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List of various minor objects that do not fit into any other category.

Big Bertha

Big Bertha is a toilet auger used by Lana and Lynn Sr.


Big Bertha is used to clear out huge clogs in the Loud family's toilet. It seems to only be used for the more damaging clogs that occur, such as the one in "Sleuth or Consequences", which Lana dubbed as a Class 5 clog. Big Bertha was used to clear up the Class 5 Clog, caused by a book that one of the girls tossed in, to avoid getting caught. Later that evening, Lynn comes back from a roller derby match, and after having crammed in so many meatball subs for refusing to go before a game, hurries to the bathroom, and Lana tells Lynn Sr. to ready Big Bertha for another fixing.

In the game "Clean-O-Clock", Lana uses Big Bertha to fix the sink.


  • Big Bertha is the name of a howitzer supertank that Germany used in World Wars I and II. It is also the name of a superheroine from Marvel.


The Camel Card

The Camel Card is a birthday card Leni got Mom fot her birthday.


It is a camel with a space suit that says: Happy Birthday! From Your 11 Kids.


In "No Spoilers", Lincoln wants Leni to get Mom a card fot her birthday.


Charles' doghouse

Charles' doghouse is a doghouse belonging to Charles, that sits in the Louds' yard.


It is a red, wooden doghouse with a sloped gray tiled roof and a blue sign above the entryway that has Charles' name on it.


In "Study Muffin", Hugh tried to tutor Lincoln in Charles's doghouse to hide from Lincoln's non-Lily sisters (who all had crushes on Hugh), Lynn Sr. (who wanted to talk to Hugh about British culture) and Walt, Cliff, and Charles himself (who were nuzzling Hugh).

In "No Such Luck", Lincoln, whose family had made him sleep outside for being "bad luck", tried to sleep in Charles's doghouse, but Charles growled at him.

In "Pets Peeved", the pets got together in Charles's doghouse to make a plan for getting rid of Watterson.

In "Potty Mouth", Lana was fixing the doghouse when she accidentally hit her thumb with her hammer, causing her to swear in pain, which Lily overheard. Later, when trying to get Lily to stop swearing, Lana goes to the doghouse, intentionally hits herself with her hammer, and sings "Jingle Bells" in pain.

In "Love Birds", the pets gave Walt makeovers and set up a date with him and a duck in Charles's doghouse.


Study Muffin

Pets Peeved

Potty Mouth

Love Birds

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Delux Success Pool

The Delux Success Pool is a deluxe swimming pool that appeared in "Linc or Swim".


It is a large blue inflatable pool, with a water slide, and a yellow fish on top.

Lincoln was planning on getting this pool, but after having a fantasy about being in it, his sisters took over the pool. He changed his mind soon after. Later, the sisters buy the same pool, and invite Lincoln to join in, to which he happily accepts. When he does a cannonball in the pool, it got destroyed due to the label saying that cannonballs are forbidden being on the inside.




Lana's lucky chicken bone

Lana Loud keeps a chicken bone for good luck. In "Pipe Dreams", Lana misplaced her lucky chicken bone. Charles then swallowed it and coughed it back up in the parents' secret bathroom. This caused the parents to believe Lana had used the bathroom.

Lana's lucky plunger

Lana's lucky plunger is a red plunger that Lana keeps to fix toilets and sinks, and for good luck.

In "11 Louds a Leapin'", Mr. Grouse confiscates Lana's plunger after it lands in his yard, but he later gives it back.

In "Patching Things Up", Lana lends Lola her lucky plunger for good luck, while Lola lends Lana her toy wand. It was seeing the other twin's lucky object that prompted them to forgive each other after their argument.

In the Vacation Packin' Guide, Lana brings her lucky plunger along in case someone clogs the toilet due to a bad stomach.

Lily's pacifier

Lily Loud owns a purple pacifier.


In "Changing the Baby", Lily is seen sucking her pacifier.

In "Picture Perfect", Lincoln paints a smile on Lily's pacifier for the family photo.

In "Undie Pressure", Lily cheers herself up with her pacifier to prevent herself from crying.

In "Ties That Bind", Lily sucks her pacifier in fear of her parents getting rid of her.

In "Washed Up", Lily sucks her pacifier and takes it out of her mouth to point out the whirlpool.

Lincoln's homemade mugs

Lincoln used to create coffee mugs for his parents' anniversary every year.

This changed, however, in "Picture Perfect", when he discovered that his sisters and parents found them very ugly and his parents never used them, so he took a family photo instead.

Lisa uses them as paperweights in the games Living Loud: Lincoln's List and Living Loud: Surprise Party.

The mugs have been compared to paperweights, Aunt Shirley, inflamed livers, and busts of Immanuel Kant.

