This is a list that contains objects that have minor appearances in The Loud House.

NOTE: The objects are alphabetized.


Ancient Book of Spells

The Ancient Book of Spells is a book that once belonged to Harriet.

In "Spell It Out", Lucy found the book inside of an old chest belonging to Great Grandma Harriet, and tried to use it against her siblings. The book contains descriptions of various spells.


  • "Eye of newt and toe of frog, Cease this endless dialogue!"
    • Causes any conversation the target is happening to abruptly end. Lucy used this spell on Lori after her spirit summoning was interrupted, which in this case disabled Lori's phone. In reality, the phone had a flat battery and needed recharging.
  • "Lizard's leg and howlet's wing, Bring vengeance with an itchy sting!"
    • Causes the target to develop a painful itch in their butt. Lucy used this spell on Lana for stealing her spot on the sofa. In reality, Lana had previously rolled in poison ivy and developed a nasty rash.
  • "Gall of goat, slips of yew, Turn clumsy fingers into glue!"
    • Causes the target to develop literal sticky fingers, getting stuck to everything they touch. Lucy used this spell on Lisa after her poetry book was destroyed by the latter. In reality, the stickiness was due to one of Lisa's experiments, which she had accidentally spilled.
  • "Round about the bedrooms go, On their pillows, spell dust throw, By sunrise, they will have no choice, But to listen to my voice."
    • Renders the target completely mute. Lucy cast this spell on all of her siblings so they would not walk all over her. In reality, they had lost their voices from cheering for Pop-Pop during his shuffleboard match.
  • "To put the spell back on the shelf, Transfer the effects onto yourself."
    • Removes any spell cast upon a target at the cost of being transferred to the original spellcaster. Lucy intended to use this to undo the aforementioned spells after seeing how badly they were effecting her siblings, but never went through with it after discovering what had actually happened.


  • The beginning of the first three spells are in reference to Act 4, Scene 1 of Macbeth.

Princess Pony

Princess Pony: The Touching True Story of a Delightful Pony who Changes the World with Her Horse Sense, often shortened to just Princess Pony, is a book that Lucy reads.


In "Sleuth or Consequences", Lucy is reading the book in the bathroom, so none of her siblings see her reading it. Lincoln comes into the bathroom however, making Lucy drop the book into the toilet, causing Lincoln to flush it, clogging the toilet. Lynn Sr. grounds everyone, until he finds out who clogged the toilet. Lincoln decides to find the culprit along with Lucy, unaware that she was the culprit.

Lincoln later discovers the Princess Pony book, and he and Lucy interrogate Lola, but she denies owning it. Clyde arrives at the front door and shows Lincoln a page that fell from the Princess Pony book, and a quote from the page is something that Lucy said earlier, making him confront her. She initially denies it until a Princess Pony poster is revealed, which makes her confess that she was the reader, and that she dropped the book in the toilet. She keeps it a secret from the rest of her sisters because she doesn't want to be teased for it. Lucy and Lincoln go to tell their sisters the truth, but Lincoln decides to claim the book as his, and takes the blame for clogging the toilet, resulting in everyone except him getting ungrounded. The girls state they'll make fun of Lincoln for the rest of his life for reading the book, but he is willing to take it, as he is not phased by their insults.

In "Clean-O-Clock", Lucy can sometimes ask for her Princess Pony book and, when handed it, says her line about needing a break from the darkness.


  • Princess Pony is an obvious parody of the My Little Pony franchise.
  • It's ironic that Lola doesn't like it, as certain things - such as owning a plush unicorn and demanding horse-related stories from her father - indicate that she likes horses.


Alan the Alien Boy

A.L.A.N. the Alien Boy is a movie in The Loud House. It only appeared in "Not a Loud", where Lincoln and Clyde were proving that the former is also an alien.

Erik the Eagle Boy

Erik the Eagle Boy is a movie in The Loud House. It only appeared in "Not a Loud", where Lincoln and Clyde were proving that the former is a half-eagle.

Larry the Lab-Boy

Larry the Lab-Boy is a movie in The Loud House. It only appeared in "Not a Loud", where Lincoln and Clyde were proving that the former was created by a scientist.

Ricky, the Wrong Baby??

Ricky, the Wrong Baby?? is a movie in The Loud House. It only appeared in "Not a Loud", where Lincoln and Clyde spy on families in which one the former belongs to.


The movie is about a man named Ricky, and his so-called "parents" wanted a boy so badly, they told the hospital to switch babies.

Ron the Radioactive Boy

Ron the Radioactive Boy is a movie in The Loud House. It only appeared in "Not a Loud", where Lincoln and Clyde were proving that the former has white hair after a radioactive explosion.

The Harvester

The Harvester is a horror movie that first appeared in the episode "The Price of Admission".

