This is a list that contains locations that have minor appearances in The Loud House.

NOTE: The locations are alphabetized.


Spokes House

The Spokes House is a house where Rusty, Rocky, and their parents live. It appeared in "Back in Black" and "Antiqued Off".


  • The interior and exterior of the house have been seen.


Tetherby's Mansion

Tetherby's mansion is a big manor located in Royal Woods. Its owner is Lord Tetherby, who obtained it by being the heir to the tetherball fortune.

It only appeared in "Out on a Limo", when Tetherby invites Lincoln here to show him how to live life like the rich.


Yates House

The Yates House (originally the Crowley House) is the house where the Yates family live.


It's a two-story house, with a gray roof, a garage, and a red door. It also has navy blue window panes, and a white painted fence. The house also has a red chimney. It also has bushes and trees surrounding the house. By the house, there is a sidewalk.


Ruth’s lake house

Tad’s lake house


Auntie Pam's Parlor

Auntie Pam's Parlor is an ice cream parlor that appeared in the episode "Any Given Sundae".

Dine 'n' Dance

Dine'n' Dance is a diner near the Sunset Canyon Retirement Home.


It only appeared in "The Old and the Restless", where Lincoln and Albert go to have lunch. At first, Pop-Pop doesn't wish to eat anything too heavy, but Lincoln informs him that he can handle it, and he agrees to eat what Lincoln is having, with chili on it.




The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) is a place located in Royal Woods, where the people can obtain their driving licenses after passing the driving test.

It only appeared in "Driving Miss Hazy". Leni has taken her driving test there fourteen times, but ended up failing all of them.

Duds for Dudes

The Duds for Dudes is a men's clothing store, which is located in Royal Woods. It only appeared in "Back Out There".


Not much is known about this store, aside from three factors:

  1. It's a men's clothing store.
  2. They rent/sell suits/tuxedos.
  3. The store is owned by the Spokes family.



  • One of the mannequins in the store resembles Slender Man, but without tentacles on its back.


Eat Diner Coffee Shop

Eat Diner Coffee Shop is a restaurant located in Royal Woods where people come here to have breakfast, lunch and dinner.

It only appeared in "House Music", where Luna visits trying to find inspiration for her Mick Swagger song. There she talks to a stranger and tells him about how bad she feels about creating a band with her siblings. He tells her that the most important part of a band is to have fun.


  • The diner's design is based on the painting Nighthawks by Edward Hopper.


Fairway University

Fairway University is a college that Lori would be attending. It first appeared in the episode, "Driving Ambition". It is stated to be just a few miles outside Great Lakes City.

Family Fun Fair

S1E17A Loud family band

The Louds performing at the Family Fun Fair.

The Family Fun Fair is a carnival that only appeared in "House Music". Attractions include a talent show, which families can enter, and carnival rides.


  • Whirl & Hirl
  • Family Fun Fair Band Stage
  • Lots of Rides

Funny Farm

Funny Farm is a fake camp made by Lynn Sr. and Luan that only appeared in "Fool's Paradise".


  • The name "funny farm" is a slang term for a mental institution or insane asylum.
  • It also shares its name with a playground rumored to be added in Disney's Toontown Online. The rumor turned out to be false.
  • According to Lynn Sr., he had to buy a huge section of land just so he and Luan can set up the fake entrance.

Good Sport Sporting Goods

Good Sport Sporting Goods is a recreational store located in Royal Woods, that sells many outdoor supplies and stuff.

It only appeared in "Linc or Swim". This is where Lincoln buys his kiddie pool "Paradise For One". Later, his sisters go there (off-screen) to buy the deluxe pool.

Green Mile Pet Sanctuary

Green Mile Pet Sanctuary is a place for animals to be impounded. It is located in the outskirts of Royal Woods. It only appeared in "Pets Peeved".


  • The name of this place is a reference to the Stephen King novel, and its film The Green Mile.

Hazeltucky Motel and Water Park

The Hazeltucky Motel and Water Park is a motel/water park that was mentioned in the episode "Back Out There".

Huntington Manor

Huntington Manor is a private neighborhood located in Huntington Oaks, that only appeared "Tricked!".


According to Lincoln and Clyde, every Halloween, the people who live in Huntington Manor give children full-size candy bars instead of bite-size ones. Amazed by this discovery, the two try to sneak in, in hopes of getting full-size candy bars for Halloween.

In "Tricked!", Lincoln and Clyde infiltrate the neighborhood disguised as two wealthy British boys returning from an overseas trip. Once inside, they put on their real costumes and proceed with trick or treating. It is unknown how they left the neighborhood undisguised and undetected.

In "Candy Hunting at Huntington Manor" story of graphic novel The Loud House: A Very Loud Halloween Clyde and the Loud siblings go for trick-or-treating at Huntington Manor, and end up getting even more candy than they had expected.


Karaoke-Dokie is a karaoke bar located in Royal Woods. It only appeared in "Roadie to Nowhere".


When Luna feared that her ambition to be a rocker wouldn't happen, she attempted to work at The Spin Cycle, but when her overenthusiasm got her fired, she tried to get a job at this karaoke bar, since she can still express her love of music. She was hired as the bar's DJ, but while Mrs. Johnson was singing onstage, Luna began blasting music that made it hard for Mrs. Johnson to sing. Also, Luna began jamming so hard, she shoved Mrs. Johnson off the stage to sing the song she was singing, resulting in her getting fired.


  • The name is a mashup of "karaoke", and "okie-dokie".
  • There's a location in the show Victorious with the same name.
  • There's a skit in Animaniacs with the same name.