Lisa's chemistry set

Lisa Loud owns a chemistry set that she keeps on her desk and uses for her experiments.

In the intro, she can be seen holding one of her beakers.

In "Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru", Lisa is seen using her chemistry set during a flashback.

In "Lynner Takes All", Lynn approaches Lisa using her chemistry set and uses some of it herself. When it blows up, she declares herself the winner because she made an explosion first. Lisa explained that she wasn't intending to make an explosion, but she made one anyway.

In "Friend or Faux?", Lisa takes her chemistry set with her to school and works with it.

The chemistry set features in the games Welcome to the Loud House, where she and her siblings can play with it, and Clean-O-Clock, where she can use it, but it always causes an explosion.

Luan's whoopee cushions

Luan Loud owns a great many whoopee cushions that she uses to play pranks on people and to use as opportunities to make flatulence puns. They are all pink.


In "Driving Miss Hazy", Luan has Leni pretend one of her whoopee cushions is the gas pedal, as a joke and to try to teach her to drive. The same joke is made in the video Vanzilla Gets A New Look! where Luan's version of Vanzilla has a whoopee cushion on the gas pedal.

In "The Price of Admission", a while searching for decorations in the attic, ten of Luan's whoopee cushions fell on Lincoln. Because he was paranoid after watching a horror movie about a man who harvested organs, he mistook the whoopee cushions for his sisters' colons.

In "Potty Mouth", Luan uses a whoopee cushion to pretend Lily has soiled her diaper.

In "Rita Her Rights", Luan uses a whoopee cushion to make a pun "toot-a-loo!".

In "Head Poet's Anxiety", Luan pranks Clyde with a whoopee cushion.

In "Fam Scam", Luan pranks Leni with a whoopee cushion.

In "12 Days of Christmas", Luan pranks Lori with a whoopee cushion.


The Price of Admission

Potty Mouth

Rita Her Rights

Head Poet's Anxiety

Fam Scam

12 Days of Christmas

Lucy's crystal ball

Lucy Loud owns a crystal ball she uses to try to predict the future.

In "Come Sale Away", Lucy again used her crystal ball to predict Flip's future, this time predicting that his business would "boom". Later, something exploded at his work.

One promotional video involves Lucy using her crystal ball to spy on her family.

In the game Clean-O-Clock, Lucy occasionally uses her crystal ball.

Luna's drums

Luna Loud owns a drum kit, which includes a symbol and a large bass drum.

In "Potty Mouth", she tried to demonstrate not swearing to Lily by playing the drums instead of swearing after breaking her guitar.

In "No Laughing Matter", Luna tries to get Luan to tell a joke so that she can play a riff on her drums, because Luan was trying to give up telling jokes.

In "Any Given Sundae", Lily moves one of Luna's drums out of the way so that Lynn Sr. doesn't step on it.

In the game Lights Out, Lincoln lights up Luna and Luan's room by putting a flashlight in her bass drum. He also says, "Holy bass drum" upon seeing it.

Lynn's sports balls

Lynn Loud Jr. owns a great many sports balls, which tie into her love of sports.

In "Left in the Dark", Lincoln distracts Lynn from the TV by filling up her football with helium.

In "Space Invader", Lynn comments on the lack of sports balls in Lincoln's room and empties a pillowcase full of her own onto the floor.

In "Sound of Silence", Lynn claims that Lola popped her soccer ball for taking the last pudding, but that turned out to be part of a prank.

In "Any Given Sundae", Lynn plays on the stairs with her football.

In Living Loud: Lincoln's List, Lynn asks Lincoln to return her sports balls.

In the Back to School Supplies Guide, Lynn brings her sports balls to school.


The Noise-B-Gone 2000 earbuds are a top-notch noise remover that appeared in "Sound of Silence".


Noise-B-Gone, as the name suggests, blocks out any, and all unwanted commotion by inserting the earbuds into one's ears. It can tune out all noise with the serene sound of birds, crickets chirping, wind chimes, water trickling, or ocean waves. This gives one the ability to enjoy a little personal time, and not worry about anymore disturbances. Of course, the one drawback is that you cannot hear what anyone is saying when they wish to speak to you.

Old Sloshy

Old Sloshy is a bucket that Lana keeps and will occasionally relieve herself in if the bathroom line is too long.

In "Pipe Dreams", she offered it to her parents outside the bathroom, but they declined. However, Lynn Sr. later asked Lana if he could borrow the bucket.

Paradise for One

The Paradise For One is a kiddie pool that appeared in "Linc or Swim".


It is a yellow inflatable pool with blue dots all around it.


After the Louds got kicked out of all the pools in Royal Woods, Lincoln bought the Paradise for One pool to keep cool.

