The following is a transcript for the episode "Missed Connection".


[The episode begins at the Loud House outside where a bird can be heard, then it cuts to Lori opening the door to her room.]
Lori: [sighs happily] "Time for my 4 o'clock call with Bobby. Literally, the highlight of my day."
[Lori calls, as it then shows Bobby’s phone ringing, which he picks up and smiles before his grandpa interrupts him.]
Hector: "Roberto, come quick, the freezer case is having another meltdown. YAAAHH!!" [sliding across the floor and crashes.]
Bobby: "I’m on it, Grandpa." [runs to help his grandpa, before answering to Lori’s call.]
Lori: [confused] "Huh, that’s weird. Why isn’t he picking up?"

[Back at the bodega, Bobby is trying to clean up after the freezer case incident, he looks up and sees Lalo.]
Bobby: "Think you can get the last of this, Lalo? I’ve got to call Lori back."
[Lalo barks in agreement and starts licking, as Bobby goes to call Lori back. Meanwhile, Lori finds out that there is a snake in one of her drawers.]
Lori: [Screams] "Why is a snake in my sock drawer?!"
[The snake tries to bite her, before Lana could intervene.]
Lana: "She needed a warm spot to lay her eggs." [Lori frowns by that]
Bobby: "Why isn't she answering? Oh, is she upset I didn't pick up before?"
[Lori then proceeds and pushes Lana and her snakes out of her room, before going to her phone to call Bobby.]
Lori: [at the same time with Bobby] "Hi, Boo-Boo Bear."
Bobby: [at the same time with Lori] "Hi, Babe."
Bobby & Lori: [at the same time] "Sorry I missed your- Oh! You go."
Bobby: "So, I have to tell this crazy story about the freezer case."
Lori: [sits on something and screams] "AAAHHH! Not another one!"
Bobby: [Sad tone] "Oh, I thought you liked my stories..."
Lori: "No no no, it's not that. I thought I sat on a baby snake, but it's just a scrunchie," [Just then, Lalo throws up on Bobby's side.]
Bobby: [Facepalms] "Ugh! Well, that was a dumb idea."
Lori: "What? I-I didn't do it on purpose."
Bobby: "Huh? No, not you, Babe. I accidentally made Lalo hurl. But, I'll clean it up later. So, what were we talking about?"
Lori: "The freezer case?"
Bobby: "Oh, right. Uh, actually you don't wanna hear about that, it's boring. Let's talk about your day."
Lori: "Oh, okay. You won’t believe what happened in math. Actually, that’s kinda boring too."
[Both of them become silent while looking around and think before they both speak in union.]
Bobby & Lori: "Well, you probably wanna- Sorry, you go. Wait, you have to go? Um, ok, well love you...Bye." [Both hang up sadly]

[Later that night, it cues to both the Loud House and the Casagrande bodega.]
Lynn Sr.: [opens Lori's door] "Dinner's in 5. Trying a new thing with cod-" [sees her sad daughter and walks up to her, worried]
Ronnie Anne: [opens the bodega's entrance door] "Dinner's in 5. Grandma's making, you know, everything... Dude, are you crying?"
Lynn Sr.: "What’s wrong, kiddo?"
Bobby: [at the same time] "Lori and I just had the most awkward conversation ever."
Lori: [at the same time] "Bobby and I just had the most awkward conversation ever."
Lynn Sr.: "Ah, stay here. I'll get back up." [runs off to get Rita]
Ronnie Anne: "Uh, this isn't really my department."
[Enter the Casagrandes]
Frida: "But it is ours!"