The film features an old farmer, who had turned into a berserk murderer, who slices up his victims, and harvests their organs in a cooler. Lincoln went to go see it, even though his parents told him not to, and ended up being traumatized by it, and he couldn't sleep at all that night. Whenever he imagined the Harvester was coming to get him, it was usually just Mr. Grouse going about with some tasks he was working on.

The next day, Lincoln's parents decided to take him to the movie, but Lincoln was too afraid to see it again, and wanted to go see the new Blarney movie instead, the same one Clyde saw.


The Harvester

The Harvester Movie Poster

  • The film is 97 minutes long, as seen in the time card shown after Lincoln enters the cinema room for the movie.


The Ace Savvy Trivia Game

The Ace Savvy Trivia Game is, as expected by the title, a trivia game based on famous superhero Ace Savvy, and Lincoln's favorite family game.


The game is simply a trivia game about Ace Savvy facts. The players are given buzzers, while one person reads a question to them. The players must buzz in if they know the answer, and get the correct one. It is unknown how many questions there are total, but whoever answers the most questions correctly, wins.


The game first appeared in "Lynner Takes All". Tired of Lynn winning every board game, and showing off after celebrating 300 consecutive wins (and shooting confetti made out of her siblings' homework), the others decided to play a game that Lynn had never played before, and they could easily beat her at. After Lola lost in Pretty, Pretty Pageant Queen, and Lana was defeated in Plumbing Pro, Lincoln suggested this game, since he is an Ace Savvy aficionado. However, during the game, Lincoln couldn't correctly answer a single question because Lynn was psyching him out throughout the whole game. When Lori asked the final question...

Who is Ace Savvy's sidekick?

...Lincoln buzzed in, knowing the answer, but Lynn manipulated him into choking, by telling him not to because it could be a trick question. Under pressure, he incorrectly answered "Massachusetts", and Lynn gave the correct answer, the one that everyone, even she, would know: One-Eyed Jack, and won the game.


  • This is the only board game from the episode where the box art for it wasn't shown.
    • This is also the only game where Lynn was cheating.

Plumbing Pro

Plumbing Pro is a board game owned by Lana, and is her favorite board game.


The object of the game is to remove as many pieces from a prop toilet without touching the sides. If you touch the sides twice, you lose. The player who removes the most objects from the toilet wins.


The game first appeared in "Lynner Takes All". Tired of Lynn winning every board game, and showing off after celebrating 300 consecutive wins (and shooting confetti made out of her siblings' homework), the others decided to play a game that Lynn had never played before, and they could easily beat her at. After Lola failed to beat her at her own game, Pretty, Pretty Pageant Queen, Lana suggested this game. Lynn touched the sides once, and would lose if she touched it again. She went outside to do some push-ups, and regain her confidence. When she came back, she easily removed every single object that was in the toilet, and won. After that, the toilet prop broke, so it's likely the game was unplayable at that point.


  • The game is similar in style to Operation.
  • Its design is based on Toilet Trouble.

Pretty, Pretty Pageant Queen

Pretty, Pretty Pageant Queen is a board game owned by Lola, and is her favorite board game.


Not much is known about this game, but it appears that the objective of the game is to collect as many beauty pageant items as possible, and make it to the end of the board with those items before anyone else. However, if any player, whether or not they have any items, rolls three 10's on all of the dice at the same time, that player will be judged with a perfect score, and automatically win the game.


The game first appeared in "Lynner Takes All". Tired of Lynn winning every board game and showing off after celebrating 300 consecutive wins (and shooting confetti made out of her siblings' homework), the others decided to play a game that Lynn had never played before, and they could easily beat her at. Lola suggested this game, and Lynn automatically won the game, thus remaining undefeated, and having defeated the so-called pageant queen.


The Settlers of Cat-Land

The Settlers of Cat-Land is a multiplayer board game owned by Lisa, and one that requires strategy and teamwork.


The objective of the game is to build and develop as many holdings as possible, while trading and acquiring sources that are to the liking of cats. These items include catnip, balls of yarn, litter boxes, scratching posts, and laser pointers. The game has a set timer, and when the timer goes off, the game ends and the player with the most developed holdings wins.


The game first appeared in "Lynner Takes All". Tired of Lynn winning every board game, and showing off after celebrating 300 consecutive wins (and shooting confetti made out of her siblings' homework), the others decided to play a game that Lynn had never played before, and they could easily beat her at. After many failed attempts to defeat Lynn which include Lola with Pretty, Pretty Pageant Queen, Lana with Plumbing Pro, and Lincoln with The Ace Savvy Trivia Game, Lisa suggested that they all join forces and play a game that would require working with one another, while avoiding working with Lynn. The Settlers of Cat-Land was her suggestion.

During the game, Lynn was falling way behind, because everyone else was working with each other. All she had was a simple piece of catnip, and she ended up in 2nd place, while everyone else was tied for the lead at the end. The others finally beat Lynn at a game, but their victory was short lived.