Liam's Farm

Liam's Farm is a location in The Loud House located in Royal Woods. It is where Liam lives and where his family grows crops and raises animals.


Liam's Farm was first mentioned in Out of the Picture where Liam tells the story of how a boy named Marty Malach didn't get his yearbook photo. Liam said nobody knows Marty anymore and now lives behind the barn.

The farm was first seen in Pasture Bedtime where Liam has his first sleepover with his friends. The boys do many activities such as wrangling chickens and playing hide-and-seek, all of which the boys getting phone calls from their classmates about the fun things their missing out from the pool party. Sleeping was held at the barn after Lincoln and friends trying to tire Liam. They then drink goat's milk to make Liam sleepy and then Lincoln and friends sneak out to Girl Jordan's pool party. The next day, Liam finds out the conditions his friends had from the pool party and his friends apologize to him. They later had a bacon breakfast at the farmhouse.

It was later seen in Racing Hearts where one of the Astonishing Quest's challenges was to collect a dozen eggs from the chicken house. Sam was able to collect the eggs after communicating with the chickens, but Luna falls onto Sam because the chickens crowded on Luna, which caused her to lose her balance.


The outside of the barn is like any barn in real life with a red coat of paint, white doors, a grey roof, and a grey silo. Inside is a large area with hay bales, a ropes course, a wheel for chickens to run on to generate electricity, and a milking area. The outside of the farm house is painted yellow with a reddish-brown roof and brick chimney. The only room inside the house is the kitchen. It has a table, sink, pictures hanging on the wall, and two windows, one big and one small.

Mega Comics

Mega Comics is a comic book store, only shown in "Back Out There".

Zach's friend, Renee, is browsing 99 cent back issues, including Tessie (red cover), Millie (yellow cover, in the "grab bag" row), and Planet (blue cover, in the sci-fi row).

An orange "1st Edition" poster is beside a high shelf on the wall.

Zach implies it may have Ace Savvy comics. Lincoln and Renee proceed to grapple over a limited edition Christmas special called "Deck the Halls!!".

R.I. Pete's Coffins & Urns

R.I. Pete's Coffins & Urns is a funeral service.


The service seems to specialize in the production of funeral coffins and urns. It was only showed in "L is for Love", when Lucy meets Silas.


  • R.I. Pete's Coffins & Urns comes from R.I.P. (Rest In Peace).

The Red Herring

The Red Herring is a restaurant located in Royal Woods. It only appeared in "Roadie to Nowhere".


Not much is known about this restaurant, but Chunk often performs here with his band, Chunk and the Pieces.


  • The name of this restaurant is a fallacy that means something is misleading/distracting someone from a relevant or important issue.

Rest Area

The Rest Area is a location in Royal Woods. It only appeared in Selfie Improvement.


Royal Woods Arena

The Royal Woods Arena is an arena located in Royal Woods. It hosts events such as the "Royal Woods Ultra Extreme Ninja Competition".

It only appeared in "Health Kicked".


Royal Woods Cinema

The Royal Woods Cinema is a movie theater that only appeared in "The Price of Admission".



Royal Woods Community College

The Royal Woods Community College is a Community College.



  • This may or may not be the same community college Hugh attends.

Royal Woods Football Field

Royal Woods Football Field is a sports arena that only appeared in "The Loudest Yard".


Royal Woods Prison

The Royal Woods Prison is a correctional facility located in Royal Woods, Michigan.

Royal Woods Theater

The Royal Woods Theater is an auditorium located in Royal Woods that only appeared in "Head Poet's Anxiety".


It has been Luan's dream to be the youngest person to ever perform at the Royal Woods Theater, until Lucy, after reading her improved poem to her poetry teacher, gets invited to perform at the same place, thus surpassing Luan, who becomes very angry and jealous because of that. After Lucy learns about Luan's dream, she tries to get out of performing by pretending to be sick. When Luan finds out that Lucy doesn't want to steal her dream, she encourages her to perform at the theater, where Lucy reads a poem dedicated to Luan.


Spin Cycle

The Spin Cycle is a record store located in Royal Woods. It only appeared in "Roadie to Nowhere".


When Luna feared that her ambition to be a rocker wouldn't happen, she attempted to work at The Spin Cycle, since her enthusiasm for music could be beneficial to the customers. Upon being hired, a customer came in, and asked Luna for Mick Swagger's newest album, claiming he's "pretty good". Luna, however, claims that Mick Swagger is more than "pretty good", and begins showing the customer all of Mick Swagger's past albums, petrifying her in the process. When Luna's knowledge of Mick Swagger drives the customer away, the boss fires Luna for being too enthusiastic.


  • The name of the store is actually one of the steps of a wash cycle.

Todd's New/Used Cars

Todd's New/Used Cars is an automobile dealership located in Royal Woods. It only appeared in "Vantastic Voyage".


  • Steve
  • Several others most likely


  • So far, it is the only known car dealership in Royal Woods.

Weeping Willow Resort & Lodge

Weeping Willow Resort & Lodge is a hotel resort located near Lake Michigan. It has only appeared in "Tripped!".


The Loud family has been working hard to earn enough money so they can spend a week at the Weeping Willow. However, during the ride there, the family ran in various mishaps.

The resort is infamous for its on-time scheduling, as people have to check in to their reserved rooms by 8:00 PM, or their room will be given away to someone else.

According to Lincoln, the resort is famous for its bumper boats, horseback rides, and the 26 flavors of fudge it carries.

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