He had trouble setting it up, and once it was set up, his sisters bothered him by taking up all the space.

When their bigger pool got broken by Lincoln illegally cannonballing into it and ripping it, he and his sisters moved into the Paradise for One pool, only for Lily to relieve herself in it, causing them to run out.

It featured again in "Making the Case" when Lincoln dove into the pool full of soda, and it can be seen in the garden in the game Living Loud: Summer School.


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Prank-Me-Not Poncho

The Prank-Me-Not Poncho is a special suit created by Lola and Lana Loud, that first appeared in "Fool's Paradise".


The poncho acts as a special safety suit designed to repel any dangerous ongoing pranks. The cord on the suit inflates the poncho to bounce any pranks off. If the airbag is not strong enough, it can be inflated more for even more protection, but if the cord comes off, the wearer haplessly floats up into the air. It would be best advised to be indoors should this happen.


The poncho was first introduced as part of a plan by Lola and Lana as an idea of theirs to protect themselves from Luan's onslaught of merciless pranks coming on April Fool's Day. Lincoln tried to demonstrate how it would work, but he still felt the pranks hitting him hard, and the cord came undone, making him float up to the ceiling. It appears Rita and Lynn Sr. were given ponchos as well to protect themselves, but their drawstrings came undone as well.

The suit was used as the final blow in everyone's attempt to get back at Luan for the insane and terrifying experience they endured at her trap at the Buttz Motel. After putting them all through the pranks, they placed her in the poncho, and the monkey she used earlier snapped the cord off, causing it to inflate, and lift her into the air, while grounded with a rope tied to the motel sign. After Luan floated in the air for a while, she vows revenge on her family that next year would be even worse for them.


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Robo-Clean 2000

The Robo-Clean 2000 is a wireless vacuum cleaner that featured in "So Long, Sucker".

Lynn Sr. used it to clean the floor while he and the others were away, but it annoyed Charles by shaving the fur off his butt, Cliff by dragging him along by the tail, Walt by knocking his cage over, and Geo by pushing his ball along.

So, the pets broke the vacuum, first by getting it wet while it was stuck on Cliff's hairball, then by deflecting its surge of electricity that it produced while malfunctioning so that it zapped itself.

The pets then cleaned up the mess and buried the vacuum, but Lynn Sr. scared them by wanting to buy five others after believing the vacuum had cleaned the house.


The Sharkodile is an imaginary creature created by Lincoln Loud and Clyde McBride. It was featured in the live-action film A Loud House Christmas.


The Sharkodile is a fake creature consisting of the head of a shark melded together with the body of a crocodile. The body is mounted on Clyde's tandem bicycle.

According to Clyde, the props are from the McBrides' reenactments of classic films: the shark head from Jaws: The Musical, and the crocodile body from Lake Placid: The Musical.


The Loud parents planned to take their children (with the exception of Lori, Luna, and Luan) on a vacation to Miami, which Lincoln was against. In order to prevent the trip from happening, he decided to work with Clyde and create a threat that could concern his family. They used the McBride family theater props to create a half-shark, half-crocodile beast, which they dubbed the "Sharkodile".

The boys put the Sharkodile on Clyde's tandem bicycle to enable mobility, then used it in a fake shooting of the Sharkodile attacking Tanya on Miami Beach. They then sent the video to Katherine Mulligan, who believed it was real, and consequently warned the citizens of Royal Woods not to go to Miami for Christmas due to the dangers of the Sharkodile. However, when the boys hid the Sharkodile in the forest, Scoots caught the creature on camera and later showed the footage to Katherine Mulligan. This resulted in an emergency curfew taking effect within hours, and consequently, it caused the tree lighting at the Royal Woods Mall to be cancelled.

Meanwhile, Lisa created a Sharkodile-tranquilizing spray to help deter the alleged beast in an attempt to make her parents change their minds. However, it did not work, as Lincoln sprayed Lynn Sr. in the face with the spray, which took a few minutes to take effect. After watching the news report, Lincoln, feeling guilty for his actions and Lily's dismay, decided to admit the truth to Katherine Mulligan, but this backfired, as she believed that he was a random kid pulling a joke on her. As a result, he decided to show her the proof of his honesty, so he and Clyde retrieved the Sharkodile from the forest and drove to the Royal Woods Mall. However, as they left, Rip Hardcore noticed the Sharkodile, began hunting it down, and filmed the chase with a drone for it to be broadcast on live TV.

The boys eventually noticed Rip Hardcore tailing behind them, and they quickly realized that he was hunting down the Sharkodile. In order to save time, they took a shortcut through Lincoln's neighborhood, where the beast picked up several Christmas decorations from the Loud house. After seeing the Sharkodile cut through the neighborhood, Lisa left the house with a tranquilizing spray gun to hunt down the Sharkodile herself so she could capture it and study it for science.