The next day, Lynn's defeat at that game only drove her to start being obnoxiously competitive at everything her siblings were doing, even if they were just doing everyday tasks. This drove the others to have a rematch of Cat-Land with her, but this time, instead of uniting against her, they decided to throw the game, and make sure Lynn won so she would stop turning everything into a contest and beating them at it. However, Leni took the plan's instructions literally, and threw the game out the window.

It is unknown if she threw it in the trash, or if Lisa collected everything from the game after Leni threw it out, and still owns it.


Dance Battle

Dance Battle is an arcade video game at Gus' Games and Grub. As suggested by the title, it is a parody of the Dance Dance Revolution video games.


Lincoln and Ronnie Anne played this game together at the end of the episode "Dance, Dance Resolution".

Clyde also played this game in "The Waiting Game".

Paige also played this game in "L is for Love".

Two unnamed characters were shown playing together in "Back Out There".

Lincoln and Clyde played together during their song in "Really Loud Music".


Game Goggles

The Game Goggles are a virtual reality video game console owned by Lincoln.


Game Goggles are rectangular in shape, and have a glass visor on the front, and they are gray in color. They also have a strap to stretch across one's head to wear them, to play on the go, and emulate the imagination of being in the game itself, as with most virtual reality goggles.


When worn, they display the game's visual 8-bit imagery with you as the player, and in order to play games with it, you'll have to do real motions. They are very fragile and will fail to function any longer if damaged.


Lincoln is the sole known owner on the show to own a pair of Game Goggles.


The Game Goggles have only appeared in "Get the Message" so far. One known game it seems to have is a game where you fight zombies through breakdancing. Lincoln danced so much when playing that game, he accidentally played right into Lori and Leni's room and Lori was not happy about that. When Lincoln was using the bathroom and put his game in there, Lori barged in and took the bathroom, but Lincoln accidentally left his Game Goggles in there. When Lori left the bathroom, Lincoln found that she stepped on them and assumed she did it on purpose. Furious, Lincoln left a scathing and hateful message on Lori's phone about why she's the worst sister ever, but Lori came back after he finished his message and revealed to have gotten him a new pair of Game Goggles after she accidentally stepped on his old pair. Lincoln, realizing his mistake, tried to erase the message only for Lori to delete it before it got to the scathing part because he's not allowed to leave messages on her phone. But she found the note that explained why she was the worst sister ever, and planned on turning Lincoln into a human pretzel as revenge. Lincoln put on his Game Goggles and played the Zombie Breakdancing game by doing the Running Man.

They briefly appear in "A Novel Idea", when Lincoln is at the arcade. However, they're colored purple, instead of gray, like the first time.


  • The Game Goggles seem to be based on the Virtual Boy, a console by Nintendo, that failed on the market, due to lack of virtual reality simulation, severe constancy of headaches, and eye restraints.
  • The Game Goggles seem to resemble an Oculus Rift.




Jolly Hollow

Jolly Hollow is a mobile app that was introduced by Lana and Lola to their dad in the episode "Anti-Social".


  • This app may be inspired by another infamous mobile game, Candy Crush.

Raging River Racers

Raging River Racers is a mobile-app that was introduced by Lincoln to his Dad in the episode "Anti-Social", when his Dad was too impatient waiting in the long line to use the bathroom.

Total Turbo XXII

Total Turbo XXII is, as Lincoln calls it, the world's awesomest racing video game. Lincoln and Leni were shown playing it in "Driving Miss Hazy".


S1E03A Leni's Total Turbo character

The game starts up and Leni is the in-game driver.

As Lincoln said, this is a racing game, the goal is for the player is to drive as best as they can. The player races down a highway, where there are lots of cars and buildings that act as obstacles. Should the player collide into any of these, they will lose the game, and it will result in a Game Over. The driver is the player's image virtually produced into the game. Their performance is judged based on side-screen feedback, such as "Good", "Holy Cow", or "Dang, Girl" (the last one likely being because of who was playing at the time). The player can also drive off billboards to get ahead of Sunday Drivers, and punch people down to get to where you need to go. The controller is a virtual wireless steering wheel.


The game first appeared in the episode "Driving Miss Hazy", where Lincoln tried to teach Leni how to drive by implementing the game mechanics to her like it was a driving simulator. At first, Leni wasn't ready to play, because she needed to wear her special driving outfit, and take a few sips of a soy pumpkin cookie crumble cream smoothie. When Leni was finally ready to play the game, she started off doing poorly, by constantly driving into walls, the side of the road, and buildings. She got so bad that her virtual self got out of the car before it exploded. The reason for her poor playing is because she wasn't going anywhere fun. Lincoln encouraged her that they were going to the mall. With that said, Leni started playing more confidently, and managed to win the game by swerving past traffic, flying off billboards, and reaching her destination, even going so far as to having her virtual self knock over an old lady. Lincoln once had the highest score on the game, but Leni, with her motivation, managed to beat it.

