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Miranda is a supporting character in The Casagrandes.


Miranda is a plus-sized Hispanic teenage girl with fluffy brown hair, that she holds in a tiny pigtail with a red pigtail holder. She is rather pudgy with a pear-shaped face and a tiny torso, which is contrasted by her wide hips. She wears white pearl earrings, red lipstick, a yellow striped tank top, blue jeans, tan socks, and red shoes.


Miranda is a resident of the Casagrande Apartment who lives in room 4D (as shown in "Walk Don't Run"), who likes to play hacky sack.

She first appeared in "Room for Improvement with the Casagrandes", where she was playing hacky sack on the roof of the apartment. She threw a hacky sack, which nearly hit Hector on the head. Miranda waved to Sid and Ronnie Anne, upon seeing them. Nelson took her hacky sack and ran off with it. Mr. Nakamura scolded his dog and told him to drop the hacky sack, which he did... off the roof, much to the anger of Miranda.

Miranda later showed up at the park to tell Sid that if she and Ronnie Anne ever wanted to use the roof, she would gladly give up her space for them.

She appeared in "Walk Don't Run" telling Ronnie Anne and Sid that her dog Ninja has a habit of sleeping wherever whenever.

In "New Haunts", she and Georgia appear noticing Ronnie Anne, Sid, Bobby, CJ and Carl doing the Vampire Dance and joining in on the fun.

In "Finders Weepers", she is seen swatting a fly when Ronnie Anne and Sid ask her about the purse they found, only to tell them it's not hers. After hitting the fly, it takes her swatter and chases all three of them.

Later, she is seen waiting for a taxi apparently running late, making her late for a flight somewhere. Ronnie Anne and Sid, in an attempt to replace the money they spent from the purse, which turned out to belong to Maybelle, offer Miranda a chariot ride to the airport. The two girls try to speed things up, only for Ronnie Anne to fall in a hole, flinging Miranda into a trash can. That fly from earlier picked her up and flew her away.

She is mentioned in "Karma Chameleon" by Carlota who tells Mr. Scully, who heard screaming, that Miranda was "practicing for a play where she finds out that her fiance is an alien".

In "Achy Breaky Art", she is seen paying Bobby for her groceries and leaving.

In "Flight Plan", she is seen accepting Carlos and Frida's request to babysit their kids, only for them to later, while they're looking at a horror film, to use it and many iconic tropes to scare her away.

In "Zoo-mergency!", she is seen admiring the money waiters, only to be driven away by them battling over food, which leads to her hair being ruined.

Later, she is seen getting her hair done by Carlota and CJ, them styling it to resemble a peacock, which attracts Sergio, leading to a furious Priscilla attacking both of them.

In "Curse of the Candy Goblin", she is seen giving candy to Carlota and Lalo.

In "Maxed Out", she is seen having her bag handed to her by Vito, who crushed the milk and eggs when he put them inside, causing it to leak milk, leading to Miranda feeling disturbed. She then carries to carry that bag out the door, only for the items to fall out, which made her mad. Vito tries to help her, but failed, as she still isn't pleased. Vito then gives her a new set that she takes from him and leaves.

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