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For the librarian, see Molly Wetta.

Mollie is a recurring character of The Loud House, and Lincoln's classmate who first appears in the episode "Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru".


Mollie first appears in "Lincoln Loud: Girl Guru" where Flat Tire asks her out. She accepts his offer at first, but then rejects after learning that they would go to a funeral. This causes her to change seats and call Flat Tire a "morbid weirdo".

She then reappears in "The Waiting Game", where she makes yet another small cameo when Chandler was passing out the invitation using a plunger.

She reappears again with a non-speaking cameo in "Intern for the Worse".

She makes another non-speaking cameo at the end of "Back in Black", talking with Joy and Girl Jordan.

She returns with yet another non-speaking cameo in "Making the Grade".

She later appears as a background character in "Frog Wild".

She makes another non-speaking cameo in "Mall of Duty", where she is seen waiting in line for an autograph.

She returns again with a speaking cameo in "Pasture Bedtime", attending Girl Jordan's pool party and challenging Lincoln to a cannonball contest.

In "Absent Minded", it is mentioned in Clyde's journal that he once ran into her in the hallway and felt guilty about it for the rest of the day.

In "Tails of Woe", Mollie tells Lincoln, Clyde, Liam, Rusty, Zach, and Stella about how the Rat Beast stole her Canadian penny. By the end of the episode, Lincoln and his friends arrange for Girl Jordan to return it to her.

In "Community Disservice", she is outside of the elementary school talking to Girl Jordan and Joy.

In "Brave the Last Dance", she is watching Clyde propose to Emma as his girlfriend.

In "Senior Moment", she is at Tad's Lake House.

In "Coupe Dreams", she is at King Cars.

In "Electshunned", she is seen at the Royal Woods Mall.

In "Hurl, Interrupted", she is at Dairyland Amoosement Park.

In "In the Mick of Time", she is at Mick Swagger's concert.

In "Haunted House Call", she appeared to have a free Flippee, until Flip stops her.

In "All the Rage", Mollie is on the first opposing team playing dodgeball against Lincoln and his gang.

She makes a silent cameo in The Loud House Movie, where she is seen in the background with two babies, when young Lynn Sr. was dancing. This is an error, since she technically shouldn't be born at that point in time.


She has brown hair, with one of her sideburns partially covering up one of her eyes, thin eyebrows, 3 pairs of eyelashes, and buckteeth. She wears a pink shirt, purple blazer, red skirt in a vertical striped pattern, purple stockings, and brown boots.


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