However, this method proved to be a bad idea as when Leni took her thirteenth driving test, she failed yet again, because she took the game mechanics into account, and did exactly the same thing, thus resulting in the inevitable. This game may have been somewhat referenced in "No Guts, No Glori", where Lincoln pulls up a video game.

In the game Clean-O-Clock, Lincoln occasionally plays it.


  • The game's core gameplay style is like that of classic arcade racing games that are released in the 1980s and 90s such as Out Run, Pole Position, and Rally-X. The wireless steering wheel is like that of those games' method of control involving use of a steering wheel to turn the cars in addition to it being used in modern driving games.
  • The way Leni's virtual self drives off a billboard is like Mario Kart 8 and the F-Zero series by Nintendo, where the racer's vehicle can race on the side of walls via anti-gravity mechanics.


Colonel Crackers

Colonel Crackers is a minor character in The Loud House


Colonel Crackers is Luan's old ventriloquist dummy. Although he appears to be an inanimate puppet, Crackers is capable of talking on his own. Lincoln is shown to be frightened whenever he speaks.


Colonel Crackers wears a dark blue hat, a blue jacket with gold buttons, and epaulets. He has gray eyebrows, a long gray mustache, and bags under his eyes. He also has only one arm, as the other has gotten lost somehow. He also has really small pupils.


  • He strongly resembles the cereal box mascot, Cap'n Crunch.
  • "Head Poet's Anxiety" revealed that Luan had Mr. Coconuts when she was much younger, so it's unknown when or why she acquired Colonel Crackers.


Cutie Bake

The Cutie Bake is the brand of a set of toy ovens that are owned by Lola. So far, its only appearance was in the episode "Read Aloud".


It's a small, turquoise-colored oven with the "Cutie Bake" logo plastered on the front.

Despite it being a toy, it's capable of baking real food, as Lola is seen using one of her Dad's cookbooks to help her make pizzas for her family in "Read Aloud".


  • The Cutie Bake toy oven is similar to the Easy Bake toy oven.


Eunice is a toy unicorn belonging to Lola Loud. She is a turquoise unicorn with a star shape on her side and a purple mane.

In "Tea Tale Heart", Lola had a pretend tea party with Eunice, as well as Mr. Sprinkles and Rosie. Later, Lola apologises to Eunice for not being able to rely on her for emotional support like she does with Mr. Sprinkles.

Lily's teddy bear

Lily's Teddy Bear is a teddy bear owned by Lily, and has a crush on it in "L is for Love".


The teddy bear has brown fur, with nougat tones for the belly and insides of the ears, pink cheeks, pink and nougat undersides for the feet, black eyes with three pairs of eyelashes, and a large black round nose. It was first seen in Lily's crib when it fell on her, and she gave it a hug. It was later seen when Lily crawled up to it, winked at it and hugged it. The teddy bear was then seen when Lily showed a drawing of the two of them, and hugged it again.

Despite being an inanimate object, Lily is in love with her teddy bear, both in a friendly way and in a romantic way. It's justified in that Lily's still just a baby, and probably does not have a full understanding of the concept of love.



Behind the Scenes

Fearsome Flyer

The Fearsome Flyer is a brand of sled that first appeared in "11 Louds a Leapin'".


The Fearsome Flyer has the following two designs:

  • The Fearsome Flyer 1000 is dark red, and has a black texture.
  • The Fearsome Flyer 8000 is red, and has a yellow texture.


  • The German name of the sled is called: "Himmelsstürmer 1000/8000".
    • Lincoln calls it: "Roter-Blitz", meaning "Red-Lightning".
  • The Portuguese name of the sled is called: "Temível-Voador 1000/8000"
    • Lincoln calls it: "Vermelhão", meaning "Vermilion".
  • The Spanish name of the sled is called: "Volador Valiente 1000/8000"
    • Lincoln calls it: "Gran Rojo", meaning "Big Red".
      • In the Spanish dub, Lincoln calls it "Rojillo".


Fenton the Feel-Better Fox (also known as The Demon Toy) was a toy that appeared in "The Crying Dame".


