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"Miss Step" is the twenty-fifth episode of the first season of The Casagrandes.


Ronnie Anne learns the art of baile folklorico - and that her Tia Frida is one intense instructor!


In the living room, Frida is working on a dress for Carlota. When Frida says that she can't wait for Carlota to do baile folklorico, Ronnie Anne, who was passing by on skateboard being pulled by Lalo, asks Frida what that is. Frida explains that baile folklorico is a traditional Mexican dance, and it's family tradition for her and someone else to do the dance with her. When Rosa passes by with a plate of food, Lalo, attracted by the smell, runs to get it, unknowingly bumping into Carlota, making her fall over. When Carlota tries to get up, she discovers that she broke her elbow, and declares that she can't dance. When Frida breaks down, saying that she'll have to break tradition, Ronnie Anne, feeling guilty, says that she can dance (as she wants to learn about family tradition), much to Frida's joy.

Frida trains Ronnie Anne to become a dancer.

Sometime later, Frida trains Ronnie Anne to become a dancer. However, Frida's methods of teaching are unorthodox and give Ronnie Anne more pain than experience, such as:

  • Having to push a football sled to build strength, where Vito arrives and mistakes her actually playing football.
  • Having to carry a tea set on the bumpy subway train to maintain balance, where she ends up spilling most of it contents on the passengers.
  • Having to wear a potato sack with pockets full of corn flour to help her get used to the dance dress' weight.
  • When the sack dress doesn't work, Frida shows Ronnie Anne the collection of dance dresses she can wear, but Frida quickly suggests Ronnie Anne wear the first dress she wore.
  • After putting on makeup, Frida says she must maintain joy while dancing, and she tests this by having Carl do things to peeve Ronnie Anne off, but Ronnie Anne, getting fed up with Carl's antics, attacks him, much to Frida's disapproval.

When the day ends, Ronnie Anne, exhausted with all the training, bemoans why she put herself in this situation and she still feel bad for Carlota. Suddenly, Frida enters and says that in order to build strength, she must wear bricks on her feet. While walking with her weighed down feet, Ronnie Anne hears music coming from Carlota's room, and discovers that Carlota isn't hurt at all. Carlota says that she faked getting hurt so she wouldn't have to dance, finding Frida's methods grueling. Seeing how they both want to get out of dancing, Carlota suggests that Ronnie Anne fake an injury as well.

Under the guise of making food, Carlota "runs over" Ronnie Anne's foot with the cart, and Ronnie Anne states that she can't dance with a hurt foot, but manages to trick Maria into being Frida's new dancer. However, as Ronnie Anne and Carlota enjoy the spoils of being "injured", Maria enters with a cast on her leg and with crutches, saying she broke her knee. With no one else able to join her, Frida sadly declares that she has to break tradition and forfeit the baile folklorico dance. Feeling bad for lying to her, Ronnie Anne and Carlota confess that they faked their injuries so they wouldn't have to dance, saying they found her methods of teaching painful and both apologizes for lying. Realizing she went overboard, Frida apologizes as well, and Ronnie Anne and Carlota state that they can still participate, saying that the showcase hasn't started yet.

Maintain the joy!

When nighttime comes, Frida, Ronnie Anne and Carlota do the baile folklorico at the Chavez University. As the Casagrandes watch in the audience, Rosa notices that Maria is gone. Suddenly, Maria appears on stage in a baile folklorico dress, revealing that she too had faked her injury, but wanted to join out of fun.


Bobby, Carlos, CJ, Carlitos, Stanley and Arturo have no lines in this episode. Hector is listed in the credits, despite not speaking.

Smarty Pants Challenge

During the initial airing of this episode, the viewers had the chance to answer trivia questions related to the episode with the Nickelodeon Screens Up app or on for a chance to see their name on screen.

  1. What was Carl holding?
    1. A train engine
    2. A caboose
    3. A tamale
    4. A paintbrush
  2. Why does Ronnie Anne volunteer to dance?
    1. To become a pro
    2. To win a trophy
    3. To learn a family tradition
    4. To perform with Twelve is Midnight
  3. Vito thought Ronnie Anne was playing what?
    1. Dodgeball
    2. Tennis
    3. Soccer
    4. Football
  4. Ronnie Anne likes the dress with what pattern?
    1. Skulls
    2. Apples
    3. Flowers
    4. Unicorns
  5. Carl thinks Ronnie Anne looks like what?
    1. A purple crayon
    2. A big ol' grape
    3. A terrific tulip
    4. A dainty donut
  6. What are strapped to Ronnie Anne's shoes?
    1. Pillows
    2. Skateboards
    3. Sponges
    4. Bricks
  7. What did Ronnie Anne injure?
    1. Her ankle
    2. Her knee
    3. Her foot
    4. Her elbow

The Winners

  1. Carlos Reina 009
  2. Prank Victory 001
  3. Tamale Buddy 016
  4. Maybelle Prodigy 001

Physical distribution

This episode is available on the "The Complete First Season" DVD.
As the DVD was released too soon after the French dub of this episode aired, the DVD does not include this episode's French dub.


  • This episode reveals that Ronnie Anne has a diary and that Frida has her own cry she uses to affirm things.
  • Maria used to look exactly like Ronnie Anne when she was her age.
  • This episode premiered on Roxana Ortega's 47th birthday.


  • Miss Step - The title of this episode is a pun of "misstep," which is another word for a mistake or blunder.
  • A113 - In the final transition, the address on one of the buildings is this code famous for appearing in every Pixar film.


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