a small, fluffy, grey dog with a pointy nose.


When Lincoln was walking to Tetherby's house, he ran into these three dogs and they attacked him, possibly because of the mustard he was holding, and so he ran away. On his way back, they attacked him again because he was covered in ketchup.


  • Lincoln refers to them as puppies. It's unknown if that is true or if he was just trying to butter them up by calling them cute.

Pam's dog

Pam's dog is an unnamed dog belonging to Pam from "Cheater by the Dozen".


She is a medium-sized yellow dog with a pink collar. When Lincoln and Clyde suspected Bobby Santiago of cheating on Lori Loud, they put a camera onto Pam's dog's collar and she went into Pam's house.

The footage showed Bobby removing his pants, which made Lincoln and Clyde suspicious, but it turned out that Pam was only taking his measurements. Bobby then cuddled Pam's dog and said, "Who's a good girl?" which made the boys suspect him of bestiality.


Mr. Woodford


Roy is a bull belonging to Flip from "Strife of the Party".


Roy is a brown bull with white horns. When fed spicy mustard, his eyes turn yellow. His right horn can be cranked to open his mouth.


Lana requested to borrow Roy for her and Lola's seventh birthday party, and agreed to take him after seeing him go berserk from eating spicy mustard. On the day of the party, thanks to Lola's machinations, Flip was unable to deliver Roy to the party. Roy also ran rampant inside Flip's Food & Fuel from finding Flip's spicy mustard-filled pastrami sandwich and eventually injured Flip. To make up for her guilt for ruining the party, Lola returned to Flip's and retrieved Roy, much to Lana's satisfaction.


Watterson is a minor character in The Loud House. He makes his first appearance in "Pets Peeved".


He is an Old English Sheepdog puppy, with white fur that acts like hair covering his two eyes, and has a nose similar to Charles'.




Behind the Scenes


Promo images

White Rabbits

The white rabbits are a herd of twenty-six white rabbits who live in a wooded area near the Loud house, one of whom has a black nose, but the rest of whom have pink noses.


In "White Hare", Lincoln ran away from his sisters to avoid them interfering with him trying to impress Stella and ended up in the woods. He then met the rabbits, counted them, and noted that it must be hard to have twenty-five sisters.

He was then knocked unconscious and dreamt that he was an anthropomorphic rabbit named Warren who had twenty-five sisters. His rabbit sisters gave him lots of advice to impress a rabbit version of Stella, but she was disgusted and went out with a grey rabbit instead.

When Lincoln woke up, the pink-nosed rabbits handed the black-nosed rabbit a flower to give to another, brown rabbit and Lincoln tried to tell the rabbit not to listen to them, but to his surprise, the brown rabbit accepted the flower, which made Lincoln think that maybe he could trust his sisters after all.


  • According to Lincoln, they are all siblings and the black-nosed one is a buck, while the pink-nosed ones are all does.

Brown Rabbit

The brown rabbit is a rabbit seen at the end of "White Hare".


At the end of "White Hare", one of the white rabbits was handed a flower by the rest of them and passed it to the brown rabbit.

Lincoln told the white rabbit not to listen to its peers, since he'd recently dreamt that he was a rabbit and his rabbit sisters gave him advice to impress a girl who'd then rejected them, but the brown rabbit accepted the flower and the two of them hopped happily away.


Rocket is Mayor Davis's dog, who she adopted in Lana's second episode of Listen Out Loud. He is a German Pinscher.

Lana met him at the animal shelter and named him. On adoption day, Mayor Davis came in wanting a dog and she and Rocket got on well, but Lana did not want Davis to adopt him because she didn't want to part with him and because Davis wanted to rename him "Chaz", "Gilbert", or "Tubby Chubby Wubby Nubby".

Lana disallowed Davis to adopt Rocket on account of her not being as fast a runner as him, and had them both run to prove it. However, later, Lana phoned up Davis, apologised for not letting her adopt Rocket, and allowed her to adopt him.

Feline Dion

Feline Dion (pronounced "Fuh-LEEN dee-ONN") is Cheryl's cat who she adopted in Lana's second episode of Listen Out Loud. She is a brown tabby.