Fenton was originally Lori's toy when she was a baby, and was later stored in the attic. It was then passed down to Lily to keep her from crying. Lynn Sr. and Rita were immediately horrified by this discovery, as they remembered the obnoxious repetition of the toy's song when Lori was a baby. When Lily kept on playing Fenton's song, the rest of the family got annoyed. They later distracted her and, after an elaborate plan, stole Fenton and tossed him into a dumpster. The next day, Lily was depressed because she missed Fenton, so the siblings went to search in the dumpster, but Fenton wasn't there. They check the dump in hopes of still recovering the toy, but to their distress, it is sent through a trash compactor upon their arrival, effectively decimating it in the process. To make up for their guilt of destroying their little sister's favorite toy, Lincoln dresses up as Fenton and dances in front of Lily, while Luna sings its song. Lincoln later states that they might have to sing it for the rest of their lives, but they do it so they can make their baby sister happy. When the parents came back home from shopping and saw the kids singing and Lincoln in a fox costume, they put their earmuffs on and ran away screaming in horror.


When its foot is pressed, Fenton sings a song that goes like this:

Cheer up, baby, don't you cry
No more tears, it's cheer up time
Laugh with me and we will be
Happy, happy, happy!

It does a side-to-side dance as it sings, moving its arms up and down in synchronization while shaking its hips. It has wheels on its feet so it can rotate as it dances.


  • The name "Fenton" is a parodical reference to the species "fennec fox".
  • Fenton is almost like Foxy from Five Nights at Freddy's.
  • Despite Fenton being an animatronic toy (which makes it genderless), Fenton is referred to as a male throughout the episode, such as Lori saying "He always cheered me up".
  • According to Rita, because Fenton's singing almost drove her and Lynn Sr. crazy, they almost didn't have any more children, which would have left Lori an only child.


Lisa's water guns

Lisa Loud owns at least five water guns that she keeps in her closet.


They are dark green water guns with pink highlights and lime green barrels.


In "One Flu Over the Loud House", Lisa filled up her water guns with chicken soup (using the chunky variety because it's "heartier") and handed one each to herself, Leni, Luna, Lincoln, and Lucy to fire at their sick sisters and parents to "slow them down".

The water guns can be seen in Lisa's closet in the game Living Loud: Lincoln's List.

Lola's tea set

Lola Loud owns a tea set, which she plays with and keeps in her room.

In the intro, Lola is seen drinking tea from her tea set.

In "Left in the Dark", the twins and two frogs have a tea party with the tea set.

In "Out of the Picture", Lola is seen drinking at her tea set.

In "Tea Tale Heart", Lola plays with her tea set and Lucy's doll Rosie.

In "Love Birds", Lola offers Miss Hummingbird some tea from her tea set.

Mr. Sprinkles

Mr. Sprinkles is a decent-sized, brown teddy bear belonging to Lola.

In "A Tattler's Tale", Lola exclaimed, "Busted!", which scared Lincoln because he thought she was talking to him, but really she was talking to Mr. Sprinkles and telling him not to eat sweets before dinner.

In "Mall of Duty", he can be seen laying on the couch.

In Anti-Social, he can be seen playing Duck, Duck, Goose.

In "Tea Tale Heart", Lola carried money around in a zip-up pouch in Mr. Sprinkles's back.

In "A Pimple Plan", Lola put Luan's makeup on Mr. Sprinkles.


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Rafo is Darcy's stuffed giraffe doll.


Rafo is a stuffed giraffe that belongs to Darcy Helmandollar. It has yellow fur with big brown spots, black dots as eyes, and three pairs of eyelashes.


S2E25A Lily wonders where Fenton is

A Rafo look-alike.




Rosie , short for Lady Rosalind Cordelia Annabella Pembrookington, is a doll Lucy keeps in a miniature coffin, who featured in the episode "Tea Tale Heart".


Rosie has ceramic limbs and head but a cloth body, blonde curly hair, and tan "skin".

Initially, she had a full head of hair that went down to her shoulders and a white poofy dress with a blue bow and short sleeves. However, when Lola Loud washed the tea stain off her dress, it got stained pink due to Lana Loud's cap being in the wash. In addition, Rosie's head got a large crack in it and when attempting to fix it, Lola accidentally removed most of Rosie's hair, so now Rosie only has a few strands of hair. Rosie's shoes are also pink.


When Lola was unable to restore Rosie, she tried to cover her tracks by replacing Rosie with a different doll. Initially, this doll looked just like Rosie originally did but with different eyeliner, straight hair, and teeth showing. However, Lola changed the eyeliner, curled the hair, and filed down the teeth, so now the replacement looks just like the original Rosie.


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Big Bertha

Big Bertha is a toilet auger used by Lana and Lynn Sr.


Big Bertha is used to clear out huge clogs in the Loud family's toilet. It seems to only be used for the more damaging clogs that occur, such as the one in "Sleuth or Consequences", which Lana dubbed as a Class 5 clog. Big Bertha was used to clear up the Class 5 Clog, caused by a book that one of the girls tossed in, to avoid getting caught. Later that evening, Lynn comes back from a roller derby match, and after having crammed in so many meatball subs for refusing to go before a game, hurries to the bathroom, and Lana tells Dad to get Big Bertha for another fixing after Lynn is finished.

