Fisher is a small, male, orange fish kept in a very large tank in Dr. Feinstein's office that appears in "A Novel Idea".


When Rita was making an unofficial Take Your Son to Work Day to entertain her son Lincoln Loud because Lynn Loud Sr.'s workplace had Take Your Daughter to Work Day, she introduced him to Fisher and asked Lincoln to feed him.

Lincoln found Fisher dull because he was expecting a piranha, barracuda, or Great White shark, so, to make feeding Fisher more interesting, he pretended he was a fierce predator.

While doing so, Lincoln accidentally gave Fisher too much food and, while taking the excess food out, Fisher jumped out of the tank, through a trunk, through Lincoln's pants, and eventually back into his tank.


  • Despite being a fish, Fisher appears to be able to understand English as he gives Lincoln a disapproving look when the latter lies.


The Hog is an unnamed minor character in The Loud House.


The hog is an animal seen on the farmer's land in "Hand-Me-Downer". He rides Lynn's bike along with Lincoln in the episode.

In "Pulp Friction", the hog is seen in the pickup truck along with the farmer.


The hog has light pink skin, and a darker pink nose. While riding Lynn's bike, he wears a red, yellow, and blue bicycle helmet.


Not to be confused with the elderly man.

Seymour is a frog, who made his only appearance in "Sound of Silence", as Lana's former pet.


S1E06A Lola with a shovel

Lola maybe buried Seymour?

After Seymour's croaking made Lola messes up her makeup, she decided to take care of the problem herself, or at least Lana thinks. It is unknown if he was real or not, because in the end, it turned out to be a prank for Lincoln set up by Lola, because he was using noise-cancelling ear buds and the flashbacks could have been fake or real.

Despite the stories being made up, it appears Seymour may have actually been real. Seymour's name (which was misspelled as "Seymoor") was taped on a tank that Lana kept him in her room. After the story to the frog fiasco ended, it's shown that Seymour's name was covered up by a label for Lana's new lizard Izzy. Lana still seems to hold some feelings of despair over the loss of her frog, and hates to bring it up.

Considering the frog fiasco was made up, it is likely that Lola never did anything to Seymour, as Lana admits she can't prove she did, and his true fate is currently left unknown. Whatever really happened to the frog or if the frog even ever existed remains a mystery.

It would appear that Seymour was Lana's first pet frog, and that she had him before Hops. But since it is unknown if the frog is real or not, it is unknown if this is true.


Seymour is a standard looking green frog.

Spunk E. Pigeon

Spunk E.

Spunk E. Pigeon is a one-time character in The Loud House. She is the mascot of Spunk E. Pigeon's Pizza Palooza Paradise.


There's not much information about her. The only two appearances of her in the episode was on top of the logo of Spunk E. Pigeon's Pizza Palooza Paradise, and on the animatronic show, Fuzz-A-Rockin Explodoganza.


  • She is named after and based on the main character, Spunky Pigeon, from a 2004 unnamed Nicktoon.[1]
  • She is a reference to Chuck E. Cheese and Helen Henny, both from Chuck E. Cheese's.
  • For unknown reasons, in the Brazilian dub of the series, she was given a male voice (Cadu Paschoal).




The Dowl (Scientific Name: Loudicus Lisa) is an animal from The Loud House. It first appeared in "Raw Deal".


When Lisa was hiking through the national park with her family, a giant egg fell down, and she spotted an owl with antlers. At the news report, right after she showed the Park Ranger, the Dowl's antlers fell off, and revealed that the antlers were fake, as they have a sign on them that says "Made in China". The Park Ranger told the truth, explaining that he bought the antlers from a yard sale, and glued them on the owl. It was his attempt to try and get people to come to the park, as not many people come anymore, because the local geyser was inactive.


The Dowl is a regular owl, with deer antlers glued onto its head.


Petey is a minor character in The Loud House. He is a feisty cockatoo.


He has white fur all over his body, a faux hawk like hairstyle, black beak, and yellow talons.


Plessy is a minor character in The Loud House. It's a legendary sea dragon.


At the beginning, Lincoln and Lucy tried to look for Plessy, but had no luck. The next day at the end when the Louds are going home, Plessy appears soon after and licks Lily, then swims away. When Lily tried to inform Lincoln about Plessy, he misunderstands her and tells her home is the other direction, much to the baby's chagrin.


Plessy is a sea dragon with yellow eyes, green scales, two antennas on head, long neck, four fins and a long tail.



Rebecca is a pet lizard owned by Lana Loud.


Ricky the Rooster  was a rooster and the school mascot of Royal Woods Elementary School. He was first seen in the Season 4 episode A Grave Mistake but sadly passed away during that episode. He likes popcorn.

Because of the loss, Lucy plans a funeral for him, which goes terribly wrong, so they have a second attempt, which they send Ricky off, and Luna sings a a song about him.

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