[Screen wipe to the same scene set up with Rita and Lynn Sr. sitting on Lori's bed and the Casagrandes gathering around Bobby.]
Lori: "Why was it so hard to talk?"
Bobby: "Is the distance getting to us?"
Bobby & Lori: "Are we losing our connection?"
Carl: "Yes, it is hopeless. You should let Lori be free to find a real man."
Carlos: [Knowing what Carl is doing, interrupts.] "Uh, Carl, why don't you go use the potty before dinner?" [Carl walks off in annoyance because of that.] "Don't worry, Bobby, you know your aunt and I were long distance sweethearts while she was in art school."
[Cuts to Lori and her parents.]
Rita: "Oh, your dad and I had to be apart for a month while he had mono."
Lynn Sr.: "Those ding dang karoake mics were just dripping with germs."
Lori: [cringes] "Dad, ew."
[Cuts back to Bobby and the Casagrandes.]
Frida: "But even when you are separated by miles, you can still keep the passion of your hearts aflame." [Purrs like a tiger while playfully stroking her husband’s nose.]
Ronnie Anne: [disgusted] "Aunt Frida, ew."
[Cuts back to Lori]
Lynn Sr.: "It's all about stepping up your game and showing you care."
Bobby & Lori: "Hmmmm..."

[The next day at the bodega...]
Bobby: [speed dials] "Royal Woods Pizza? I'd like to order a very special pie for a very special lady."
[At the Loud House, the pizza delivery girl rings the doorbell and Lola and Lana answer it.]
Delivery Girl: "Hi, I have a delivery for the-"
Lola: "Ooh, pizza!" [takes the pizza and shuts the door. She opens the box to find the pizza shaped like a heart inside.] "Why is it shaped like a heart?"
Lana: "Uh, I think it's supposed to be a butt." [turns it upside down]
Lola: "Oh, yeah."
[They both shrug their shoulders and begin eating the heart shaped pizza wildly.]
Lana: "Mm, I like butt."

[Later, it shows Lori at a print shop requesting a article cover about her and Bobby.]
Lori: "And, make the headline say Babe and Boo Boo Bear named Couple of the Year!" [The employee does so] "Bobby's going to loooove thiiis~!"
[Cuts to a newspaper truck delivering a newspaper on the bodega front.]
Hector: [opens the door and picks up newspaper.] "I didn't buy a newspaper subscription, I get my newspaper subscription the old fashion way. From gossip." [throws the newspaper away in the store before Sergio flies over.]
Sergio: [squawks] "Special delivery." [poops on the newspaper that is on the floor.]

[Later, Lori and Bobby are sitting on their beds looking at their phone depressed.]
Lori: [at the same time] "Why hasn't Bobby said anything about the newspaper? Did he think it was lame? [facepalms] Ugh! I'm a terrible girlfriend! I have to try harder!"
Bobby: [at the same time] "Why hasn't Lori said anything about the pizza? Did she think it was lame? [facepalms] Ugh! I'm a terrible boyfriend! I have to try harder!"
[Cuts to Bobby recording himself for Lori at the bodega.]
Bobby: [waves] "Hey Babe, I'm making a video about my life at the bodega, so you can feel like you're here with me!" [moves camera to the chips and salsa.] "Look, I've moved the chips closer to the salsa. So much better, right? Oh, and here's my Lori shrine." [moves his camera to the cash register where there's a shrine dedicated to Lori next to it.] "Right next to the Lotto tickets, because you're good luck." [Later, Bobby is on his computer uploading his video to Lori on a heart shaped USB drive and puts it into an envelope, then gets up and heads out the door.] "Ronnie Anne, can I borrow a stamp?"
[Just then, Carl peeks into Bobby's room and sneaks in and swaps out Bobby's USB drive with his own before laughing his way out. Later on, Lori is confusingly watching Carl's video on her laptop in her room.]
Carl: [singing while wearing a fake mustache playing a guitar, poorly.] "Mi vida, your beauty inspires my soooouul~" [gets interrupted by his mother.]
Frida: "Hey sweetie, got your choo-choo jammies, fresh from the dryer!"
Carl: [yells in annoyance] "MOMMY!!" [gets up and ends the video]
Lori: [annoyed] "Ugh, I don't have time for this." [She closes her laptop]