In the game "Clean-O-Clock", Lana uses Big Bertha to fix the sink.


  • Big Bertha is the name of a howitzer supertank that Germany used in World Wars I and II. It is also the name of a superheroine from Marvel.

Charles's doghouse

Charles's doghouse is a doghouse belonging to Charles, that sits in the Louds' yard.


It is a red, wooden doghouse with a sloped, grey, tiled roof and a blue sign above the entryway that has Charles's name on it.


In "Study Muffin", Hugh tried to tutor Lincoln in Charles's doghouse to hide from Lincoln's non-Lily sisters (who all had crushes on Hugh), Lynn Sr. (who wanted to talk to Hugh about British culture) and Walt, Cliff, and Charles himself (who were nuzzling Hugh).

In "No Such Luck", Lincoln, whose family had made him sleep outside for being "bad luck", tried to sleep in Charles's doghouse, but Charles growled at him.

In "Pets Peeved", the pets got together in Charles's doghouse to make a plan for getting rid of Watterson.

In "Love Birds", the pets gave Walt makeovers and set up a date with him and a duck in Charles's doghouse.

Delux Success Pool

The Delux Success Pool is a deluxe swimming pool that appeared in "Linc or Swim".


It is a large blue inflatable pool, with a water slide, and a yellow fish on top.

Lincoln was planning on getting this pool, but after having a fantasy about being in it, his sisters took over the pool. He changed his mind soon after. Later, the sisters buy the same pool, and invite Lincoln to join in, to which he happily accepts. When he does a cannonball in the pool, it got destroyed due to the label saying that cannonballs are forbidden being on the inside.





Dirt Bike

S2E04A Mr. La-ood Mr. La-ood?
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The Dirt Bike is a motocross bike currently owned by Lynn. It first appeared in "No Guts, No Glori".


It has a red plate that says "1", just like Lynn's BMX bike. It has two wheels, and most of the mechanism on the bottom. There is a seat and 2 handles. It has some related things to a motorcycle, but different. It only appeared in the episode, "No Guts, No Glori" and the shows intro.



Behind the Scenes

Lana's lucky chicken bone

Lana Loud keeps a chicken bone for good luck. In "Pipe Dreams", Lana misplaced her lucky chicken bone. Charles then swallowed it and coughed it back up in the parents' secret bathroom. This caused the parents to believe Lana had used the bathroom.

Lana's lucky plunger

Lana's lucky plunger is a red plunger that Lana keeps to fix toilets and sinks, and for good luck.

In "Patching Things Up", Lana lends Lola her lucky plunger for good luck, while Lola lends Lana her toy wand. It was seeing the other twin's lucky object that prompted them to forgive each other after their argument.

In "11 Louds a Leapin'", Mr. Grouse confiscates Lana's plunger after it lands in his yard, but he later gives it back.

In the Vacation Packin' Guide, Lana brings her lucky plunger along in case someone clogs the toilet due to a bad stomach.

Lily's pacifier

Lily Loud owns a purple pacifier.

In "Picture Perfect", Lincoln paints a smile on Lily's pacifier for the family photo.

In "Undie Pressure", Lily cheers herself up with her pacifier to prevent herself from crying.

Lincoln's homemade mugs

Lincoln used to create coffee mugs for his parents' anniversary every year.

This changed, however, in "Picture Perfect", when he discovered that his sisters and parents found them very ugly and his parents never used them, so he took a family photo instead.

Lisa uses them as paperweights in the games Living Loud: Lincoln's List and Living Loud: Surprise Party.

The mugs have been compared to paperweights, Aunt Shirley, and inflamed livers.

Lisa's chemistry set

Lisa Loud owns a chemistry set that she keeps on her desk and uses for her experiments.

In the intro, she can be seen holding one of her beakers.

In "Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru", Lisa is seen using her chemistry set during a flashback.

In "Lynner Takes All", Lynn approaches Lisa using her chemistry set and uses some of it herself. When it blows up, she declares herself the winner because she made an explosion first. Lisa explained that she wasn't intending to make an explosion, but she made one anyway.

In "Friend or Faux?", Lisa takes her chemistry set with her to school and works with it.

The chemistry set features in the games Welcome to the Loud House, where she and her siblings can play with it, and Clean-O-Clock, where she can use it, but it always causes an explosion.

Luan's unicycle

Luan's unicycle is a unicycle belonging to Luan Loud.

In "Funny Business", Luan works at a pirate-themed birthday party, juggling fruit on her unicycle. She later uses her unicycle to go to Maggie's birthday party and help Lincoln.

In "One Flu Over the Loud House", Luan's unicycle is seen lying discarded in the hallway because Luan is sick.

Luan's whoopee cushions

Luan Loud owns a great many whoopee cushions that she uses to play pranks on people and to use as opportunities to make fart puns. They are all pink.