On adoption day, Cheryl came into the shelter looking for a cat and got on well with Feline. Lana, not wanting to part with Feline, tried to dissuade Cheryl from adopting her by claiming Feline didn't like wearing heels (because Cheryl said she liked cats in heels) and only liked sleeping on beds (because Cheryl claimed she wouldn't let Feline sleep on her bed at night because she kicked in her sleep). Lana then claimed that Cheryl needed to sing to Feline in order for her to go to the bathroom and had her sing. Then, Lana told Cheryl to be quiet, scaring her out of the shelter.

Later, Lana phoned up Cheryl and apologized for scaring her, and Cheryl ended up adopting Feline.


  • Feline was the only female pet to feature in the Listen Out Loud episode.
  • Her name is a take on the famous Canadian singer Celine Dion.
  • There was a villain in the animated series Totally Spies! who goes by the same name.

Slob Marley

Slob Marley is Flip's dog, who he adopted in Lana's second episode of Listen Out Loud.

On adoption day, Flip came into the shelter to deep-clean his moustache, but Sam thought he was looking for a pet and showed him Slob Marley. Slob Marley licked Flip, which he found annoying.

Later, Flip, despite not looking for a pet, ended up adopting Slob Marley (possibly because Lana convinced him to while she was apologizing over phone for spraying him with the hose).


  • His name comes from his tendency to slobber and the singer Bob Marley.
  • He is the only pet who Lana did not try to dissuade their owner from adopting.


Greg is a white billy goat who featured in Lana's second episode of Listen Out Loud.

He was kept with the dogs because there was no section for goats and he did not get along with the horses. He was the only one of Lana's animal friends at the shelter who did not get adopted, and ended up in the twins' bedroom, eating Lola's lipstick.


The skunk is a skunk featured in "The Boss Maybe".

Lana convinced him to spray her, so Leni cleaned her with tomato puree. Later, the skunk stayed in the Loud house and Lana wanted him to spray her again but he didn't due to apparently being "empty". Eventually, Leni shooed him out of the house.

El Diablo

El Diablo is a minor character in The Loud House and Lana's pet snake.


El Diablo belongs to Lana, and lives in her and Lola's room, greeting new people by wrapping himself around them, and squeezing them tight. However, this nature tends to chase off guests that feel threatened by him.


El Diablo is a green snake, with yellow spots, and appears to be similar to a lamprophiid or canidoia.


  • His name is Spanish for "the devil".


Season 1

Overnight Success
Butterfly Effect
Come Sale Away
The Price of Admission

Season 3

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Izzy is a minor character in The Loud House. He is Lana's pet gecko.


Not much is known about Izzy, other than that Lana owns him as a pet. He tends to scurry around the house, as evidenced when Lincoln looked for a quiet place to read comics in his underwear. The only known fact about Izzy is that he seems to have replaced Lana's former pet frog Seymour.


Izzy is a small green platynote gecko, with a long tail, some spots, and a sharp forked tongue.



Season 1

Sound of Silence
Changing the Baby
Butterfly Effect
Study Muffin

Season 2

No Laughing Matter


Plessy is a minor character in The Loud House. It's a legendary cryptid.


At the beginning, Lincoln and Lucy tried to look for Plessy, but had no luck. The next day at the end when the Louds are going home, Plessy appears soon after and licks Lily, then swims away. When Lily tried to inform Lincoln about Plessy, he misunderstands her and tells her home is the other direction, much to the baby's chagrin.


Plessy is a sea dragon-like cryptid with yellow eyes, green scales, two antennas on head, long neck, four fins and a long tail.



Rebecca is a pet lizard owned by Lana Loud.

The Yates Family' turtle

The Yateses' turtle is a turtle belonging to the Yates family.


In "Future Tense", the Yateses saved the turtle and ended up on the news reported by Katherine Mulligan, though they didn't save it out of concern for the turtle but rather the parents thought it would make the children "well-rounded".

Lynn Sr. and Rita saw the rescue on the television and, because they were concerned that their own kids weren't "well-rounded" at the time, decided to go save a turtle with their own kids, which they did.


Snake families

Lana Loud has owned two snake families.

In "Missed Connection", Lana owns a green snake with a forked tongue and no markings, who lays three eggs in Lori's sock drawer. The eggs hatched and the snakes popped out, scaring Lori.

In "Friends in Dry Places", Lana owns a snake who looks exactly like El Diablo, but female, who gives live birth in Lincoln's sleeping bag. She has four babies, who look paler than her and have no spots.


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