[Later, Bobby is in his room looking over his phone, until he picks up a call from Lori.]
Bobby: "Hey Babe, I think I know what you're calling about."
Lori: "A virtual date night?"
Bobby: [mumbles to himself] "Ah, she hated the video so much, she can't even talk about it?" [speaks clearly] "Oh, uh, never mind. What's a virtual date?"
Lori: "Oh, it's where we both watch a movie while talking on the phone. It'll be like having a real date, even though we're apart."
[Later that night, they are watching their movie and Bobby laughs.]
Lori: [Sobbing] "How can you laugh? Nina just died."
Bobby: "What? Nina dies? Oh, dang it, the video's buffering again." [Pauses the movie]
Lori: "Forget I said that, I'll pause 'til you catch up." [Pauses, but then...]
Ad Voice: [To really loud music] "Do you suffer from jock itch?"
Lori: "Ugh, not another ad, one sec."
Bobby: "Ugh, still buffering."
Lori: "Never mind, this was a dumb idea anyway."
Bobby: "No it wasn't."
Ad Voice: [Again] "Do you suffer from jock itch?"
Lori: [Over the loud ad] "Let's just talk tomorrow, Bobby."
Bobby: "Oh, okay Lori." [Hangs up]
Lori & Bobby: [Close their laptops] "Ugh, this isn't working." [They both get an idea] "We need to be together."

[The next day, Lori drives to the bodega, just as Bobby is driving to the Loud House, they are driven with so much passion, they don't even see the other drive right past them, Bobby arrives at Lori's house, and Lori arrives at the bodega, only to be greeted by the last person she wanted to see.]
Carl: "Well. hello, mi vida, you must have gotten my video. Let me explain about the choo-choo jammies."
[Lori is not in the mood, when she suddenly gets a call.]
Lori: [In unison] "Boo-Boo Bear, guess where I am. [Realizes] "Dang it."
Bobby: [In unison] "Babe, guess where I am." [Realizes] "Dang it."
Lori: "Okay, don't move, I'll drive back to you. We need to be together." [runs back to Vanzilla]
Carl: [as Lori drives off] "Mi vida, forget Bobby! You have a real man right here!"
Frida: [offscreen] "Carl, I cut up your hot dog!"
[Carl grows annoyed. Back at the Loud House, Bobby is sitting on the front steps, despondent, and then sees Lori drive up.]
Lori: [Running to her beloved in happiness.] "Boo-Boo bear!"
Bobby: [Relived] "Babe!"
[They run to each other and share a big hug as red hearts surround them.]
Bobby: "I can't wait to show you all the romantic stuff I have planned for our day together."
Lori: "Same here. I made some calls on my drive back."
Bobby: "Let's go."
[They run off.]

[Next up, they arrive at Royal Woods High School.]
Bobby: "Surprise! I thought that we could re-create the first time I asked you out." [holds out a plate of brownies] "Remember when I left brownies in your locker?"
Lori: "Of course I do, but how are we going to get inside? It's Saturday."
Bobby: "I didn't think of that. No biggie, I'm sure there's another way in." [looks over to the window and tries to open it, but accidentally sets the alarm off.] "AAAH! Scatter!" [They escape and Lori is speeding angrily.] "Babe, we're like five miles from the school, we can slow down now!"
Lori: "No, we can't! I booked a romantic balloon ride and it's leaving without us!" [The balloon takes off just as soon as they arrive, Lori calls after it.] "Wait! Come back! I already paid!" [Lori sighs, and starts to tear up.]
Bobby: [Comforting Lori] "It's okay babe, it was a really sweet idea any- oof! [A sandbag lands on his head]
Lori: [Gasps] "Boo-Boo bear!"
Hot Air Balloon Operator: "Ah, sorry! I keep doing that."

[Later, Bobby guides Lori somewhere else and Lori is blindfolded.]
Bobby: "You're gonna love this next surprise. Remember our first date?"
Lori: "Of course. You wore a tie and showed up two hours early and took me to... [Bobby takes the blindfold off] "Aww. Jean Juan's French Mex Buffet."
Bobby: [He sees a piece of paper attached to the doors.] "Closed for Health Code Violations? Come on!"
Lori: [Comforting Bobby] "Don't worry, boo-boo bear, it was still a sweet idea. And besides, I made us lunch plans too." [They walk off]