In "Driving Miss Hazy", Luan has Leni pretend one of her whoopee cushions is the gas pedal, as a joke and to try to teach her to drive. The same joke is made in the video Vanzilla Gets A New Look! where Luan's version of Vanzilla has a whoopee cushion on the gas pedal.

In "The Price of Admission", a while searching for decorations in the attic, ten of Luan's whoopee cushions fell on Lincoln. Because he was paranoid after watching a horror movie about a man who harvested organs, he mistook the whoopee cushions for his sisters' colons.

In "Potty Mouth", Luan uses a whoopee cushion to pretend Lily has soiled her diaper.

In "Rita Her Rights", Luan uses a whoopee cushion to make a pun "toot-a-loo!".

In "Head Poet's Anxiety" and "12 Days of Christmas", Luan pranks Lincoln with a whoopee cushion.

Lucy's crystal ball

Lucy Loud owns a crystal ball she uses to try to predict the future.

In "Mall of Duty", Lucy used her crystal ball to predict that Flip would "make a splash". He later fell into a fountain.

In "Come Sale Away", Lucy again used her crystal ball to predict Flip's future, this time predicting that his business would "boom". Later, something exploded at his work.

One promotional video involves Lucy using her crystal ball to spy on her family.

In the game Clean-O-Clock, Lucy occasionally uses her crystal ball.

Luna's drums

Luna Loud owns a drum kit, which includes a symbol and a large bass drum.

In "Potty Mouth", she tried to demonstrate not swearing to Lily by playing the drums instead of swearing after breaking her guitar.

In "No Laughing Matter", Luna tries to get Luan to tell a joke so that she can play a riff on her drums, because Luan was trying to give up telling jokes.

In "Any Given Sundae", Lily moves one of Luna's drums out of the way so that Lynn Sr. doesn't step on it.

In the game Lights Out, Lincoln lights up Luna and Luan's room by putting a flashlight in her bass drum. He also says, "Holy bass drum" upon seeing it.

Lynn's sports balls

Lynn Loud Jr. owns a great many sports balls, which tie into her love of sports.

In "Left in the Dark", Lincoln distracts Lynn from the TV by filling up her football with helium.

In "Space Invader", Lynn comments on the lack of sports balls in Lincoln's room and empties a pillowcase full of her own onto the floor.

In "Sound of Silence", Lynn claims that Lola popped her soccer ball for taking the last pudding, but that turned out to be part of a prank.

In "Any Given Sundae", Lynn plays on the stairs with her football.

In Living Loud: Lincoln's List, Lynn asks Lincoln to return her sports balls.

In the Back to School Supplies Guide, Lynn brings her sports balls to school.


The Noise-B-Gone 2000 earbuds are a top-notch noise remover that appeared in "Sound of Silence".


Noise-B-Gone, as the name suggests, blocks out any, and all unwanted commotion by inserting the earbuds into one's ears. It can tune out all noise with the serene sound of birds, crickets chirping, wind chimes, water trickling, or ocean waves. This gives one the ability to enjoy a little personal time, and not worry about anymore disturbances. Of course, the one drawback is that you cannot hear what anyone is saying when they wish to speak to you.

Paradise for One

The Paradise For One is a kiddie pool that appeared in "Linc or Swim".


It is a yellow inflatable pool with blue dots all around it.


After the Louds got kicked out of all the pools in Royal Woods, Lincoln bought the Paradise for One pool to keep cool.

He had trouble setting it up, and once it was set up, his sisters bothered him by taking up all the space.

When their bigger pool got broken by Lincoln illegally cannonballing into it and ripping it, he and his sisters moved into the Paradise for One pool, only for Lily to poop in it, causing them to run out.

It featured again in "Making the Case" when Lincoln dove into the pool full of soda, and it can be seen in the garden in the game Living Loud: Summer School.




Pink Bike

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The Pink Bike is a bike that was previously owned by Lori, and is currently owned by Lynn. It first appeared in "Hand-Me-Downer".


It is a pink bike, with glitter on it. It also has lots of heart and flower patterns on it. The bike seat is white, and the basket is light brown with a flower on front of it. It also has pink, blue, and white streamers.


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Prank-Me-Not Poncho

The Prank-Me-Not Poncho is a special suit created by Lola and Lana Loud, that first appeared in "Fool's Paradise".


The poncho acts as a special safety suit designed to repel any dangerous ongoing pranks. The cord on the suit inflates the poncho to bounce any pranks off. If the airbag is not strong enough, it can be inflated more for even more protection, but if the cord comes off, the wearer haplessly floats up into the air. It would be best advised to be indoors should this happen.