On the way to the mall, the Sharkodile cut in front of Vanzilla. Rita, who was on the way back home from picking up Lori on the highway, noticed that it had picked up all of the Christmas decorations that she put on the exterior of the house. Lisa commandeered the van as a means of transport, and Rita agreed to follow the Sharkodile only because it picked up her decorations. Eventually, the Sharkodile arrived at the Royal Woods Mall. Lincoln and Clyde attempted to drive it straight to Katherine Mulligan, but Rip Hardcore cut them off, so they took a turn into the mall, where it caused massive destruction. Lisa followed the beast into the mall, followed by Rita, Lori, and the rest of her sisters (who were trying to prevent Lisa from getting herself killed). After dropping off Clyde in front of the department store Santa, Lincoln stopped the Sharkodile from moving, then confessed the whole truth about it to his family, the McBrides, Katherine Mulligan, and Rip Hardcore.

It is unknown what happened to the Sharkodile afterwards.


Tanya is a mannequin at Royal Woods Mall.


Tanya is slender, with a bald head, pink "lipstick", and a beige body. Her head is detachable and bald, and she wears a pink romper.

In live-action, Tanya has black hair and acts as Leni's fashion model.


In "Leader of the Rack", Leni asks Tanya for advice and, even though Tanya does not reply, acts like she has good advice.

Tanya's head later falls off, making Leni cry, and later, the head winks.

Tanya makes a cameo in "A Star is Scorned".

In A Loud House Christmas, Lincoln and Clyde steal Tanya and use her as the victim of a filmed Sharkodile attack on Miami Beach. Despite the fact that Tanya is a mannequin, everybody, including Katherine Mulligan, thinks that the video is real. Leni ultimately gets fired from her job at Reininger's due to losing Tanya. Near the end of the film, when Lincoln explains everything that happens, he admits that he stole Tanya, and that she is alright.


Leader of the Rack

Driver's Dread

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Food Courting


Walt's birdhouse

Walt's birdhouse is a birdhouse belonging to Walt that he lives in when he isn't flying loose or in his cage. The birdhouse sits in a tree that is in the Louds' yard.


It is a white, wooden house with a red roof, several windows, two perches, and two entryways.


In "What Wood Lincoln Do?", Lincoln stole Walt's birdhouse and pretended he'd built it for his school project because wood-working made him blurry-eyed, dizzy, and sometimes even caused him to pass out. Mrs. Johnson was impressed with the birdhouse but a bit disgusted by the fact that Walt had defecated on it (but Lincoln lied that he wanted to give it a "lived-in" look), but Walt was very angry at Lincoln for most of the episode for stealing his birdhouse.

In "Love Birds", after Walt had unsuccessful romances, he went into his birdhouse to brood and put a "Do Not Disturb" sign up (written in canary language).

Walt's cage

Walt's cage is a cage that Walt is seen in when he's not flying loose or in his birdhouse. It is situated next to the Louds' staircase.

In "Project Loud House", Walt is seen in his cage when Lincoln tests Lisa's potion on him.

In "Tricked!", Walt is seen dressed as a vampire in his cage.

In "Any Given Sundae", Lily whistles for Walt to come flying out of his cage and tickle Luan to prevent her pranking Rita.

Zombie Bran

Zombie Bran is a cereal that first appeared in "Cereal Offender", which was located at the Super Mart.


In "Cereal Offender", Lincoln saw a commercial for it and instantly wanted to get a box, but his mother told him about their tight budget. So, Lincoln offered to shop wisely and have extra money to buy it himself, to which Rita agreed.

Lincoln shopped as frugally as he could to save the money and have enough to get Zombie Bran, but by the time he was about to grab the last box they had, another kid who looked almost identical to him swiped the box from him and Lincoln chased him down to get it back. Thankfully, after a wild chase through the store, The Manager kicked the Bratty Kid out and his mother took the cereal away and Lincoln got it. However, when he revealed it to his sisters, they were displeased that he was getting a treat and tried to deny him of his cereal. When they get into a fight in the store, the manager took the box back and Lincoln left without it. Rita was most upset with her son and told him he couldn't have his cereal while also stating that she will have to go grocery shopping in the next town over for a while.

Feeling guilty for their reckless behavior in the store and ruining their brother's chance, the girls all bought him a box of Zombie Bran to apologize for the way they acted. Lincoln was elated and started to have a cereal fight with them where they all acted like zombies.

The cereal also comes with raisins in a flavor that they call "Raisin the Dead". The box it comes in is shaped like a gravestone which fits the theme.


  • The "Raisin the Dead" flavor of the cereal is an obvious pun on "raising the dead".