[The couple shows up at a restaurant called "The Dark Side of the Spoon".]
Lori: "This is supposed to be the most romantic restaurant in town. You literally eat in complete darkness."
Bobby: "Ooh, trendy."
[They go in and the restaurant is nothing but pitch black inside.]
Bobby: [looks around] "Hey, Babe, I found us a free table!" [sits down to which appears to be someone already sitting there.]
Person #1: "Oof! Get off me!"
Bobby: "Sorry sir, or ma'am with a deep voice."
Lori: "Hang on, Boo-Boo Bear, I think I found a light switch." [turns on the switch for the "lights", but it was actually the switch for the sprinkler system, and everyone gets soaked.]
Person #2: "Turn the sprinkler off!"
Person #3: "My dress!"
[The two get kicked out.]
Lori: "Ugh, I'm so sorry, Boo-Boo Bear."
Bobby: "Hey, don't worry about it. Why don't we just grab some nachos at Flip's, and maybe some paper towels."

[Flip's Food & Fuel]
Bobby: [holding some nachos] "Chili-cheese and jalapenos. Lori's favorite."
Lori: [filling up a Flippee] "Wild cherry and cola. Bobby's favorite."
[They both turn around and accidentally bump into each other, spilling the nachos and Flippee onto the floor.]
Bobby & Lori: "Ugh, it's hopeless!"
Bobby: [upset] "Babe, I don't know what's happened to us."
Lori: "Neither do I, but if it's this hard, then maybe we have to face the truth and think about..."
Bobby & Lori: [on the verge of tears] "Letting go!" [They both cry onto each other and Flip interrupts them.]
Flip: "Hey, snot faces, get cleaning!" [holds out a broom]
[Cut to them leaving Flip's looking sad and depressed.]
Bobby: "Guess I better wash up before heading back. Grandpa will get mad if the bodega truck smells like cheese, or whatever this is."
[Lori looks down and nods. Bobby goes to the bathroom and Lori goes into Vanzilla. Scene fades to ten minutes later.]
Lori: [Looks at her phone] "It's been ten minutes, is he not coming back? Does he never wanna see me again? [Bobby calls her] "Bobby?"
Bobby: "Um, hey, so, the bathroom door is broken, and I can't get out of here."
Lori: "Oh, hang on, I'll get Flip."
Flip: "It's a little temperamental, you just gotta sweet talk it a bit." [Starts yanking on the knob, but it breaks off.] "Dang it. One of yous owes me a doorknob." [Walks away]

[Late at night, and Lori is still talking with Bobby via cellphone.]
Lori: "Okay, Boo-Boo Bear, the fire department's on their way."
Bobby: "Oh, I hope they get here soon, you know how terrified I am with confined spaces."
Lori: "Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere. I'll stay on the phone with you until they get here."
Bobby: "Ah, thanks, Babe. So, what should we talk about?"
Lori "Um, well, I could tell you about that funny thing that happened in math."
Bobby: "Oh yeah, I totally want to hear about that."
[Time passes...]
Lori: [Cleaning Vanzilla's windshields] "Oh, and last week for dinner, my dad tried this new thing with cod."
Bobby: "Cool. like fish-sticks, or more of a fillet situation?"
[More time passes...]
Bobby: "Okay, so would you rather give up all cheeses or all deserts?"
Lori: "OMG, hmmm, tough one."
Bobby: "I know right, because what about.."
Lori: [same time] "Cheesecake?!"
Bobby: [same time] "Cheesecake?!"
[Both share a laugh and sit down.]
Lori "This is so nice."
Bobby: "And, so easy."
Lori: "What did we think was so hard again?"
Bobby: "I have no idea, I guess I let that one awkward phone call get me all freaked out."
Lori: "Same, maybe we've been trying to fix something that isn't broken, I mean, we know we love each other, right?
Bobby: "Of course, you're the best thing that ever happened to me."
Lori: "Oh, Boo-Boo Bear."
[The firetruck arrives, the two are happy. Later, they are in the firetruck.]
Bobby: "Great idea asking for a ride, Babe."
Lori: [As Bobby puts his arm around her.] "I know, isn't it literally so romantic?"
Bobby: "Yeah, hey, maybe we could try to finish that movie when we get back, even though I know Nina dies."
Fireman: "Ohhhhhh, come on, man! Spoilers!"

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