The poncho was first introduced as part of a plan by Lola and Lana as an idea of theirs to protect themselves from Luan's onslaught of merciless pranks coming on April Fool's Day. Lincoln tried to demonstrate how it would work, but he still felt the pranks hitting him hard, and the cord came undone, making him float up to the ceiling. It appears Rita and Lynn Sr. were given ponchos as well to protect themselves, but their drawstrings came undone as well.

The suit was used as the final blow in everyone's attempt to get back at Luan for the insane and terrifying experience they endured at her trap at the Buttz Motel. After putting them all through the pranks, they placed her in the poncho, and the monkey she used earlier snapped the cord off, causing it to inflate, and lift her into the air, while grounded with a rope tied to the motel sign. After Luan floated in the air for a while, she vows revenge on her family that next year would be even worse for them.


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Sick Bike

The Sick Bike is a bike that is owned by Lincoln. It first appeared in "Hand-Me-Downer".


According to Leni, she claims that she was the first owner of the sick bike, which was purple in the flashback. Then Luna says Leni handed the bike to her, but she made some adjustments, by making it dark indigo, with spikes. Then Luna handed it to Luan, which she made into a yellow unicycle. Finally, Luan handed it down to Lynn, which she made into the bike that Lincoln now owns. Then at the end of the episode, Lincoln hands it down to Lana, who makes some unknown adjustments to it.


The bike has light gray coloring, has a red plate with the number "1" on it, and light blue pegs on each side of the wheels.


  • This bike was handed down to each sibling in birth order; For example, it was first owned by Leni, then she handed down to Luna and so on with Luan, Lynn, and finally Lincoln.
    • Lincoln also handed down the bike to Lana, but she's not next to him in birth order.



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Tandem Bike

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The Tandem Bike is a hand-me-downed bike currently owned by Clyde. It first appeared in "Hand-Me-Downer".


The Tandem Bike is a yellow colored bike with two seats.


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Tanya is a mannequin at Royal Woods Mall.


Tanya is slender, with a bald head, pink "lipstick", and a beige body. Her head is detachable and bald, and she wears a pink romper.


In "Leader of the Rack", Leni asks Tanya for advice and, even though Tanya does not reply, acts like she has good advice.

Tanya's head later falls off, making Leni cry, and later, the head winks.


Walt's birdhouse

Walt's birdhouse is a birdhouse belonging to Walt that he lives in when he isn't flying loose or in his cage. The birdhouse sits in a tree that is in the Louds' yard.


It is a white, wooden house with a red roof, several windows, two perches, and two entryways.


In "What Wood Lincoln Do?", Lincoln stole Walt's birdhouse and pretended he'd built it for his school project because wood-woorking made him blurry-eyed, dizzy, and sometimes even caused him to pass out. Mrs. Johnson was impressed with the birdhouse but a bit disgusted by the fact that Walt had pooped on it (but Lincoln lied that he wanted to give it a "lived-in" look), but Walt was very angry at Lincoln for most of the episode for stealing his birdhouse.

In "Love Birds", after Walt had unsuccessful romances, he went into his birdhouse to brood and put a "Do Not Disturb" sign up (written in canary language).

Walt's cage

Walt's cage is a cage that Walt is seen in when he's not flying loose or in his birdhouse. It is situated next to the Louds' staircase.

In "Project Loud House", Walt is seen in his cage when Lincoln tests Lisa's potion on him.

In "Tricked!", Walt is seen dressed as a vampire in his cage.

In "Any Given Sundae", Lily whistles for Walt to come flying out of his cage and tickle Luan to prevent her pranking Rita.

Zombie Bran

Zombie Bran is a cereal that first appeared in "Cereal Offender", which was located at the Super Mart.


In "Cereal Offender", Lincoln saw a commercial for it and instantly wanted to get a box, but his mother told him about their tight budget. So, Lincoln offered to shop wisely and have extra money to buy it himself, to which Rita agreed.

Lincoln shopped as frugally as he could to save the money and have enough to get Zombie Bran, but by the time he was about to grab the last box they had, another kid who looked almost identical to him swiped the box from him and Lincoln chased him down to get it back. Thankfully, after a wild chase through the store, The Manager kicked the Bratty Kid out and his mother took the cereal away and Lincoln got it. However, when he revealed it to his sisters, they were displeased that he was getting a treat and tried to deny him of his cereal. When they get into a fight in the store, the manager took the box back and Lincoln left without it. Rita was most upset with her son and told him he couldn't have his cereal while also stating that she will have to go grocery shopping in the next town over for a while.

Feeling guilty for their reckless behavior in the store and ruining their brother's chance, the girls all bought him a box of Zombie Bran to apologize for the way they acted. Lincoln was elated and started to have a cereal fight with them where they all acted like zombies.

The cereal also comes with raisins in a flavor that they call "Raisin the Dead". The box it comes in is shaped like a gravestone which fits the theme.





  • The "Raisin the Dead" flavor of the cereal is an obvious pun on "raising the dead".

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